The Big Picture: Continanity: Rebooted

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OMG Aero:
Bob is rebooting The Big Picture.
He has now always used this accent.

I think you mean "retconning"

Hey ya shmuck, im reading carmics here.

This did make me re-think the way I look at western comics because thinking about it, I know alot more about them then I realised. Thanks to all the movies, games and TV shows (TEAM TITANS, GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) im quite up to date with alot of characters, stories, etc.

I bought Justice League #1 when it came out the other day. It's alright, but I have a feeling it's going to take a while to get a proper story out of it, especially as the first issue only had 4 appearances.

Can't remember the last time the accent slipped through that consistently and that strongly, might have been way back at the start of Escape to the Movies.

Anyway I found out that you just jump into and start reading comic anywhere by doing so with Spide-Man. I had somebody to explain any questions though.

I haven't heard that accent since Video Game Overthinker videos. Heh, he sounds like a cabbie.

I've got in to a few comics past year or so but eh super heroes still don't really do much for me.

I come on to the comments board hoping I'm not the only one who noticed the accent, Yeah i'm glad it wasn't just me. Anyway good episode, I really enjoyed it.

For everyone wondering, I believe I had figured out the meaning of his accent before. My theory is when he's talking of something he is especially uncomfortable or insecure about, he involuntarily tenses up and sort of hides behind his accent as what his brain hopes is a technique that will protect him. Everybody has tenses like that.

Here are all the times I can remember his accent showing up so strong:

The Game Overthinker episode about "What I actually think Nintendo is doing wrong" = accent galore beginning to end.

Shutter Island review, wherein he emitted a positive review while spending about a minute arguing against what he felt would be a common criticism of the movie, defending his stance on why that criticism is wrong = accent on full blast.

Talking about a faulty business model? Huh... maybe my theory isn't too good. Or is it?

I'm really sorry to say this, but if that accent continues I can't watch this anymore. I know how this sounds, but I can't stand listening to a Boston accent. I just can't take it. I love both your shows Movie Bob, please don't do this.

I'd really come to enjoy The Big Picture every week, but I couldn't make it through this episode, as much as the content was interesting. The Bahsten accent endurance test was unbearable. Sorry, Bostonians--I'm sure lots of you are great people, but your accents are worse than nails scraping a chalkboard (at least to my ears). Here's hoping next week's episode's lighter on the accent.

Nice episode Bob, and uh, you got a little Boston in your video there...

OMG Aero:
Bob is rebooting The Big Picture.
He has now always used this accent.

Nice one :)

Pretty wacky accent you got going there Bob. I like it.

But more importantly, you just explained what I think has been on the tips of every comic reading scholar for a while now. That comics need better marketing, not a continuity reshuffle.

Heck, I've been staying optimistic about this relaunch since I first heard about it. Especially since the idea seems to be also to rip out all the stories that didn't work or were simply so horrible that everyone would rather pretend they didn't exist anyway. Like Countdown to Final Crisis, or Cry for Justice.

But the bottom line that Bob just got to is that the comics industry needs to be less insular and more open. I would love to see comics appearing in supermarkets. I'd love to be able to pick up an issue while out shopping at a drug store. I'd love to see my general bookstore carry these things. The only bookstore that had individual new issues was Borders. But their selection was limited to a few heavy hitters like Superman or Green Lantern, many ongoings had the same issue sitting on the one rack for months, and as you may have noticed, Borders went bankrupt.

And of course, now we'll have digital distribution. And while I do like having my physical copies, I think I can see myself buying more than a few of the new 52 online soon. In fact, DC has a deal where they'll drop the price of the digital issues from $2.99 to $1 a month after the issue's release, which makes perfect sense, considering by then the physical copy will likely not be in comic stores anymore.

I want this industry to live again. Which is why I want DC's marketing department to stop being so timid and get their product out there.

I don't get the accent, is it the mic or was it deliberate?

I couldn't agree more with Bob. I agree that comics definitely need better marketing teams so they can appeal to people BESIDES the audience that already reads comic books.

On that note, seriously, that accent kept bothering me the entire episode. I'm not saying it's bad, but... it's very jarring. ... But it was definitely a nice change of pace.

damn bob, really letting that bostonian accent out this week huh?

EDIT; for nay and all wondering in his very first video back in the escapist present archive, he talks says his boston accent really comes out when he's mad or emotional about something. It's a boston accent, thats where he lives, thats what it is.


I like how you took a crack at it before giving up.

See, I'd be fine with that accent (It's all American to me), but when you slowly slip between them during an episode, first I think I'm going insane, then I get distracted.

Holy crap - two stills from Read or Die!
...and the series no less, not the 2-hour OVA you occasionally see on TV! Good thing I was sitting down when I watched it.

OT: couldn't agree more about the marketing / availability problem.

