Feed Dump: The Prostitute Permit and Other Tales

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Homestar hat has made this my favorite episode forever. Yes I am that easy to please. Also was surprised that Kathleen is a writer, but it does actually seem fitting.

Norse. Norse. Norse.

HURRAY for having TWO viking helmets this time!

Also, I bet Kathleen did a far better job at making the Homestar hat's propeller turn than that fan from the first Feed Dump would have.

Which german city were you talking about? Just curious since I am from germany... [Always good to know which cities to stay away from for sheer stupidity.]

It's Bonn! So have 6 Euro at hand if you are nice and want to give something back (pun intended)

Actually, while I was googleing it, I found out: Zürich is doing the same thing! (or at least they were talking about it, don't know if they really did)

Back to topic:
Great Episode! But yeah, the "Snakes on a plane" would have been quite obvious :)

It always seems like way too long between these vids. Love it :3

I liked Paul's snake...No wait that sounds wrong... :|

I'm impressed! This entire Feed Dump never stopped delivering laughs and was helped by the good if ridiculous news choices.

every episode is an improvement.
thank you, i like the show.
go on. (for as long as you please)

HOMESTAR RUNNER!! :[ miss those vids

and the part about the clown made me just burst out laughing :D

I bet any comers 50 meowmarks that the next Vikings segment will have Paul and Kathleen with non-horned helmets saying "We have two helmets now that are far less anachronistic than the helmets we previously wore!"

Scratch that, 75 meowmarks.

I have had it with these mutha****ing snakes in my mutha****ing pants!

That prostitute scene was strangely interesting.


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