Critical Miss: LESBIANS

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Oh sweet! I love me some le-... Wait a minute... FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU-

Took me a minute or two, but when I got it I laughed. Very good, very good indeed.

im guessing the blondes gay for her :3

This made me working all night totally better. Thank you =)

I saw the little easter egg in the last panel after a re-read, but it makes me think the magazine title should actually be Cosmopolitan with title grabs like that. Vogue is more of a haute couture magazine specifically for clothes you can't afford.

You got me. Although the LESBIANS title didn't initially draw me in. It was the making out on Skyrim in Minecraft bit. I wasn't really sure what that would look like, but it was worth a click. Funny comic, though.



And yes, I admittedly saw "Lesbians" and clicked. It was like an impulse reaction. If you want someone to read something, title it "Lesbian" and no matter what it's about, they'll read it.

Someone, please explain in clear, concise language for dummies.

Got it?

Hmm. How weird. I thought that was too obvious to be the joke. So, I figured it would have to be a dig at Gawker Media and their tendency to insult their readers in an attempt to troll more page hits.

I came for the lesbians. Thank god! I'm still normal. Unfortunately I also had 3 Minecraft 1.8 tweets opened in the browser so... barely normal.

You know, after having read the previous comic (and numerous other comics before this one), I was honestly wondering if Erin and Mol were lezzies...lotta evidence that they are, but I'll take your word that they're not. :3

memes - It's a Trapezoid!

so many misled people...

Sometimes I feel like the only male in the world who feels no attraction towards lesbians. Seriously, why bother if you'll never get any?

Lvl 64 Klutz:
This comic does bring up one question you failed to answer in the subtext. Why WOULD Knuckles be fighting Bowser?

Why not? It represents one formerly titanic company and one ageing behemoth locked in a struggle for survival. or ya know it would just be cool.

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