The Big Picture: Continanity: Rebooted

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The biggest thing that keeps me from keeping up with comics has been location. There's a comic shop on my campus... all the way on the other side of the campus. And no bus goes near there. So hearing about the fact that the new 52 comics will be released digitally will be very helpful for me. And yes, comics have had an advertising problem for a while now. I only got back into comics because my local libraries have some big sections full of the collected volumes of story arcs.

Awesome! Bob's real voice! Me likey.
I think you have a point, but comics also tend to have more issues and go on for longer than the other media you mentioned. Okay, Dr Who has tons of seasons but you could technically consider each new Doctor some kind of reboot.
I think what would be good for comics is to actually end them at some point and start a new one. But I'm all for the commercial idea too.
On that note, here is a commercial for a French-language graphic novel. The text is in French but you can always look at the pictures, I guess.

I also see posters advertising BDs (that's how we call graphic novels here) all the freaking time. I've picked up lots of series due to simply seeing the poster in the subway or in the street. It works.
I do think we relate to sequential art differently though. Series get one release per year (50 or so pages) and it's pretty much always hardcover, for instance.

Leave ze accent, please, Bob.

Attack of the Boston Bob!

I actually don't hate the accent it just reminds me of those damn Red Sox fans.

I knew it!! Bobs really a time traveler form 1920s Brooklyn.

...I didn't know Bob had an accent.

As for the review, I'd like to get into the reboots... though it's gonna be kinda weird. I gotta look for my nearest comic book shop...

But I'm concerned that, like Bob said, this whole deal will start all over again because comic writers will fall into temptation to bring back old stuff, and readers will complain, forcing them to start over... etecerta etcerta.

Is it weird that I, an Irish man, knew that that was a Boston accent and not a New York or Joisey one?

Guy please, don't do that accent thing. Its disorienting

I think Bob was bitten by a radioactive NewYorker.

Dear MovieBob
Did you put on that Boston accent as a joke or does it just come out when you're talking about comic books?
Boston resident

A little snide with the "look it up on wiki" suggestion. I don't think it's that unreasonable for people to want to understand a work of fiction by reading that work of fiction rather than looking up some artless summary of things.

What always bothers me about those things is that they're a distraction. I could go look up what the hell they're talking about, but why do I have to be interrupted like this while I'm reading this story? To hell with it.

Aaaayyyy frankie, wha's happening?
Loving the accent Bob.

Great episode as usual.

Yeah, accent. Weird.

Anyway, I SO agree. I've always said that THIS is the major risk for videogames as well, becoming the one-note, one-demographic, one-location, one-format model of comic books and getting stuck there.

Comic books need to advertise better, be more available and cover more ground. DC used to actually sell great books in their Vertigo line without people punching anybody while wearing whole-body underwear and I don't know if you've noticed, but while nobody is digging up whatever issue of Superman came out in September of 1987, V for Vendetta and Sandman are still featured prominently even in non-specialized bookshops.

But yeah, great to hear this. Very good point.

Seriously, though, the accent is just weird.

Please don't develope a boston accent. Please. We'll start a fucking fund.

Oh, and good video, although you forgot to give massive amounts of crap for the comics books industry for all this bullshit. Still enjoyed it though.

You are trolling with that accent, sir.

So... annoying... (curls up in a corner)

What happened to your voice lord of information ?

Please. No more. Accent.

I clicked out halfway through. It's not cute.


They're molars.

This episode runs circles around the cause of all that rewrite/reboot/restart/rewhatever business. And that is absolute stupidity of putting every single "hero" in same universe. That goes far beyond my limit for suspension of disbelief.

I understand that every hero has a weakness and it's, retardedly stupid, code of conduct or honor. But really how many super beeings do you need? Superman is absolute except for his one weakness. So stick Green Lantern with him and voila, team unbeatable. Compared to them Bat-crew can only serve as cheerleaders.

Keep heroes in their universes. Crossovers are fine but only as non-canon what if events. And even then pairings like Superman/Batman, which seems as most popular one over time, don't make much sense and ultimately dissolve into stupidity because you need some pretty weird reasons to give Superman reasons to need Batman. Everything Batman ever did, superman could do inside one hour. How about that?

I hate the "comics are weird" part. It was fun early on but now it`s becoming annoying.

Christ, I hope that accent is some kind of joke that's gone right over my head, because all I kept thinking in that episode was "Does that sound like Mayor Quimby or is it just me?".

Ugh....The Boston accent......I hate this accent..

No offense to the people from Boston. I just don't like your accent....and your Hockey team.

I think the explanation part of the episode ran a little long so he sped up his voice. might explain the accent.

What's the deal, Bob? You sound like a cabbie at Logan Airport this week.

