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...and death.

Nice tag at the end of the side effects, Graham. Also, great video.

Once again, made my Monday worthwhile. Thank you LRR!

Hmm... either mine eyes deceive me, or there's an Ultra-Pro deck box on the table in the stinger. Looks like an EDH (Commander for those newer to the format [/hipster]) sized box, too. Perhaps the presentation was for Wizards of the Coast?

No, they're just fans of M:tG. (Though Wizards has noticed and they're going to be doing a little mini-series for them.)

I need...



No, seriously. Somehow, I get more sleep than anyone else I know. XD

I have three alarm clocks just so I don't overdose on More Sleep, even they aren't enough sometimes.

"Great for Vice Presidents! Great for Congressmen and Parliament members! Great for Popes! Great for hangovers! Great for--"

"Oy, would you hush? I'm trying to sleep!"

"More Sleep! Great for everyone!

I have three alarm clocks just so I don't overdose on More Sleep, even they aren't enough sometimes.

I have three on my phone, one on the far side of my room, and an emergency one of the old hammer-and-bells variety for things like finals, presentations, and early dates. More sleep is so addictive, man. It really improves and interferes with my normal life, to the extent that having More Sleep has become the norm.

I get this on prescription..

Really good one this time :D

I just woke up after a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day and watched this.

I watched this at 7:00, and decided to give More Sleep a try. Missed my morning lectures, and these side effects are horrible.

If you can't afford More Sleep, or it can't be taken with your current lifestyle, may I recommend More CoffeeTM.

Why did he bring his toothbrush to the meeting instead of leaving it in the car. Must be one of those coming in handy for oral emergencies things right? Do those really happen?

Hello, I am a consumer of little importance. Recently my boss told me that if I keep using your product I will get fired, even though it is quite clear that it is not illegal. In fact, I even had a real medical doctor say that I NEEDED it to continue living comfortably. Can I sue for discrimination against people with disabilities? Please let me know later, I currently have a hangover.

Hell, I can't even get to sleep that quickly so snooze is even more pointless for me than most people.

I would also refer to his their associate: "You should really go to bed now." The guy always yelling such things as "You have a class at 9, it's 4am and you know that idea of just watching crap on YouTube wont work!" I missed that 9am Class, but I did get more sleep.

you know, why don't they start with 'death'? then drowsiness and bed wetting don't seem so bad!

You got Woody Tondorf on camera? How weird is that?

If I have nothing to do that day, I'll usually set an alarm for 8:30am, then wake up at 12:00 noon the following tuesday.

Wait... More sleep might cause DEATH?


From now on I will never use "More sleep" again! If only I knew this BEFORE I lost my job...

That music and that narration fit perfectly.


As usual, the side effects are worse than the problem that the drug solves!

At least anal leakage wasn't on the list *shudders*

Yeah but it's not as bad as that side effect at the end... I mean erectile dysfunction?! (shudders extra hard) death's pretty bad too.

What about Skin Creep? Skin Creep is bad.

Whoever invented the snooze button should be shot. I never use it, but I've had roommates who did and it's the most incredibly annoying thing to have set your alarm for when you actually intend to get up and for a half hour before that you keep hearing an alarm in the next room.

To sleep! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. (cookie for reference)
The story of my life, loved it!

Video games and More Sleep are mortal enemies. Both demand my attention usually.

Yes , kids run for the rich taste of More Sleep TM !

More SleepTM , ask for it by name.

gotta love that thumbs up in the stinger , brilliant. ^^

Sleep doesn't cause drowsiness. Isn't that what waking up does?

Drowsiness demands More Sleep!

Did you know that 9 out of 10 doctors recommend sleep as part of a healthy daily routine?

As a long time user of More Sleep I can honestly say that the benefits far outweigh the side-effects. Why worry about your health and career, when the instant gratification of MS always within reach?

So, were those side effects sped up in the editing process, or did Graham actually get through that list really fast and all in one take?

As someone who has recently discovered the joy of the snooze button, I heartily endorse MORE SLEEP.

For some reason I just loved the format to this one

luckily it's Labor Day weekend soooooooooo... MOAR SLEEP :D

And this is now my alarm.

I never thought the Audio Podcast feeds for video shows would come in handy.

Man I hate that alarm noise, so many unpleasent memories of getting up at unholy times. Also does anyone know what that robot figure was? It looked pretty cool!

Oh yes i remember sleep,those were the days...

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