Unskippable: Dead Space 2

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I really hate sequences like that. A gauntlet of monsters running after you, and you know you're going to be fine because the developers didn't give you any weapons, so you're fully aware they designed it so the monsters would never catch you if you just keep running.

How am I supposed to be afraid when I know there's nothing to fear?

You can die in that sequence.

Yeah if I stand perfectly still or walk right up to the monsters.
It's like the Joker sequence in ME2.
Amnesia did it right. Whether you survive or not is based entirely on how careful you were, and whether or not you left a few doors slightly open so you could close them behind you and buy yourself some time.

curses! they made Graham PLAY the game!

lol I barely caught the button prompt myself

This must be what the Republicans think Obamacare will be like.

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