I hear the attempt at gangster sir! And I do not approve :P

Odd, even with his accent coming out, he was pretty easy to understand. I was more distracted at how different it was. So really, I don't get why he doesn't keep it. *shrug*

Anyway, good show and great points.

Clearly the Boston accent was a way of introducing continuity to this commentary. It's strange and might not make sense to new viewers, but anyone who cares about it can probably find the information out in a few seconds, if they want to.

Otherwise, Bob has rebooted the series and will begin speaking in only a Boston accent from now on. Forever. Until, the old continuity returns to be the status quo.

I don't so much have a problem with the accent as I have a problem with using it intermittently. Especially in an episode about continuity. Was that just for irony's sake?

Yeah, I feel much the same. It was a little jarring every time it slipped. I've never really noticed it in his other videos (pretty sure I've seen most of them on the Escapist) and the occasional slip of the accent just distracted me from what he was saying. Though I did wonder if it was an intentional joke. He maybe from Broklyn, but that doesn't mean that he naturally has that accent. I live in the South and honestly don't know anyone that speaks with a "Southern Belle" accent.

OT: The only comics I ever read were the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics. And, yes, they were quite good, though they did fall into slight continuity troubles, but at least they were primarily held within the core comic. There were the occasional specials like Super Sonic Versus Hyper Knuckles, Battle Royal, Triple Trouble, Mecha Sonic versus Mecha Knuckles, and miniseries like one starring Knuckles, another starring Tails, and even the Death Egg saga, but those all fit nicely into the actual core story. Knuckles even got his own series, but it never really caused a headache for me. Though, I eventually lost interest in the comics, it wasn't for lack of good stories (though killing off Robotnik in issue #50 did take away the prime antagonist).

Honestly, if I ever wanted to get into DC comics, now would probably be the time. Less of a headache to deal with. Still, I probably won't get into them. Though, this at least gives me an incentive.

Also, Bob makes a great point. Comics aren't advertised at all (unless you count the movies based on the characters) and are not easily purchased. Honestly, even if I wanted to pick up a comic, I wouldn't know where to find them. Does Walmart even sell comics? Being able to purchase down-loadable copies is a step in the right direction.

"I'm Bawb.

and Dat's the Big Pitcha"

Am I... am I being trolled?

Odd, even with his accent coming out, he was pretty easy to understand. I was more distracted at how different it was. So really, I don't get why he doesn't keep it. *shrug*

Anyway, good show and great points.

I can agree with this. I have no problem with the accent, but I feel that Bob either needs to embrace it or avoid it. The occasional sentence or two was more distracting than just speaking in his Brooklyn accent at all times.

Why did he sound Italian-American in that episode?

christ that was painful to listen to, please dont half ass your accents, bob.

Totally agree, just a week ago I turned on the Tv and the beginning of a Dr. Who episode was starting, it had the weeping angles, I had nightmares, anyways, I had never seen the show, now I love it

NPH from Starship troopers... I FUCKING LOVE YA BOB!

I know everyone's commenting on the accent, but seriously, what's the deal? Just randomly puts on a really thick Boston accent in the middle of is run of shows?

I think I actually remember one other episode where he did this but I think it was a Escape to the movies episode.

Really unleashed the accent today eh Bob?

If you think about it continuity can't go on from Start to Finish, or else Batman would be in his 90s, and Batman beyond Beyond would be the main canon. What would a Comic-book commercial look like? Most mainstream sagas already have animated shows. Shouldn't that be enough for a fan to get into the comics?


OT, I can't really agree. I tried reading American comics and I was getting bitch-slapped by continuity references every five pages. If I wanted to look everything that looks interesting on the net I'd read the synopsis there already. And I liked series that are self-containing, such as Sandman and what I've read of Transmetropolitan. Say what you want, Bawb, but even if marketing plays a part in it (and it sure as hell does), it's a narrative problem as well.

Holy Fucking Shit...
I personally think the big problem with the mainstream comic industry is it's far too narrow. It's all superheroes! Seriously name me 6 mainstream, well known comic lines that are in no way superhero related. Good Luck, because you can't. (and no mange doesn't count, I'd go into more detail, but I won't)You want something original or out there, you're going to have to turn to the indie scene, and when almost all the creative weight of a medium is on it's independents, that is the day that medium has failed, I'm said to say.

Good job droppin' yah ahhh(r)s theyah MovieBob. It's a stupid, communist lettah. :P

You know what's really up with the accent?


Half the time I spent watching this I was trying to figure out what the big payoff was going to be with Bob doing that accent. Now all that effort has me thinking in that accent.

I haven't heard that accent since Video Game Overthinker videos. Heh, he sounds like a cabbie.

That would, depending on the subject he was talking about, be either the best or the worst cab ride ever.

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