Zero Punctuation: Resistance 3

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Ahhhh best review of 2011, absolutely hilarious. And killer ending.

Haha, this one was definitely one of the best ones I've seen in a while. However, I do think it was a little fanboy-ish of Yahtzee to say Resistance 3 was ripping off Half-Life. We get it Yahtzee, you like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Silent Hill 2, and Valve games, but just because it has similarities to a game you like, doesn't mean that its ripping it off lol, it could just mean just that, they are similar. I've never really played the resistance games before, save a little bit of the first one, but this seems like another reluctantly positive Zero Punctuation review haha. I still probably won't pick it up though.

Why does it always come back to how Valve deserves to have its cock sucked for making everything we know in modern videogames possible.

Why does it always come back to how Valve deserves to have its cock sucked for making everything we know in modern videogames possible.

Because they're the only big-name gamemaker that hasn't fallen into "two weapons, regenerating health, cover-based gameplay" shitpile that virtually everyone else has gotten sucked into thanks to Modern Warfare and Gears of War (the first ones) making trainloads of money.

Serious Sam 3 will be a damn good game. The first two are stellar examples of the classic shooter, and the third will be as well.

Battlefield 3 will probably be another game that COULD be good if EA wasn't full of monkeys, just like Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2142.

The rest is gonna be a pile of shit that people will still waste their money on for some reason.

What Yahtzee seems to expect from this franchise is what killed the experience for me.. I put Resistance Fall of Man as one of the best games of all time because of the impressions i sat with afterwards. the other two wasn't even close to the same experience.

The video isn't loading!

Sad panda :(

Holy shit, funny AND informative! And it looked like Yahtzee had a good time doing it this time around!

Video won't load.

Don't highlight large sections of raising the crowbar and ctrl+c ctrl+v it into your design document

Quake made that stuff long before.

But if they were copying valve they would release the game in episodes one every 5 years or so. Also have some female soulless characters pissing in your ear for most of the game like they were your wife.

OH and totally pointless copy pasted physic puzzels and a million explosive barrels everywhere.

Anyways ravenholm was probably the most fun in half-life 2. Maybe because the hag that followed you went her own way. And you met the reverend that was actually not a whiney kid of a character.

Jumping puzzles were alot more interresting if they actually had to have something.

This review was weird. It seems like Yahtzee is either using better quality slides or just a better video format and his script sounds different too.
Why the sudden change I wonder...


This review actually made my day. Amazing!

Great video. Definately up there with the spoof Duke Nukken, Wolftensitin and Minecraft reviews as some of his best works.

Wait, Gordon Freeman had a beard, Yahzee has a beard... Give us Gordon, Yahzee!

(I hope someone hasn't already made that joke...)

Nice one Yahtz. However one thing they can't take from HL... good ol' Gordy!

Yahtzee probably would have liked the first Resistance as well. It also had kind of a Half-Lifey feel to it.

Finally watched this. One of his best in a while.

Jeez , seeing that episode three won't be coming till Yahtzee is 75, i think it is acceptable to have a clone at the moment

Wow, this has got to be one of the BEST Zero Punctuations I've seen! That was absolutely fantastic!

Haven't been around to watch one of these in ages...but at least I laughed a bit watching this. xD

As for IG "copying" Valve...I didn't know that kind of stuff was "copyrighted" to Valve? Sure it's similar but that doesn't mean it can't be used again.

It's at least good to know they moved away from R2's "borrowing" of the two weapon, regenerating health thing but at least the regenerating health thing made sense in game. Going back to the original is MUCH better than keeping that. To be honest though, Yahtzee (dunno if you actually are reading these still since it's kinda late for my update haha), Ratchet and Clank had the same things that are in Resistance, gameplay wise...maybe the story was "borrowed from" a BIT but as for the multiple weapons, aliens, and health packs (of sorts), they were in Insomniac Games "previous" series as well. So if anything they used their OWN ideas for how the gameplay works at least.

If you're going to go back and play one of the games in the series, play the original Resistance, and just wikipedia plot stuff for Resistance 2...just not as fun as the rest xD

I hate Sony games with a fever and even this made me laugh. this might possibly be one of the best episodes yet.

Wait a second! That critic has a BEARD!

Damn. Had my hopes up that a game was finally pushing ahead with nice game mechanics, only to learn that it's basically ripping off HL2. Hopefully it's just a massive coincidence and we'll once more see an FPS that doesn't require you to suck your thumb in a corner.

Until then, I'll cling to my Heretic and Hexen and gaze longingly at next-gen graphics.

By God, does the Escapist have hipsters.

Resistance 3 is not a rip-off of Half-Life 2 and you should stop copying down everything Yahtzee says into your personal Bible as the undeniable truth. Have you played the game? The kin-aesthetics of the game are much different: the game feels different. Like how there's something that you can't put your hand on that makes Doom 3 feel/play differently from Doom 2...even if you did speed it up by 1.5 times, it still just doesn't play the same.

Also if you want an FPS that doesn't require you to suck your thumb in a corner go play Serious Sam 3. That game is what modern arcade-y shooters should be: full arcade-y and fast-paced, not some "wavering in the middle, don't know if I want to be realistic or not" bullcrap like the Modern Warfare series.

And if you actually think Heretic and Hexen aren't skins of Doom...

Well, if you take parts of games that are actually... GOOD.... and make GOOD game in the meantime, then WHY THE HELL NOT :)

Oh yeah? Well, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, if you change the letters around, becomes "A Brazen, Chewy Ethos"!

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