No Right Answer: The Smurfs vs The Na'vi

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The Smurfs vs The Na'vi

You asked for it, you got it. Smurfs vs the Na'vi in a battle royal for who is the more advanced culture. Ok, no one asked, but it's our show and we can do what we like. However, if you do have a geek debate you would like to see settled once and for all, give us a post or a tweet!

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I liked that episode, taking the great challenge of proving they are a difference between Na'Vi and Smurf

I fully smurf with your smurf.

I smurf that all smurfs was as smurf as smurf.


I'd say the smurfs are, simply because they understand home making and actually physical construction like pulleys and such.

I mean, yeah,t he na'vi "live" in nature, but so did the native... well, anywhere really, and most of them built some kinda home. The na'vi either are lazy or dont understand.

Plus, papa smurf can use magic. Like, actual magic. Thats very high intelligence and advancement compared tot hat mysticism that that na'vi use.

Both of of you need massive geek points deducted from this one.

The Smurfs definatly should have won of course, but nobody brought up the simple fact that the Na'vi are dependant on the planet for everything, they do very little themselves. As a society they pretty much bum off the ecosystem. They are powerful beings, but not because of anything they have really done. The Smurfs however use tools ranging from hammers and nails to wheelbarrels, to even occasional mechanical devices like tractors. What's more where the Na'vi are forced to appeal to the planet for anything special, the Smurf leadership... Papa Smurf, knows magic which is apparently his own power as opposed to something granted to him by a third party.

I mean if your going to have a nerdy discussion, at least do it right.

Now, the question of how Smurfs reproduce is a good one, however I'd guess that being inherantly magical that it's not sexually. Being based on fairy folk it's possible that
they grow out of the ground in flowers or something equally bizzare. On a disgusting level they might even reproduce asexually and when it's time produce their offspring by using their anus as a birth canal or whatever... assuming of course under their pants they even have human-like reproductive and waste expulsion organs, there could be something down there for the job like we've never seen before.

Of course the real reason geek points need to be deducted is because we're dealing with primitive societies of blue skinned aliens. I mean just off the top of my head a better competition would be the Chiss (Star Wars) against the Asari (Mass Effect). The Asari are popular in geek culture right now, and the Chiss have been popular since they were introduced... to the point where there was a (denied) demand for them as a player species in "Star Wars Galaxies" and they have been added into the upcoming "Old Republic Online".

At any rate, perhaps you guys will regain your nerd-cred, but it has taken a serious blow this week.

When comparing the Navi and the Smurfs in terms of who has the more advanced culture, you really need look no farther than the smurf's names: Poet, Actor, Handy, Harmony, Farmer, Clockwork, Painter, Tailor, Miner, Architect, Reporter, Timber, Barber and Doctor Smurf. (Even if they do lose a few points for lack of imagination). But I also don't think the Navi should get points off for being moochers: the tendrils are evolution not a conscience choice. I personally feel that NOT using such an attribute to your advantage would demonstrate a definite LACK of development (in mental cognitive functions)

Most developed blue people? Surely has to be the Asari.....but since they went with Smufs and Na'vi I guess not.

I'll have to go with smurfs on this one, there is an architect smurf, a smurf who used a hot air ballon, a smurf who introduced currency to the village (then things all went very wrong). there is even a wooden robot smurf (how they did that is beyond my understanding)and many other smurfs with various jobs and professions. I can't imagine the Na'vi doing any of those things, I doubt the Na'vi could create a wooden robot Na'vi.

Here is a question for you. Who would be the worst date ever in real live? Sakura from Naruto or Nyu from Elfen Lied.

Comparing the Smurfs to the Navi is like comparing the ancient Romans to the Bushmen of the kalahari.

Nuff said!

I call Avatar "Dances with Smurfs".

Actually it's clearly these guys

I think this is the dumbest argument you guys have ever engaged in. So put that in your smurf and smurf it.

Quote of the week: "You all are gross." So true. Yeah, Chris really did deserve to win this one. In particular, any society in which a random white outsider becomes the best member of that society within a month sucks.

Also, the smurfs aren't communists. They're Klan members. The leader has a red outfit with a stupid little red hat, all the other people have white outfits with stupid little white hats, they're basically all dudes who think that if people of the same color live together they'll be happy as pie and live as one with nature. Oh, and they're always fighting a Jew who is only interested in somehow making people into gold or being generically evil.

That was Smurf.

Well smurfed by Chris there, he won with the losing side

I have only one thing to say, "three apples, not two inches."

smurf the smurfs

I laughed hard when he started arguing that Santa was a Communist.

Yeah, Chris is a little better with keeping comedy material around to force a victory by spit-take, does rather undermine the nature of the debate though.

Oh, my god, it loaded in a reasonable time. Thank you, Escapist.

Oh, by the way, we all know that the Smurfs are asexual. They don't even have reproductive organs under their little white pants.


Is it just me or does that Chris fellow look permanently drunk?

Damn, why'd you have to get spit-take disqualified? :(

I really love whoever does the picture part of these videos!

Couldn't have gone any other way, really.

I never thought the debate would go into the fact that smaller species can be more fit for an evironment, but I'm so glad it did.

most developed Blue society huh?

how about the Asari
they blow both of those out of the water in terms of developments

Blue society? Blue man group. nuff said.

I really love whoever does the picture part of these videos!

Why that would be Dan! Whom is Me! Thanks for the love


I really love whoever does the picture part of these videos!

Why that would be Dan! Whom is Me! Thanks for the love

You poor, poor soul... I don't even want to imagine the things you found with this episode's images. But you do a good job with them and they do add a lot to the videos in my opinion. Staring at those two faces for a full 5 minutes would drive me mad... then again, staring at anything for five minutes would drive me mad.

I Max95:
most developed Blue society huh?

how about the Asari
they blow both of those out of the water in terms of developments

Exactly. They're so advanced, they're automatically disqualified for the auto win.

I do have to thank you guys for one thing: that whole video, not one "I see you".

Ahhh yes, the Santa defense. It is flawless.

Smurfs are not communists, they are nazis. It's all over the place: the patriarch figure is the fascist leader, the girl smurf has black Jewish hair at first and then turns aryan when she is good. Also, Gargamel is the obvious representation of the negative stereotype of the miserly Jew. He has a long nose, boney fingers, angelic name, and wants to turn smurfs into GOLD.

He's an evil Jew trying to rob the aryan race of it's essence and turn it into profit. SO OBVIOUS NAZI PROPAGANDA.

Smurfs win, hands down.


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