No Right Answer: Spider-Man vs Twilight

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Silly straws in angsty half empty cups?
it made me giggle!
and I have a question, Does that mean Kyle's Birthday is May 4th?

No, Chris thought that Kyle's birthday was May 4th, but was mistaken
On the podcast he explains that he knew Kyle's birthday was near that timeframe, but he remembered May 4th as the date.
Great vid, couldn't stop laughing, and the Conan reference was perfect.

BTW, do your podcasts have a specific schedule, or just when you feel like it?

Kyle finally comes through! I'm also sure that 'It's angsty because it's half-empty' should have been quote of the week.

Also, if you wanted to pit Twilight against a superhero, you should choose Batman. MY PARENTS ARE DEAAAAAAAAAAD

"Glass half Spider Man" should have been the quote of the week.

Great last words.

I was also sold on the Twilight covers and their faces.

Awesome Episode!!

Some of the comments where genius! Quote of the week is so full of sexy Logic.

First episode I've seen and man, I was laughing pretty good.

It refuses to load, much in the same way the recaptchas refuse to be readable.

Edit: Oh, it loaded suddenly.

Anyway, good move trying to argue that Spider-Man might have more powerful instances of angst than Twilight, because there's no way in hell you could argue that Twilight had less angst than Spider-Man as a whole.

But the defining thing for me is that Spider-Man at least had real issues underlying his angst that gave him reason for it - and, in an admittedly weak defense of Spider-Man 3, he at least had a black goop from outer space fucking with his head making him all messed up. What the hell was the Twilight Casts' excuse for getting drunk on all that whine?

I got an idea for your next episode.
Pokemon vs. the Bible. Which has more loopholes?

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