The Big Picture: The Collar

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Hey Bob,

I usually watch your show over my husband's shoulder, which means I don't get counted as a viewer. So I thought I'd pop on this once to let you know I like this episode, and most others I watch from week to week. Thanks for making them. Best.

Sgt. Sykes:
Heh when I was a kid watching H&B movies, I was always laughing at the crude animation, especially the really oddly-placed HANDS and fingers and how just about everyone looked the same (those hands again), from the bossy cat (forgot his name) through the Flintstones to the Jetsons or Wacky Races. I was wondering how many unique frames they actually had to draw for each episode. Not many for sure. I didn't know about economy and cost-cutting back then; I thought they're just lazy hehe.

Yeah, Warner Bros had so much better animation it's ridiculous, but they also had like 1/100 of the content and characters. And true enough, while WB cartoons were often better, they had to make with 5 minutes or so, while H&B could make 20-minute shows.

You have to remember that WB cartoons were originally made for movie theaters for their weekend Matinée presentations (a coming attraction, a cartoon or live action comedy short, a newsreel, an episode of a serial, and a feature movie) and that they effectively closed their short division in 1969 around the same time as TV animation shifted from prime time to Saturday morning. So WB had no pressure to make 20-minute cartoons that were rapidly consumed during their heyday. It also didn't help that a sizable chunk of the WB cartoon library (around 1,000 shorts) was either in black and white, had a WWII slant, had references to popular at the time but likely unknown to later TV Kids characters or worst of all had been sold to someone else over the years. On top of this was the problems that Saturday morning effectively got its own version of the Hayes code that resulted in what WB could show looking like Freddy Krugger had been the editor.

Hanna-Barbera on the other hand had geared itself to the consumption level required by Saturday morning and could easily make material that fitted into the requirements. But even HB couldn't keep up with TV and rapidly Saturday morning itself slowly become the undead thing that would not freaking die with reruns of 1970s stuff or poorly thought out reworkings of classics (Scrappy Doo? Ugh, stop the pain)

Huh, I never knew that. Thanks for the info!

(Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who found the "Clutch Cargo"-style of animation disturbing...)

Can't wait for next week's episode!

the annoying orange anyone?

each week i prepare mayself to learn another useless fact
the human brain is aparently 1tb and mines full so one day im gonna forget how to breathe because it got replaced by a random fact about comics or something

Nice job bob, i see we're moving along to animated shows. So does that mean we will see an episode about a very recent popular animated show for kids and adults?

That would make his show at least 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat! The masses would bellow out their yay's as love and tolerance would spread across the land.

Once when I was watching cartoons my dad came in and said something along the lines of, "to save on animation costs they didn't animate characters unless they were the focus of the scene," and then he went on his way.

I was never able to watch cartoons the same way . . . the characters who aren't the center of attention just stand there doing nothing.

Well that was quite educating.
But i do have to admit, those lips were really creepy.

I always thought the collar/tie/bandana..etc was added to the character's design just to give them some sort of personality , and to make him/her look cool.

and yet again , Movie Bob blew my mind with his vast knowledge of geekdom !

great episode as usual.

Is it just me, or does Mr. Barbera look like Joe Pesci in that picture?

It's "drawing", not "drawring". Where did you get your weird pronunciation?

From what I understand, Moviebob actually has a Boston accent that is hard to pick up when talking through a mic....

I figured out where this was going pretty quick, but man, that was interesting.

That was genuinely interesting, engaging and informative. Thanks, Bob!

wow, I'm impressed. Bob I stopped watching your movie reviews a while back when all you seemed to need to give a good review was a bit of T&A in the movie.
this is the first time this year i've give you a chance, and i'm glad i did because that was very interesting. see you next week

Once again, Bob delivers.

Well this completely blew my mind. After watching this video I told everyone I know about it... and nobody seemed to share my enthusiasm.

but in the 90s Hanna-Barbara cut the funding for a great show the "swat kats" which only last 1 1/2 seasons and forced on Johnny Quest instead.

I miss Swat Kats. Twas an awesome show.

Man I loved those crazy Kats, sigh wish someone would continue it.

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one creeped out by that.

King Toasty:
I am waaayyyyy too interested in this. Seriously, this is bizarrely fascinating.

This ^

The whole time I was thinking: "Tell me more!". That was my favorite episode by far, Bob. I hope to see many more like this in the future. I love learning weird things like that. It's all strangely fascinating.


I always like to know how things are made and knowing about the collar is awesome!
also I got something to tell people :D
The Lip thing is not that odd to me for some reason.
and now I know where the idea of the above cartoon comes from.

Ninja'd by the 1st comment! GODDAM! How funny is the commentary version with Mr. Incredible and Frozone talking about how bad it is!

Could you really call it being Ninja's if the person was that much further ahead of you? This looks more like a Gary Oak to me...

As a hobby-artist (drawing), I found this episode freakin' awesome. Say what you will about his opinions, but the random info moviebob delivers in "the big picture" beats great sites like cracked. One of the highlights of the week!

hey does anyone know the name of the series/robot featured in the video at around 2.20-2.23. I remember watching it as a kid but can't remember what it was called.

I can't believe that Bob didn't even make note the irony that he is talking about animated heads with disconnected shirt collars on a show that is almost entirely expressed through heads with disconnected shirt collars.

Dude, is just so awesome! I probably would've gone the rest of my life not knowing that cool tid-bit of history had it not been for Movie Bob!

Well played Bob. I thought to myself "Okay now he's just picking random TV Tropes to fill out his videos" but you pulled it off, thanks for the history lesson.

Now do He-Man's heavy use of rotoscoping.

Sweet! Something I can share with my friends to make it seem like I know stuff! MovieBob - you are one insightful dude!

The Lip thing is not that odd to me for some reason.

and now I know where the idea of the above cartoon comes from.

I wasn't sure I'd be the first to point out this spoof of those old-timey cartoons but I can't believe it was the FIRST response! I even got ninja'd on the commentary version which is hilarious!

So... we still don't have Samurai Pizza Cats but you're sending us this?

I can't believe that Bob didn't even make note the irony that he is talking about animated heads with disconnected shirt collars on a show that is almost entirely expressed through heads with disconnected shirt collars.

I think he made note of it when he used it as one of his key example pieces. It was subtle.

A bit late to the party, but: This was a great look into the history of Hanna-Barbera and TV animation. I've always wondered about Yogi's collar. I actually thought it was some kind of a reference to the "white collar / blue collar" classification, but turns out it was just a matter of animation practicality. Interesting.

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