The Big Picture: Out of the Park

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Some of the South Park episodes can make you think in a different way about a certain subject. I dont take everything they say as gospel, only those points of view that make sense to me. I dont know anyone that quotes South Park as a reason for believing a certain thing.

i love your accent bob!

Personally, I don't care for South Park. And before anyone asks, it's my own personal preference and no, you do not need to know my justification or anything else pertaining to my opinion of it so don't ask.

Now that that's out of the picture, anyone, and I mean ANYONE who tries to argue with me that it promotes some sort of sociopolitical ideal I simply turn around and say "Do you know why they made it that way? Do you? They did it for S**** AND GIGGLES!" That's basically the bulk of it. They rib on a target because they find it a funny and/or easy target. In the entirety of the show, there is nothing on there that was not made fun of for any other reason than saying "why not?"

I don't think it's so much that people pin their viewpoints on south park, as it is that SP simply strikes a chord with people from time to time. I know I agree with a lot of the jokes they make about people and or movements/religions/smugness whatever. But I'm not going to base my points of view on what the show conveys.

I really don't think I've ever met anyone who does.

Also, BOINK!

Don a 'Bonk' Bob. Do it for infinite Justice.

The Scout? I never thought of Bob as the Scout- and not just because the difference in, uh, body structure.

The scout has a higher-pitched lilt and a fast-talking affect. I don't get those from Bob. So, yeah, low rent JFK it is.

I have to say one of the most damaging episodes I felt was the one about the word "fag", and how words change meaning over time and people should not be indirectly offended when it is not directed at them. The problem with that is that it is still used as a homophobic slur, is always used in a very negative context, and people have every right it be offended even if direct offense wasn't intended. And that episode is a direct contradiction to the "nigger guy" episode when the lesson was when you have no idea about the negative emotions that come up when the word is said, you have no right to dictate how others should feel. I'm just using that as another example.

While I absolutely agree with Bob that NO ONE should look to the entire show for messages and meaning, some of the episodes can give some pretty interesting meanings.

The F-Word, Cartoon Wars and the like have some very interesting things to say.

In addition, some of the things that happen OUTSIDE the show have much more meaning than the episodes themselves. Case in point being the whole Mohammed/201 thing. It was a total breakdown of free speech in the face of threats.

Great Big Picture as usual!

Captcha: NORD land. DAMN YOU SKYRIM!!!

I have to say one of the most damaging episodes I felt was the one about the word "fag", and how words change meaning over time and people should not be indirectly offended when it is not directed at them. The problem with that is that it is still used as a homophobic slur, is always used in a very negative context, and people have every right it be offended even if direct offense wasn't intended. And that episode is a direct contradiction to the "nigger guy" episode when the lesson was when you have no idea about the negative emotions that come up when the word is said, you have no right to dictate how others should feel. I'm just using that as another example.

And yet, there is living proof that words can radically change. If you said someone was "Queer" 100 years ago, it had NOTHING to do with being homosexual, it meant they were interesting.

Same with Gay. Happy!

Plus, words lose their power over time. For instance, if someone said "Poppycock" in the wrong decade, it was the worst thing you could ever do! But now "Fuck" and "Shit" are part of many peoples daily speech. Censoring and forcing people to never say things only gains those word power and makes them MORE offensive.

Yes, The F-Word episode may not have had the perfect message, but it's a start. I agree that if something like fag is said with harmful intention to a person who would be offended, it is bad. But intention is important.

If we completely disregard intention in words and allow reception to govern them completely, words lose meaning and I could say your use of the word "The" is offensive to me.

I will accept that the other episode is ABSOLUTELY contradictory though.

Sorry for the longness, just had to get that out.

Southpark is a lot like The Daily Show in that respect.

I take my life lessons from Dexter and porn. And being from NYC I have an old Jewish broad accent lol.

odd, I never saw South Park as a source of political views as much as it was a "that's funny, lets make an episode about it," or "that's funny, throw it in."

What I don't like is how people take a joke WAY out of proportion.

remember when they had Cthulu kill Justin Beirber (I seriously have no idea how to spell the last name)? That was ALL anyone on internet news was talking about.

The creators at south park will make fun of anything (political, religion, celebrities, current events, etc), as long as it is funny. They only get mean spirited if they are personally attacked.

Bob, the I'm smart and everyone else is stupid almost qualifies as a philosophy at this point. It's certainly dominant throught the internet, especially in political topics. Even so, the stupidity of people that try and use fiction to back up their positions is unreal. It's not that there aren't things to learn from fiction, but we do have to remember that fiction is choriographed by the author, and as such loses credibility. When I hear professional econmists and politicians hold up Atlas Shrugged as "proof" of the dangers of socialism, I need to slam my head against something. It works in the book because the author made it work, but that might not carry over into reality where unforseen outcomes can happen and the line between productive and parasite isn't clearly defined.

But then again, that's why they turn to it: real life is messy without clear heroes and villans. No one wants to openly admit that there are costs to either side of an arguement, and that we aren't arguing on ideals, but trying to shift the consequences to someone else. That the rich aren't all evil businessmen out to screw over everyone, but neither are the poor simply just too lazy to get rich. TV has replaced religion as our comfort pablam to tell us how right we are and how wrong everything else is, so now they hold up South Park instead of the bible.

