The Big Picture: Smarter Than the Average Bear

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Spinoff crossover spinoff remake spinoff IN SPAAAACE. You have to wonder if it was Yogi's popularity or just the company's desperation. Just kiddin'- my memories of the wisecracking bear are generally positive, with the stand-out being the movie Yogi's Great Escape. A well-animated crossover with three other Hanna-Barbera characters introducing lots of new ones too.

Ah, Wacky Races; the proto-Mario Kart...

i like these topics, although i will admit i don't like most of HB's characters. i preferred looney tunes, which have apparently been having their own horse beaten, perhaps just as long or longer.

I'm against all this useless reuse of older cartoons and media. marvel has been doing well with the avengers, but things like this popping up again and again ruin the memory for a lot more than they get back, and not every cartoon can stand up to the change in time. if they really can't come up with good cartoons,(which seems truer every year) wait for the majority of the older audience to perish and run your remake then.

i honestly felt bad watching the remake they did for looney tunes. i would have rather seen the ancient cartoons run again than terrible knock offs with some kind of voice simulator.

Is it just me or are these beginning to feel less and less like a commentary about something he finds interesting and more like a history lesson about something he finds interesting?

30 second ads now... you're shitting me.

Hey, did you know there's actually a Top Cat feature film in the works, to be released THIS year?


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