Goodbye is Still Goodbye

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That "story" didn't really seem like a story.
"The founders of The Escapist had sought to bring print-quality, European-style writing to the field of videogames, tinged with a wholly American iconoclasm and they succeeded beyond their wildest imaginings."
How pretentious.
With all due respect (well maybe slightly less than due respect) here's hoping Mr. Butts (pitts, butts... these are fake names, right?) does a better job of managing all this.

Boba Frag:

Who will do the Miracle of Sound videos now??

Slycne has already been doing them. He did this weeks episode!

Intentional or not.. your avatar has always reminded me of Kane, leader of the Brotherhood of Nod. For the Brotherhood Russ...

Battlefield control. Terminated.

Thanks man.
You rock.

I hear Yahoo is looking for a new CEO; they could really use someone who's got his shit together.

Oh no!! Sad news!! =( Farewell, Mister Pitts, and safe journeys!
Steve has some large shoes to fill.

Have no idea who you are or anything. Now knowing you are, were, editor in chief of Escapist...still doesnt mean all that much to me. Anyway, good luck in the future.

Fair winds and following seas, Mr. Pitts.

And once more I'll use my Russ badge in my top 4 for a while. And here, everyone who missed it, see the horror that earned me the badge.

Good bye, you will always be rembered. :'(

Sad to see you go, best of luck to you though.

Good luck in your next role! You'll be missed around here. All the best x

Cya around Russ! Was nice having you here.

But life goes on. All that's left are good memories.

Wait! Don't GO! Or atleast tell me who your avatar picture is before you go, Joseph Kucan (Kane from C&C) or Paul Giamatti (that bold guy who is in every bad movie)!..... then you can do whatever the fuck you want!!

Cheers Russ, and good luck!

Good bye and good luck.
Rest assured you shall not be forgotten.

Say hello to Joe for me!

so long, and thanks for all the fish

Well, I must admit I never paid much attention to the man, but I can still see he's been something of a backbone in many things. I bid you farewell, good sir, and may you find your way into grander things!

We will all miss you!

Enjoyed reading your articles and reviews. This place wouldn't be the same without you.

Good bye and good luck with future adventures good sir.

good luck with your new adventures and may you have many fortunes. also i hope you find an abundance of cupcakes

Breaking news:
"Pitts out, Butts in!"

Sorry, couldn't help it. You take care of yourself now.

And ya'll come back now you hear?

Wait! Don't GO! Or atleast tell me who your avatar picture is before you go, Joseph Kucan (Kane from C&C) or Paul Giamatti (that bold guy who is in every bad movie)!..... then you can do whatever the fuck you want!!

It's Ben Sisko from Star Trek Deep Space 9. What kind of nerd are you?

OT: Somehow, this seemed like the most appropriate sendoff:

Goodbye Russ, you shall always remain a legend here.

In lieu of anything lengthy and rambling, goodbye and good luck!

Good bye, thanks for helping make this site interesting and what not, it's the only forum I've ever actually really contributed to.

Well.....bye Mr.Pitts

good luck

Thank you for all you've done, Russ and best of luck in your future ventures.

Good luck out there Russ. Thanks for the fun times.

'He looked out over the remains of what was all he knew, ready to face the unknown, he saluted as a single tear streamed down his face. Slowly he turned, and walking towards his future, he held out one solitary hand and made a finger gun "boom", he said as he smiled thoughtfully upon the fond memories of his past life.'

Well, that's my sentiment (my own work, written in the moment).

See ya boss
/fingergun to you too sir

Thanks for making this site so incredible! Almost all of my favorite moments on the Internet in the last few years took place on this site. Thanks for fostering an environment for intelligent video game discussion!

You'll be greatly missed. Good luck in your new ventures!

Good luck mr russ ive enjoyed reading your stuffs =)

I'm kinda tempted to write something disparaging... but I won't.

Thanks for all the good times Russ, and I'll be praying for your success in the future.

Russ, I don't really know where to start. I cannot even remember when I first came across this wonderful website, but, as of today, it still remains my homepage, many many years later. You will be missed, especially at the end of all my favorite videos. No matter where your adventures may lead you, you will always be Editor-in-Chief: Russ Pitts.

Good night and good luck.

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