Escape to the Movies: Real Steel

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Random note: Does nobody see this as a remake of "Over the Top" with robots instead of arm wrestling?

So is it a robot movie with boxing or a boxing movie with robots?

Ooooh, you're soo cool, you don't watch mainstream crap like the rest of America. Aren't you special.

Just saw Real Steel. It was good, in that 1980's sports movie kind of way.

...And with robots fighting.

I liked it.

I saw the movie yesterday, and I must say, that was the most exciting movie I have seen in a long time. and you know what? He's right about robot enthusiasts loving this movie, because I too love robots. When this movie comes out on DVD, I wanna fucking buy it.

Just caught it tonight. REALLY good or at least way better than I anticipated. It relies on the typical underdog tropes, but it handles them really well and the fight scenes are superb. If you like either boxing or robots, this movie is way worth it.

I had an evening to kill, and this movie was playing, so I thought I'd check it out. I've had some misgivings about Bob's opinions lately, so I was prepared for the possibility that it wouldn't be enjoyable, but it turns out that it's pretty awesome! :)

Not only are the fight scenes epic, but it's well acted with believable father/son chemistry between Hugh Jackman and the kid which really added to the entertainment value to see the two of them acting dickish toward each other. :) Good child actors are hard to find, and this kid is gold. He created some genuinely heart-warming scenes here. I might even go see it again.

This felt like a well made transformers in some ways. The robots looked good, the fighting was done and the story holding it together was, although cheesy, pretty good unlike the flimsy transformers plot. It's proven to me that even if something is clichéd it can be entertaining if it's well done.

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