Trailers: Stronghold 3 - Trailer

Stronghold 3 - Trailer

Taking tower defense to the next level. Not literally, just figuratively.

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Better than the last trailer for sure, cows ftw!

I enjoyed the second one, but this one seems to be a bit lacking. I think I saw a few copy pasted models from the second game, and the graphics seem to be ugly at best. Gameplsy also didn't change to much, I think.

Doesn't look too ground breaking, but then again Stronghold has always been head and shoulders above all other games when it comes to castle building/defending/attacking as far as I'm concerned.

Looks not too fancy and not too shabby ..... ill take it!

I liked Stronghold 2. To be honest this looks a LOT like SH2. Same models,seems to be the same mechanics. Art style seems to be ugly compared to SH2 and frankly i don't feel like buying an uglier version of a game still installed on my PC.

i can not wait for this... i loved stronghold 2 so much and would keep playing it if i didnt lose the cd :(

but when i played legends i was so disappointed with firefly that i might have hid the cd myself due to the fact i was so mad at them lol

Sadly it only rates a 'meh' in my book. They kicked the graphics up a notch, but the mechanics look to be the same as those in Stronghold 2. I still play it on my PC and the Audio files in that trailer are identical to those in Stronghold 2. I had hoped for more...but it dosen't really tell us if anything's changed gameplay wise, how they've updated things or what the plot may be for the game.

Just trebuchets hurling cows.


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