The Big Picture: Continanity: Rebooted

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Stop talking about the Noble Boston Accent of Movie Bob, or I will subject you all to my Saskatchewan accent.

No one wants that.

As to Bob's point-- well, we've reached a point where the hardcore fans of comics have grown so insular, I think we may NEED advertising. DONE WELL.

I don't think the whole "coming in at the middle" thing is quite so simple. Some comics (tv shows, series of novels, etc.) are set up to be friendlier to new readers than others; some are friendlier to new readers at the cost of being tedious exposition-fests on a regular basis, though it doesn't happen quite as often as it used to on the comics page, near as I can tell.

Not long ago I watched the entirety of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with some friends over the course of about a year, and I can say with some certainty that while yes, I probably could have dropped in at any point, it would have been a far more confusing and less rewarding experience. Even if I was looking up plot points on the Internet after every show.

As far as the accent goes (because apparently we must mention it), I suspect it's just a matter of Bob trying to cram the subject within the five minutes. Focusing on speed takes its toll on your concentration, sometimes.

I personally can't stand getting into a story half way through. Hell I won't even watch an episode of a tv show I'm follow if I missed that start of the episode.

I was looking at reading some Avengers to get some background for the movie and was overwhelmed. Which series to choose, which storyline, do I read the individual characters comics, or just the groups etc.

In the end I just watched Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Which is awesome.

... oh and ummm something about letting your accent show.

King Toasty:
He's like a gradual mob boss. A gradual mob boss with insights into comic books.

Whenever you piss of MovieDon your most favorite and least favorite comic book characters have a cross-over event :)

Hungry Donner:

King Toasty:
He's like a gradual mob boss. A gradual mob boss with insights into comic books.

Whenever you piss of MovieDon your most favorite and least favorite comic book characters have a cross-over event :)

But they're both Deadpool! How can Deadpool have a Deadpool crossover!?

Ohright, the Multiverse.



Bob's from Boston, so he has a Boston accent. You usually don't hear it because he rehearses what he has to say to make sure it doesn't show, but sometimes, when he's really angry or frustrated with something, it starts slipping.

See his Oscar Nominations/The Dark Knight rant for 2009 to see what I mean.

My first guess was that it was a Jersey (Joisey?) accent, but then I remembered it's Boston where r's become aaahs.

Yep. It helps that I've know Bob for a while, and he's brought up his Boston origins from time to time.

The problem I've always had with comic books isn't just the availability (which is indeed really annoying), but also the price. It's really hard to feel invested in the hobby if you can only afford to grab maybe one trade a month, if that, and the prices for individual issues just feel ridiculous to someone used to buying Japanese comics (especially now that I'm used to buying them at Japanese prices, about $6 for a 200 page book). It's too bad, because I really enjoy a lot of the comics friends have lent me over the years or that I've picked up myself on a whim.

Also, I haven't heard an accent that strong in about a decade and I've lived just outside of Boston my whole life.

he sounds like a looney toons character
(dunno which one, I think maybe the hunter guy)
what's up with that.

Actually the worst accent is Middle-American-Nerd. 'Greetings and salutations everybody. *ahyuk*' ugh

You know there was a comic store right by where I lived. Didn't have an open sign, and it was always dark so it always looked closed.

Did anyone mention the accent yet?


That's terrific.

Bob, you sounded like Scout from TF2, and that ain't a bad thing.

He never mentions the Ultimate universe or how it remained pretty reader freindly.
Also whats with the Jersey accent

A reboot about reboots where one relatively insignificant detail (and nothing else) changes, which becomes the only thing people talk about in the comments because they're either upset or confused by the changes...

Bravo, Bob. Bravo.

I do have to agree with you. Comics could certainly benefit from a little advertising and a lot more availability. Thank you, Internet, keeper of knowledge, purveyor of inanity and perversion, and destroyer of lives.

I thought he was making fun of Shamwow Guy.

He never mentions the Ultimate universe or how it remained pretty reader freindly.
Also whats with the Jersey accent

Didn't the Ultimate universe get rebooted?

I'd have to agree about the marketing problem. I've been reading comics for years and it's only been recently that new readers could be told: hey, pick up this trade paperback; it's a great story and totally give you a reason to care about this character.

I partially disagree with the digital release: DC really fucks a lot of longtime comic book stores-you know, the ones that kept their books alive for five generations-by doing the release on the same day. Even a 24 hour wait would have been a decent kindness to the stores that have helped keep them in the public eye.

And I'm not utterly opposed to digital distribution, merely that digital distribution comes with the occasional issue, not the least of which seems to be that they can take it away from you.

And I don't like having things I've bought taken from me.

I have to ask, what's up with the accent?

Yeah... my whole comment was going to be:

"Did he always have such a thick accent?"

