Unskippable: Space Marine

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So... if they hold their arms straight out to their sides then held them straight up, would their shoulder armor crush their heads?

I don't know much about the 40k universe but the table top game looked really good(I couldn't get into it because video games have a stranglehold over my expendable income... and I suck at painting(those mini micro guys, 1/10 of the size of a regular unit, must only be for fanatics)).

Aesthetically, I liked the side that looked like Protoss space elves(I really don't know much about this series).

Great episode, thanks.
To be totally honest after two less funny episodes (at least for me) I feared you guys may be running out of juice. But this one is back to the high standards I've grown to expect from Unskippable.

Everything was so.... brown. So brown and bland.

What like the bright blue armour? or the green orks?

In the grim darkness of the far future, you'll pretty much be fighting things the same way they did in World War I.

Only you'll be wearing a car.

Why did the Orks use a skull? Giving that they're ORRRRCS IN SPAAAACE shouldn't they have a ship that looks of like the Enterprise, but with a saucer section shaped like an Ork's head?

i seriously have to watch a BMW ad every video i watch on this site while i'm 15 years old and CAN'T AFFORD A CAR!?

Unskippable has been repeatedly causing me to laugh out loud...excellent job guys! now as long as I stop watching these in crowded public areas...

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