Dead Island Review

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Inquisitor Slayde:

Can I carry your books, like, for the rest of your life?

Seriously, when I saw that trailer I instantly called this, I said "I know they aren't going to redefine the zombie genre, I know they won't deliver on their promises, so this truly great trailer will end up as a load of pretentious crap" and I was right. Although that doesn't mean I think it's a bad game; it' just average and that would not be a bad thing had it not been hyped as all Hell. I'm currently on Act III and I can assure you none of these characters are getting any more likable than at the beginning, nor does the story make any more sense.

I tried to give it another go yesterday. I tried really hard to see what it seems nearly everyone else is seeing in it. I even switched to using a 360 controller with my PC so I could use the analog combat controls.

I'm done with it. It's uninstalled. I just wasn't having fun. It's not terrible, it's just not very good. Damn shame really, it had so much potential.

I haven't played the game but watching like every commentator on youtube play this game, the things I notice is the zombies are the most laid back zombies in any zombie game ever!

They only seem to attack or notice you when you are about 6 foot away, the rest of the time they are stood round looking at the floor ... wondering where it all went wrong and just needing a hug.

The driving seems a little fucked up as well, from what I have seen you have no way to judge how wide your truck is. You can see your half of the windscreen but not the passenger half ... like you have blinkers (like a horse) on, which leads to crashing A LOT!

It seems the best thing to do with every zombie is knock it on it's ass, then boot the fuck out of it or curb stomp it's head off. If you think about it, if you acted like this was real life, how many people would bend over and start wailing on a person/zombie on the ground with a weapon? None, they would kick it.

Imagine being in a fight, the other guy trips over, what do you do if you want to carry on fighting? Do you kick him or bend over and start punching the guy? I know it's a small niggle but come on ...

Last one, it doesn't seem very "zombie apocalypse" to me. The zombies hang around in like 5 at most, like they have there own little cliques. Unlike left 4 dead where zombies swarm you in what seems like there 30's or 40's.

Well, well. I was skeptical at first thinking it might be another L4D but now I shall have to purchase it at some point.

Susan Arendt:
Actually, backtracking can be useful. The zombies scale to the host, but the rewards scale to the individual players. So it can be easy money and experience for people who go backwards.

I just found an incidence of this in regards to a quest that spits out a unique weapon. It can be a great thing to claim one at your current level, then go back and do it with somebody else when you're maxed so a nice call there.

Btw, I enjoyed the frequent uses of the phrase "zombiewar". A World War Z reader I see. Tip of the hat to you, miss.

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