"Am Bob an dats da pig beckture"


I have to ask, what's up with the accent?

Beat me to it. I was hoping the thick Brooklyn would be explained in the post credits.

It was so he could unleash his BROOKLYN RAGE!

...I'm sorry, i just couldn't resist that one.

damn bob, really letting that bostonian accent out this week huh?

EDIT; for nay and all wondering in his very first video back in the escapist present archive, he talks says his boston accent really comes out when he's mad or emotional about something. It's a boston accent, thats where he lives, thats what it is.


That is what messed up CAPTCHA. I think they forget, HUMANS, still need to read them,

As for the comics change.. This re-boot is for the first time getting into comics. I am one of those guys that needs to start at the begining. I will probably get a lot of back-issues of things if I find a favorite character.

My issue with comics as a relative outsider on the genre looking in has never been continuity, it's been how damn many of them there are. Even if you like, say, Wolverine and want to start reading comics about him there instantly, what, 5 or 6 different series that he appears in not counting one offs or short cross overs?

Note that I don't know the exact numbers or names of the series but I think that's kind of the point.. and I'm someone who does have a little bit of knowledge and wouldn't even be going in totally cold. Even if I did pick up an issue at random and fall in love with it, the sheer expense in time and money of following even a single character is beyond the scope of pretty much anyone but the most dedicated.

The accent was pretty cringeworthy. It's like when Londoners (i'm from the UK) get so 'into' something that they go full on cockney and deliberately draw out every single word and say it with exaggeration. You also see this kind of behaviour a lot when someone is mixing with a member of that particular group when they otherwise wouldn't and as a result wouldn't normally talk that way. Say for example someone who usually makes an effort to enunciate things properly starts chatting with someone who talks with a thick accent - the former will deliberately adopt that drawl in order to show connection with the latter. I think that's what Bob is doing - adopting his thick Boston drawl to show his deep connection with and interest in comic books. I personally can't stand that and have never done it myself, but i suppose we can't really bag on Bob for old habits dying hard. It's probably more comfortable to talk that way. Still, we have "TV voices" for a reason and when presenting a ten minute or so video people are generally expected to talk like a news presenter.

Interesting video. As always, i love these Big Pictures, even if i personally have no stake in anything that's being said - i've never really understood the appeal behind comic books, for example, yet i still find 'comics are weird' episodes to be entertaining in their own right. He's right about not having to start at the beginning when it comes to continuity. It's not quite the same, but how many people do you think enjoyed Fallout 3 without having played Fallout 1 and 2 first, for example? Though if people love something enough they will always want to hit that reset button and start from the beginning. To deny that is to incur great frustration for the fan, which can cause them to go from 'new reader' to 'non-reader' if they feel they will never be able to be in the same position as the 'old reader' who has been there from the start.

I like the accent. Once I noticed it I kind of stopped caring about what he was talking about. I just wanted to hear more of the accent. I like accents.

He's got a point really, if it weren't for the reboot would any of us have dc on our minds in the past months?


He never mentions the Ultimate universe or how it remained pretty reader freindly.
Also whats with the Jersey accent

Didn't the Ultimate universe get rebooted?

No but they almost did. In the ultimate universe once your dead you stay dead (with the exception of Thor, whos lophole was that he would only stay dead if his girlfriend was alive) which ment that after 10 years of no one important die and story building up storys some people thought that things got a little too complicated for new readers (it wasnt, in fact the whole die and you stay dead made things really clear). Ultimatum was a big event that was suppose to kill of all the characters and then reboot the universe so the new readers would start off at the begining and old readers knew what happened before. Alot of people didnt like this so they went halfsies on the whole idea and ended up with a bad story and killing off a loooooooooot of character. They even hinted at killing off Sipderman but they quickly changed that ASAP. Now everythings okay but the fact that alot of AAA characters are dead could be a problem for Marvel. The list includes, professor X cyclopes, wolverien, spiderman, scarlet witch, doctor strange,angel, beast, blob,captin britain, daredevil, dazzler, doctor doom, juggernaut, emma frost, wasp, toad, Madrox, phylocke, Magneto, Hawk pym. Non of those people can come back. Marvel then tried to reboot the ultimate universe again with the death of spiderman, but that didnt work out very well. The comic was good, but nobody wanted to see spiderman die.

Bad Jersey accent. Do not want. Point proved. Please stop.

"Every day, dozens of people find a book that looks nifty, find out it's part of a series and consider picking up the rest of them."

A gaming example of mine: I had no idea there existed a series named 'Dept. Heaven' until I played its fourth installment. And then it turns out it's actually the third installment and has very little to do with the others, but they called it 'Episode 4' for some weird reason.

...Just a personal story I thought was relevant.

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