Trailers: World of Tanks - Gamescom Trailer

World of Tanks - Gamescom Trailer

Crush your opponents underneath your steel treads in World of Tanks!

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The game is not that cool at all... still pretty fun but not in that way.

To bad most of the stuff shown in that trailer you cant actually do ingame, and the maps themselves do not look nearly as apocalyptic as the scenes shown. AND there are no camos for tanks yet.. only standard factory paint, so no desert yellow.

Trains and all other structures are not destruct-able or crush-able except for walls and trees. Sadly the match making system does end up pitting a "matilda" level tank against a Tiger 2 (king tiger) level tank.

I do think some of the ways they make money work well; however, there are other development choices that just ruin the gameplay and balance for the sake of making money.

As a WoT fan, this trailer was hilarious. I love how they put hilarious, albeit frustrating, situations you come across in game in a pre-rendered trailer.


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