Wow, the Boston accent really shot through the roof today. Also, loved the episode, some really good points.

Holy crap, the episode as ok but that accent was painful... If there's another fully accented episode like that one im gona have to stop watching that episode lol

That second part, the "put comics where new readers can find them" bit is the part that prohibits me from reading. I don't have any bookstores, comic or otherwise, anywhere near me and I the only place in town that sells books (the local Wal-Mart) doesn't have 'em.

The digital distribution method is a good idea, but again, Bob is right and that most of the reason we're hearing and buying the new stuff is because DC IS ACTUALLY ADVERTISING THE BOOKS.

He said in another video that his accent bleeds through when he gets passionate.

I still lol'd every time he used it.

As for the actual vid: This might be the chance for me to get into comics.

Moviebob newbs. He brings in the accent when ever he wants to give the impression he wants to lay down the law.

Guess you guys came in mid stream >.>

Also this video is being linked to several of my comicbook friends. I'm sure they feel the same way. I mean these characters were spandex, it's really not that complicated.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my 1st comment. I like the boston accent on Bob. He should use it more often.

I have to ask, what's up with the accent?

You are trolling with that accent, sir.

I don't so much have a problem with the accent as I have a problem with using it intermittently. Especially in an episode about continuity. Was that just for irony's sake?

It's official, next week's episode will be about accents.

Did Bob just watch a Jersey Shores marathon or what?

Downloading your comic. It's the future today.
To be honest. The idea of buying a paper comic seems absurd to me now. It's like buying separate chapters instead of the whole book. and I agree, I've never cared about the messed up history coz no matter what unless your 80 years old you'll always jump in some where in the middle. Everyone knows about the joker, but who has read the first dust up between batman and joker? Though saying that I like the new slate dc are doing coz the history is pretty messing with pointless story lines that didn't work and hangs around like hangnail. Best cut them all out or you'll start pulling and we all know what a bad idea that is.

I have problems with starting a comic mid-way. Or a tv-series, or book-series.
But that's because of my OCD-type of a thing.

So with this reboot I might actually get into some American comics...
Until a character appears in some other book or the storyline is a cross-over, and then I have not read them in order after all, and ARGGH! and I go back to manga.

Comic books just aren't a good entertainment value for your money and as the great comic crash showed they are about as good an investment value as paperbacks.

Seriously modern comics are maybe 13 pages of content and 7-8 pages of obnoxious ads. That just isn't worth the asking price of $3-4.

The trade paperbacks are a much better value but those aren't available for a long time until after anyone remotely interested has either shelled out money for the paperbacks or has stopped caring.

Reading comics on a tablet or pc doesn't work unless you happen to have a monitor that you can easily set up in portrait mode. A 6-7" tablet is way too small for comics, and a 10" ipad is an acceptable size but then you have the same poor value position. You get 12 pages of content for $2-4 and you can't even display it on your shelf.

Comics are another one of those sadly dying industries that just can't survive the internet age.

I have to ask, what's up with the accent?

The only reason I came on was to comment on that xD

OT: so yeah, as that's out of the way, I guess... ooo thanks for the whole "where to start" thing. I love comics, but when it comes to big titles I've often been hesitant due to the amount of back story.

It's like I'm really watching The Departed.

I like that every comment is about the accent, hell I never even look at the comments let alone post one, congrats bob you've got us all talking about it. I know the current theory is that this is your normal accent, but it sounds much less natural than I normally hear so was it your natural accent, you trained yourself more into the neutral-midwest/american-generic and now for some reason you are trying to do something between cliche new york mobster, depression era newsie, and jfk? Sorry if that's actually the way you sound, not trying to poke fun, but its weird because none of my new york/boston/general east coast friends sound like that, who does sound like that are my chicago friends after we've had too much to drink and are trying to sound like our east coast friends :).


When the Boston accent comes out of Bob, you know shit's about to get real...

Wow, you were talking like the Game Anti-Thinker there Bob.

yes advertisements actually work :O

what a novel idea. XD


How is his voice changing from the usual voice to another... different American accent. I can't name it.

He sounds like a post-game commentator for the Yankees.

Sounded to me like he was doing an impersonation of a character from The Godfather.


But the crazy thing is, once i noticed, i couldn't unotice and the rest of the episode went right over my head.... need to rewatch

lol, same here. I kept trying to figure out why he was slipping into a Boston accent, and wondering if I'd just never noticed it before. Got used to it though by the 3 minute mark.

Good episode, though. I'm always interested in the comic episodes, since I don't really know much about them.

I have to ask, what's up with the accent?

I just figured he made an obligatory reboot of his accent, so that new fans know he is from Massachusetts (although it sounded form New Jersey).

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