Drinking Games: Guess Who's Drunk

Guess Who's Drunk

Much like how alcohol expands your definition of how hot a person has to be for you to flirt with them, the crew expands the definition of "Game" and brings in some fresh genres. Hold on to your beer goggles, because here comes Guess Who!

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Fucking loved the idea of profiling! That'll make for a good time.

congrats on the baby!
and profiling characters makes me want to pull out the old guess who.

Gotta enjoy those "where did grandma put her medicine" rules.

Good for Dan and all that, but I hope the guys never hear that they're being too entertaining for the baby to sleep and need to tone it down.

I guess I'd have to probably take a drink for that question. Doing board games was fun, maybe you can do other non-video games.

Everything's better with booze...and narcotics
Congrats to Dan the new dad, btw.

Huh, well that profiling idea sounds equal parts broken and interesting, I mean I'm sure many players will rationalise their responses to those more ambigious queries anyway they please to suit the situation.

Dan is pretty crazy though, those eyebrows...

whats sad is there is going to be a large portion of the population (younger gneerations) who probably wont know this game.

Congrats on your baby!!!!

Congrats Dan!

Congrats Danny! I hope your child makes it through most of their life never seeing that episode you did without a shirt...

Oh my god, Dan is going to kill me! Seriously though, that look Dan gave was very disturbing. Those were the eyes of a man who was going to follow through on his threat.

And technically, I highly doubt Dan had the baby. If he did, that's very impressive. First time a man's given birth ever!

First thing I thought of.

I don't remember where I saw it first though, but I think it applies to the second set of rules.

I got excited when I saw the Sailor Jerry's Spiced Navy Rum on the cabinet. That stuff is both affordable and delicious.

Guess who's drunk? I guess for Miles000!

The profiling rules sound hilariously fun.

Congrats on having a baby! I wonder what it will think of this video later in its life.

Loved this episode! maximum lolz reached!

Gee, Dan, we didn't even guess you were pregnant! ;)

When I saw the title I immediately thought of Scott Pilgrim.

"Guess who's drunk!?"

"I guess Wallace..."


My sisters and I played this game relentlessly and only played by profiling rules. It was pretty hysterical when grade school kids are asking questions like, "Is your person a commie?" or "Is your person a pedophile?". Also, we'd get into specifics like, "Is your person a bank teller?" and "Did your person drive the bus two years ago?" Also, asking about race was always in the form of stereotyping. Oh, children.

Loved the kid excuse, congratulations!
One of your funniest yet, guys!

Congrats Danny! I hope your child makes it through most of their life never seeing that episode you did without a shirt...

I second that!

The edition I had as a kid was the one you guys used in the video. I always hated that there were only about five women in the whole group. Why weren't they half? The first question myself or one my siblings asked whenever we played this was, "Is your person a woman?", because we knew it would be game over in one or two turns.

Five to ten years later, I saw some of my cousins playing with a newer edition. There were still only about five women. *sigh*

Isnt it ironic that Chris hosts a show about drinking, but does not in fact drink?


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