Miracle of Sound: The New Black Gold (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)

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Truly amazing. Perfectly evokes the feel of an advanced civilization on the cusp of technological singularity, with all the massive problems that come with it.

Easily my favorite of yours.
Keep up the awesome, Gavin.

I wasn't originally a fan of this series. Some of them just didn't do it for me and I was always peeking in and out, seeing games that interest me and listening to them.

I quite enjoyed the Red Dead Redemption one and it got me looking back a little more often than I had. Being a huge fan of Deus Ex, I had to check this one out. If you ever have a DVD with this video on it, or even sell this video on its own, I WILL be buying it. This one was the video that made me a regular viewer.

This was awesome, one of the best songs ive ever heard, however i am worried, is there anything can Miracle of Sound can make that could possibly top this, Redemption Blues and Normandy? D: (I really hope its yes)

Amazing, amazing song.

One of your best yet. Keep up the outstanding work!

Grand work as always,Mr.Gavin. Holy commentary on current and future politics,Robocop.

wow, the intro music is actually very similar to the game's theme, the tone and the mood totally matched... this is right up there with "Fire in your hole" ,and "Necromorph Soup"! It captures the game's theme... LOVE IT

I enjoyed this a lot. Very well done.

I enjoyed this one. Thanks.

This song + video made the game look a whole lot better than it actually was. Congrats.

Miracle of Sound deserves way more credit. Seriously, a thousand people have said this, but Gavin, Y U SO AWESOME?

Damn good. Even so, this kind of feels like a darker, more serious lyrical adaptation of Wheatley's song. There are many differences, sure, but most of the structure (especially that aaaaahh aaahhh bit) just reminds me of it. This actually might be better than that one, I'm not sure.

First Miracle of SOund song i have listened to...

I wouldn't have clicked if i wasn't so addicted to Deus Ex...
I might even become a regular.

Sizzle Montyjing:
First Miracle of SOund song i have listened to...

I wouldn't have clicked if i wasn't so addicted to Deus Ex...
I might even become a regular.

Oh God, I just started listening today, and I've listened to every song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiMHTK15Pik times.

I just came back to this song again. It's easily my favourite.

Gavin, I fucking love you. Full homo.

A beautiful song....the visuals match the mood of the song perfectly. Definitely one of my favourites to date! Can't wait for the next cd to come out so I can play them on infinite loop too :p

Excellent song yet again, although I felt the need to comment on this one because it captured the overall tone and ambiance of the game. The lyrics were well chosen, and well sung, but the way the song "sounded" really reverberated with me (although I may have just liked the game too much). Whatever you may have been trying to capture with this song, I believe you captured it quite well. Keep up the good work =]

Sigh, it's been I don't know how many weeks and every time I think I'm done with this song (which is amazing by the way, but no need to state the obvious at this point) and do my own thing I keep thinking "Hey, you know what song was good? the New Black Gold.." *plays it at least 10 times in a row*

I really need to buy those CDs. Only a few days left until the new one!!


Adam Jensen:
This one receives The Jensen seal of approval.

http://www.twitter.com/AdamJensenSI seems to like it too.

I don't know if it is a complement or an insult to say that months later this is still my favorite song you've ever done. I honestly still get it caught in my head from time to time. You're awesome, Gavin.

I just started playing DE:HR two days ago, and this song instantly came to mind, and helped ENHANCE my playing experience. This was great!

11 months, 4 pages of comments, and not one person saying that they didn't ask for this video? I'm disappointed.

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