Unskippable: Sonic and the Black Knight

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why are sonic games so damn stupid they dont need a story just let him run and jump on things

but they all have stories even the first one...

First of all, why does this game exist? Second, how did it get three positive review scores??? http://www.metacritic.com/game/wii/sonic-and-the-black-knight

they probably focused more on the gameplay I've heard it's pretty ok

I just realised that Unskippable is like Mystery Science Theatre 3000... only slightly less funny. Also I agree, why did they canonize the Sonic cartoon with the chili dogs?

Maybe they need some puppets and a pointless sketch sequence.

ok just to be fair. Black Knight wasn't "THAT" bad of a game. don't get me wrong. i was not great it was not good. it was decent.

Russel will be back for your cold dead eyes.

You poor guys, more sonic games.

"Merlina"... I concur with your exasperated groans.

Anyways, great job, guys.

Pretty bad game, I didn't like it much. The end boss battle had awesome music, though =) But yeah - Sonic had a sword! How could this have turned out so bad! It's like they WANTED to reinforce the reputation for shoddy half-assed gamed.

why are sonic games so damn stupid they dont need a story just let him run and jump on things

Haha. Yeah. Let's keep in the old, not experiment, and regurgitate the same old formula!

I think really think it's been proved that the 'old formula', won't cut it. Sonic 4 did okay, but just okay. If it was what everybody wanted, more people would have flocked to Sonic 4 than they did to, say, Sonic Colours.

Surely the sexual tension would be more awkward between Sonic and an old guy with a huge beard?

Oh my god that cutscene...

Are people actually expected to take that seriously?

This is hillarious. When did this came out?

Although credit where credit's due, I did like Sonic's reaction to being in a weird world, confronted by one attractive (by human standards) girl and a bunch of generic evil creatures.
"Oh yeah, been there done that." *Kicks their asses* "So, what's for lunch here? More Chilly-dogs?"
It's a bit of honesty on the part of Sonic Team's efforts, or lack thereof, these past few years.

Such a shame Merilna (ugh) stopped him from just taking on the boss. He could've kicked his ass and then the credits roll, accompanied with a message from Sonic Team. "No one has liked any of our games in the past 6 years, so why bother to make em anymore? The only buyers we have left are the ones that put money into anything with the Sonic label on it. So why do more effort? Now you won't have to be disappointed by our mediocre gameplay, and we just stick to the weird cutscenes!"

Oh, and why does his horse still have a clopping hooves sound when flying?

Okay... My knowledge of 3D sonic is pretty much limited to Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, so... What the fuck happened to this series? The last sonic game unskippable did had sonic in a Final Fantasy type land, and now he's in medieval times?


(also great episode)

...Please stop doing cutscenes from Sonic games. Not only are they just plain too easy to mock (if you can shake off the semi-horrified stupor), but I swear I could feel my braincells dying as I watched this one.


I'm totally blaming Sonic Team for the constant need to bang my head against my keyboard hard enough to misplace the "g" key.
Seriously, there is no amount of facepalm worthy of what I just watched.
WTF is wrong with you Sonic Team?

Why, God? Whyyyyyyyyyy?

I watched the last Sonic Unskippable right after this. The end credits joke?

"You know what would make this game better? Chili dogs."

ok just to be fair. Black Knight wasn't "THAT" bad of a game. don't get me wrong. i was not great it was not good. it was decent.

Agreed. It was decent. Nothing more, nothing less. The only thing that ticks me off is just whiny brats who will never be "open" and will always complain. Personally, I never found the cutscenes to be annoying. I found them hilarious (in a good way). Just ignore 'em and enjoy the game.

Have you ever heard of a woman named Alix Henriol? Look her up. Or better yet, don't (she's kinda freaky).

I do remember the "realistic dystopian" Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. He was addicted to chili dogs in that cartoon, too. No seriously. In one episode, him and Sally Acorn tried to time travel in order to stop Dr. Robotnik from taking over Mobius, but he almost screwed up the time jump because he was thinking about chili dogs.

And yeah, I remember the other Sonic game where he had this really creepy pedo-zoo-phile relationship with this underage girl. What was it called? Sonic Adventures? I thought this was that game at first, but no. Looks like Sonic Team just did it again >_>

Wow. That's all I have to say about this game. Just....wow.

Someone had to pitch this idea to a CEO, and that CEO had to say yes. That's the most mind-boggling thing here. Is that someone actually thought this game was a good idea and ok'd a multi-million dollar investment to create it. There is an effigy that needs burning somewhere.

It wont play the video

I'm suprised you guys haven't tried doing the Shadow the Hedgehog game

Video won't load.... damn.

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