Name Game: A Boy and His Bike Part Finale

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Now THERE'S an interesting idea. How many people would actually bother to notice, though. Hmm...

And look at it this way: if you every need to draw the bike again, at least you'll be prepared!

Another week, Another "You've made my day" comment. Things have been down for me this summer, but you've always made something to cheer me up.

Thank you and please keep making these.

Hooray for silly hats!

Great comic, I really like this :)

this was funny, I enjoy funny. story arcs are good, they should always have funny though.

I liked this.

The face on the guy in the car is absolutely priceless and really helps sell that mask xD

Would it be too bike geeky of me to suggest you did your motorbike art cribbing from a Honda CB? :D

(no... not actually a bike geek ... I just own a bare-bones, smaller engined derivative of that model line, and the resemblance is uncanny, particularly in the little details)

It seems a good choice for someone who just likes to ride, without necessarily having to do 200mph, and needs something dependable that won't leave him stranded at the critical moment... so, fitting to the story!

That guy will forever remember the day he saw Iron Man riding on a motorcycle. Great ending to a great arc, I look forward to the next comic.

That dude's reaction in the 3rd panel. Priceless.

I love these comics! Keep them up!

This series has been kind of heart-warming : ) , nice ending to a good idea.


I wish to see more story arcs. You get the opportunity to reveal so much more about the characters and why it is they interact with eachother the way they do without having to spell it out.

Great Arc.

A thousand Internets for the last panel.
And don't feel bad about this arc taking weeks. Some of the best stories in webcomics take MONTHS to finish. Just just up the great work and we'll be fine.

Hahaha, oh this was great. Day made :D
One update a week is killing me though D:

Heh, called it. But I thought Alix had a scooter, so I don't get any internet-points for it. :P

I liked this arc. We got to know Jack a little better and it seems like one day he might come clean and tell Alix how he feels.

I want more involvement from the black dude.

He's mentioned so rarely that I don't even remember his name, lol.

ROFL oh my god soooo funny!

There may be better comics but they don't have, this hat.

Absolutely hilarious

I loved this whole arc, and you definitely finished on a high note

I want more involvement from the black dude.

He's mentioned so rarely that I don't even remember his name, lol.

I can tell ya that. It's Lando if I'm not mistaken, and I'm pretty sure I'm not. He does seem to be the least "dramatic" character. A lot of the time he seems to be the butt of the joke, so I guess he's suppose to be the comic relief character who is always around to lighten the mood.

Nice ending, and I definitely enjoyed the story arc. Name Game really has more potential than being 'just' a joke every week, so I'd love to see more in that direction.

There may be better comics but they don't have, this hat.

For making a perfect reference to another show here on the Escapist you get, AN ESCAPIST COOKIE! (An M&M cookie with all blue M&Ms with all the Ms replaced with Es) Congratulations!

HAHA I laughed, did not see that one coming.. ;-)

...Excuse me, I have to go buy something for my "Emergency Pack" in the trunk now.

There may be better comics but they don't have, this hat.

Win. Just pure, unfiltered, concentrated win.

OT: I rather enjoyed this story ark. A little fleshing out of the characters is always a plus in my book.

Ha, another great comic! Looking forward to the next one.

safest helmet possible :D

Oh yeah. I'd marry her lol.

Is that helmet crash-rated? I'm just asking.

Also, if the hair had been black and short instead of red and curly, the second-to-last row of panels would've been a perfect approximation of my own expression on seeing something like that.

A wonderful ending! Oh and I would seriously be blown away by the awesome if someone in real-life had an Iron-Man helmet on a motor-bike.

Alyx, reminding us everytime we see her why she is so cool. Jack, you need to keep her.

The driver's face is priceless! Love it!

Pretty much this entire story arc made me go 'aww', sometimes in a slightly sad manner and sometimes because it was just so heartwarming. This one was in the latter category.

Also, Iron-man Helmet FTW! ^^

Damn that's cool. Way to go, Jack. That's a girl to keep.

But what happened to the Fiat Spyder? (I know exactly what happened to the Fiat Spyder, it rusted, sigh.)

I have been reading this for a while now and i gotta say. Ive enjoyed every comic.

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