Trailers: Kirby's Return to Dreamland - Overview Trailer

Kirby's Return to Dreamland - Overview Trailer

Play Kirby as he takes on different abilities from the Nintendo universe.

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mmm Looks reeeeaaallly good. Shame it's on the Wii =(

Finally! A Kirby game that's a Kirby game!

This looks awesome!
I cannot wait!

I am looking forward to this. I'm not clear on what the super-abilities are or how you get them in the game. I still miss that ability from Crystal Shards to combine abilities.

I also feel that every Kirby game has a few abilities that, while still effective and pretty cool, don't really seem to fit well. I mean, you've got Sword, Beam, Fire, Ice, Hammer, Spark, Fighter, Laser, fairly standard. But among other things there's been Yo-yo, Mirror, Tornado, Ninja, now Whip, the list goes on. The series has been on a fairly gradual upward slope in terms of quality, but it seems like there's almost too much focus on just throwing new ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks.
That said, it's probably the best way to use a long-running character, just trying out all sorts of different ideas on the surface of a solid core set of proven mechanics. Like I said, the Kirby games have been getting better over the years, and maybe this one will be the best yet.

Finally, Kirby has a cowboy hat. Nintendo, take my money.

no, it won't be continued


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