LoadingReadyRun: Duty Calls

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At least now we know the reason why so many people insist on going on these suicidal, inevitably-fatal quests.

... Heaven has good marketing PR.

That one seemed to start out a little slow, then it picked up, and then went flying, and finally decided that Earth's orbit wasn't good enough.

Yay, it's working now!

I hope we get to see Gabrielle in the future, this was great :D


If Graham appeared in a scene, and Graham was doing the camera work, who was doing the camera work while Graham was in the shot?


Graham has telekinesis!

But who was tripod?!

(Also, James)

You named your telekinesis James? I suppose if it worked in The Shining who am I to argue.

Fscking brilliant! Annoyed Gabriel(le) is hilarious!

Just promise them phat lewt if they win. I mean, sure, it makes more sense to give it up front, but that hasn't stopped any RPG I can name....

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