I have to disagree. The over-arching idea isn't "Everyone is stupid, but us", just "Everything is Stupid, Period." They do actually poke fun at themselves from time to time. The entire existence of Terrence and Phillip is basically a parody of the crude humor and animation of the show, and the absurdity of the fact that it's actually had some kind impact on the political world, and don't forget the "all preachy and up its own ass with messages" line. Overall, it's definitely a piece of entertainment more than anything else, but I do think there is a coherent worldview, but it's a refined and nuanced world view that isn't based as much on a single ideal as you'd see from other works.

I find that a south park episode can make an interesting discussion point sometimes.

Do you know what I think? (This is the internet so I'm going to tell you anyway) It's not wise to take anything you hear completely verbatim. I don't take my views and values from one source, I listen to a LOT of people, and then form my opinions based on that. Even then though I prefer to have them remain flexible, because I know that you can always learn more and have your mind changed.

That said, South Park has some great social commentary that, while it may not present a focused political ideology, can give you a great perspective on certain topics and events. And to clarify, the Mormonism episode and the Scientology one don't contradict each other at all. The creators denounce Scientology as a legitimate religion because for the simple fact that it's essentially a business.

Great episode as allways, and i quite literelly lol'ed at the scout comment.

Man, I love South Park...

But yeah, South Park is two guys skewering things they find funny, NOT a unified political philosophy.

I have to disagree strongly on what you said about their position on Mormonism Vs. Scientology, though. Yes, it was more subtle, but they are nothing if not ever MORE vicious when it comes to the things that Mormons actually believe. On of their comedies that no one seems to remember is Orgasmo. It just seems like they have a stronger familiarity with Mormonism, and can therefore speak about it with a little more finesse.

Also, I'm super impressed with the reference to "All In the Family." I was pretty sure no one else saw that show for the deeply political satire that it is.

Personally I'd prefer being associated with the Scout than JFK. No offense to JFK or anything but he's the freakin' Scout and is awesome!

I think, you shouldn't maintain the broadcasting voice at panels.

I think half the reason we love meeting people IRL is getting a taste of what they are really like. And your accent is part of what you're really like.

Yeah I always found South Parks political 'messages' to be more about taking a middle ground and pointing out the obvious flaws of the polarized American political landscape. You can pick spots to point out the fallacy in a Republican/Democrat viewpoint, but they aren't exactly providing a firm 3rd party platform. As comedians they simply poke non-partisan fun at both sides and do a pretty fair job to it, compared to Simpsons for example which usually takes a much more liberal view on everything.

On the other hand I've never known 'kids' to be forming their views entirely from South Park.

...People take South Park seriously?

...Not to say that I'm not a fan either, mind you. Though I shouldn't be surpised that people take this sort of thing literally...

Scout is a spy! :p

This would have been nicer earlier if South Park wasn't about to finish its series.

More Brooklyn Bob! :p

More like Boston Bob!

I'm really not surprised that you take this viewpoint. Sorry Bob, but there are people who intelligently counter typical liberal speaking points. The fact that the creators themselves said "Yeah, we dislike conservatives, but we really hate liberals," shows that yes, they probably do disagree with you.

It's OK though, I love Star Trek and I'm a libertarian.

Does anyone else think bobs real voice sound like he is sending his broadcast voice through the fast-forward feature of a Walkman? Not that it is a bad thing. It is just the first thought that popped into my head when I first heard it.

Bob, great episode but I disagree.

Sure they are arbitrary, and often mean, but Southpark most definitely has a single driving philosophy and perspective. Their message is larger than just one show can contain.

In other words it is impossible to grasp that philosophy by inspecting the content of any given episode. You have to look beyond the specific people, things, and ideas, that they ridicule and inspect the kinds of things they go gunning for.

Southpark's driving philosophy is very reminiscent of Penn & Teller's Bullshit. Be Skeptical of the current trend, don't believe something just because it's popular. They even make fun of their own show and put forth ideas so dumb they wouldn't expect anyone to buy into them completely.

Wait, people actually take SP seriously? Seriously??
Also, I like the Boston accent, but prefer your regular one.

Good episode. Very true, too.

Not sure whether it's a good or bad thing that Boston is widely represented by a class in an FPS over previous generation's representation of a president.

Bob the lord of movies needs to make a voice over for Meet The Scout

I've had americans tell me I sound like a CNN broadcaster. They are quite surprised that most Canadians don't have the "aboot, eh" accent.

Okay, that cutaway was olde news ta me, but the last part would've had me LOLing if I wasn't holding back a mouthful of mac & cheese.

Now I want to hear Bob end a video with a simple exclaimated "BONK!"

honestly sounds like bob just fed the trolls.

i think the new south park episodes suck

Two things:

1. Please stop doing the "IS WEIRD" thing every chance you get, or at least speed it up at this point. It's a really old joke now that has expanded too far past its original locus. At this point, it's like hearing my dad say, "I can has Geritol?"

2. Who (besides you, apparently) is hearing people base their philosophy on single episodes of South Park? I've never heard of anythign like that, save people linking to pictures that tangentially deal with whatever they are discussing. This episode felt like a filler that pulled five minutes out of "South Park is only in it for the lulz."

Matt and Trey at one point said something among the lines of We hate republicans, but we hate liberals more. They're kinda moderates I suppose, but I don't really care.

ALSO Bob, if you must use your broadcast voice, can you do it in all your shows except The Big Picture? It just seems to fit. It's kinda a gangstery voice, it just works with the jazz them you have.

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