Zero Punctuation: Resistance 3

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Definitely one of the best ZP's, I don't always laugh a lot but with this one I most certainly did for whatever reason.

A BEARD???????


OT: Best review in a VERY long time. Not a big fan of the game, since the first one did all of these things only better, but hey, it was nice to see Yahtzee having fun.

The last two sentences made me laugh more than anything else has for quite a while.

At least SOMEONE is making a half-life game...

You should play the first two games.

The first one is incredibly long and you'll probably forget what you're doing half way through, but it's that oldschool multiweapons carrying, medical gunge slurping shoot em up formula. The second game is much shorter and has regen health, but the story is a lot stronger and more engaging.

So to me, I have a feeling this will be a bit of a mix of both of them. Current gen graphics, oldschool formula, decent pacing.

This game is certainly on my list, if only for that amazing box art. Does anyone know if they have an edition with an artbook?

They didn't entirely copy Valve, they released a game with a 3 in the title! Which yea, I guess everyone but Valve did this, this year.

That was hilarious, I nearly peed at the "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE REST OF THE BODY" line at the end.

You forgot the GOOD 3 that's coming out! Saint's Row the Third!

Yahtzee's gonna love seeing another Saint's Row, I hope.

Sounds like you had more fun with this one, this was very entertaining!

The last minute in the review was easily one of the funniest ZP episode finales I have ever seen.

That last line actually had me burst out laughing. Great job, Yahtzee.

That was great. The ending here had me laughing harder than any other ZP of recent memory. :)

Sums up my feelings for the game. Good gameplay, although the enemies can be a little dumb at times, lots of weapons, no regen health. But the story left a little to be desired. And that ending just sucked. Terrible. No one even talked in it.
Never noticed all the parallels with Half-Life. I did catch the Ravenholm/Mine one, but nothing else. Pretty funny.

I would also like to mention that this game has full online campaign co op, which makes it a blast to play. :-) Surprised Yahtzee didn't mention that.

Appearantly the BS where you died every 10 seconds from invisible monsters or got swamped by about 5 dozen fast zombies twenty times before reaching the next bloody savepoint got left out.

And more than 2 weapons and no more regenerating health?
Bloody brilliant!

Fucking typical. A shooter with all of the mechanics i liked that were lost are back but only because Half Life got raped in the shower and woke up in a bathtub full of ice missing all of it's internal organs. I still might buy it though. Beggars can't be choosers when something passably different pops up and wiggles it's juicy buns in my face.

I loved this analogy

Wow, I almost wish I had a PS3 to play this on! But good review Yahtzee. Good to hear you don't hate everything.

Great review, but as alwas Yatzee was short on jokes and decided to ignore past Resistance games and other Insomniac games, or just didn't research them, to be able to make HL2 paralel. So, good review, with one glaring flaw. But that flaw is so large that the before mentioned sentence sounds like "I'm great except for this giant hole in my chest" Still, good for him to finaly gives a positive vibe to a game that deserves it.

*points a gun at Insomniac games* Whats in the box, whats in the box?!

A new Yahtzee video is always great, but one on a game I have not only played, but am currently playing AND enjoying?! :D

And it is Malikov who creates the Chimera in the first place, and Freeman pressed the button, but that may be a stretch.

*points a gun at Insomniac games* Whats in the box, whats in the box?!

Yay. Se7en reference. Haha.

I must say that this has convinced me maybe to give this game a try. Gameplay with hitpoints gets exciting and tense when you only have 10 points left and have to really try hard to get to a medkit. Regenerative health is sort of like "whatever it's just a foot it'll grow back soon". Although, hitpoints can suck when there's no health in sight, or if there's a DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG like in Pokemon.

Oh wait I don't have a PS3, oh well, I'll just have to wait for EP3. (or more likely HL3.)

TF2 is also set in an alternate 1950/60s...

Well ...that solves the mystery of why HL2 Episode Three hasn't come out.

Well, I'm not surprised that the game did away with the two weapon rule due to the devs being the creators of RATCHET AND CLANK. But I love the alt 1950's to DEATH. If anything I want more of them.

Also, the whole anagram thing with Combines and Insomniac is a little far-fetched...

Sorry, sorry. Here I am, I came back for you. You don't recognize me, but apparently I flew over your head. I am, The Joke.

Holly crap Insomniac is Valve!!!!! this is half life 3 !!!!!!!
Naaa but nice try ..............
/sarcasm ends

This all review made my laugh that didn't happens for a wile. I see the old Yahtze is still in shape.

Im way out of the loop, I thought this series was over...

I guess Insomniac was sick of waiting for half-life 3 they started making their own!

I liked R3 campaign, but I thought the R1's was still better. R3 didn't really add any closure to the series, assuming this is the last game. It was nice to see them bring the weapon wheel back with some new creative weapons and not have regen health, but I was a little disappointed with lack of cool weapons and enemies that were in first two games.

R1's weapons included (but no limited to) the Hailstorm, Splitter, Sapper, Reapers, Arc Charger, Dragon, LAARK, Air Fuel grenade, and Backlash grenade and Howlers, Angels, Harfangs, Slipskulls, Grayjacks, Menials, and Titans for enemies.

R2 introduced the Bellock, Spider Grenade, Pulse Cannon, Wraith, and Splicer for weapons and Furies, Chameleons, and Maraudars for enemies.

Despite how awesome those weapons and enemies are, they're all mysteriously absent in R3.

Wow a good review. I'm shocked. Just to let you know, none of the previous Resistances had 2 gun limits or completely regenerating health either. And the guns have always been creative. I think they steal it from the games they've always made :D

You didn't play R2 did you? It had complete regen health and the 2 weapon limit.

My friend picked up Resistance 3 as part of a bundle with the PS3's motion controller and proceeeded to dry-hump a wall for twenty minutes before I convinced him to pick up a regular controller and play it like someone who isn't six.

I've played the first two Resistance games and I found them bland at best and kind of insulting at worst. Besides the first game's twisted difficulty glitch the story of both games has been one long road-hauling mess of pessimism and when you combine that with drab brown FPS' it feels like the game is telling me I'm a douche for excepting fun from my vidoe games.

So it was with great reluctance tat my friend and I hopped into Resistance 3 and surprise, surprise it was actually quite good. The guns are all fun to use and have unique abilities that keeps them from feeling too much like a copy-pasted Doom inventory, the enemies require a bit of strategy and even though most of the levels are drab brown corridors the game tries to spice things up a little with giant monsters stomping around in the background and creeping around in a swamp while cloaked snipers try to take you out.

And, unlike the first two games, it doesn't end on a pessimistic note. That more than anything warmed me on this game. Like an episode of "The Outer Limits" I hate sitting through a story cheering for a character just to see him and me screwed over by some last minute "satan ex machina."

This is the hardest I've laughed at Yahtzee in ages. Good show.

Yahtzee Croshaw:

So, was the game good enough that you couldn't make up many good jokes about how bad it is, but not good enough to gush over and love it?

I hoped that the weapons would be unique and fun. These are the same guys who made the Ratchet and Clank series.

this needs 999999999999 thumbs up for epicness, one of yahtzees finest moments for sure
perhaps if we can find him another game with shurikens and lightning he can recover quickly in early 2012 after the bland brown fps attack, i need my hit of madness to start the week

Excellent video, it's always nice to see when you like a game

The delivery of some parts was kind of weird though, almost as if you were using too much expression or emphasizing your words differently. That kind of gave the video an off feeling, not the classic ZP delivery we've grown to love

"Jimi Hendrix Experience" is now my favourite term for a weapon.

Too bad I won't have a lot of chances to use it. :C

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