Unskippable: Hunted: The Demon's Forge

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I love that y'all went nope.avi and quit.

Favorite parts:

"Game Directer: Michael "MAXX" Kaufman" , "Game Directing TO THE MAXX !!"

and "Ladies and Gentlemen , METALICA !"

Did they seriously just.....Rage Quit!?! But they're the only guys that can make these cutscenes somewhat bearable.

Wow, it must have been REALLY bad.

Somebody explain to me the purpose of a "playable section" within a cutscene where you literally run in a straight line for 10 seconds. A game must be serious garbage if its developers suspected that its target audience would need a tutorial section for "moving your character down a hallway."

She can grant you anything you desire...

...but she can't grant herself pupils.

It's her death stone. She chiseled it! :D

I regret everything...

Is it just me, or was there a moment where you actually could skip the cutscene? I still remember Paul and Graham's embarrassment with the James Bond game.

Crystal Skulls, the Unskippable breaker.

L4Y Duke:
Hello hunter-man.

Look at your elf. Now, back to me. Now back at your elf. Now back to me.

Sadly, she isn't me, but if she used the power of the Death Stone, she could look like me.

Look down, back up. Where are you? You're in a pitch-black room, with the woman your elf could look like.

What's that in your hand? Back to me, I have it. It's my left nipple.

Look again. The nipple is now coins.

Anything is possible when you use the Death Stone.

I'm fighting a dragon.

This cut scene got so much more awesome now that I realize it's just an old spice commercial!

After seeing the goofy helmet of the guy at the end where Graham is guessing what is its, I asked "Is this just a trailer for Skyrim that Bethesda decided to drop in?"

It's clear it's an awful game, all I can notice in this video that both females have enormous boobs that almost fall out of their tiny outfits. This kind of sexualization is clear indication of a bad game.

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