Trailers: Otherland Trailer

Otherland Trailer

Gamigo Developing MMO Based on Tad Williams' Otherland.

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Very different, though the eDNA thing sounds too much like Tron.

it looks pretty, but what is the actual game?

It doesn't look like progression character building like WoW, it doesn't look like pvp like guild wars... it like second life except with some story content? Or is it like lego universe?

It looks like Entropia Universe meets Second Life meets Playstation Home... hmmm.

Well It looks interesting.

I just wish they'd tell a little more.

Well it looks interesting, hopefully as it gets closer they explain it a bit more. F2P might make me look at it depending on the store, fastest way to ruin the game.

HEY, WAIT! SLOW DOWN, GARRRRGH!!! How am I supposed to appreciate the aesthetics if the bloody camera keeps jumping, also its fine saying we can do all these fancy words but we dont know what they mean. They might as well shout "You can gibbleflap your way to the top"...

Anyways, it looks like its got alot of variety going and what I glimpsed of the aesthetics were good. Definatly going to give it a look up.

Looks kinda cool. I've never really been one for MMOs, but this one actually has my attention.

And then the dolphins flew in...what is this?!

Guess I should knuckle down and finally finish the friggin books. My favorite part about Otherland is the worlds, rather than the characters and their personal problems, so I'm intrigued.

so, its a game, inside of one of a few worlds, in a game...

...ok im calling it the first MMOmetagame cause my brain has no other way to understand this.


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