Jimquisition: Dynasty Warriors Is The Citizen Kane Of Gaming

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Just a little more crazy and some better timing and this could be almost funny.

I don't like DW. I don't have anything against people who like it, but it's not my cup of tea.

I understand the need to turn off the brain and enjoy something mindless, but unfortunately I can't do that. My brain is always working, it always needs something stimulating and/or creative. The only thing that comes close to mindless gaming are free roaming games like Just Cause 2, GTA and Saints Row. But even those games aren't mindless because in order to have fun with those games you have to be creative. You still have to think. And in GTA and SR you even have a story you can care about that keeps you playing. DW doesn't have that. It relies solely on mindless killing for no reason. And to me, that's just not fun.

He has a good point. Though its not the Citizen Cane.

Once again, I can't help but agree with Jim. I love DW and have several including the Gundam spin-offs. I've seen the hate he speaks of, but never bothered getting into a discussion with detractors. My one complaint is that they're so damn expensive for what they offer. I generally buy my games after the price drops, but by the time a DW game lowers in price, the next one's already out (or almost, anyway).

I greatly enjoy the series, as well as Samurai and Gundam. Not big on Legends of Troy or Ken's Rage. I absolutely love Warriors Orochi and I am sad that both Warriors Orochi Z and Samurai Warriors 3 forh te PS3 were not released in North America. More people need to buy Koei games, tell the idiots at Gamestop to actually pay attention when they make reviews (Seriously, they got two characters who had nothing in common besides being Chinese mixed up, how racist is that?), and keep the series going. Sure my favorite game of all time is probably a more in-depth game like Fallout 2, Persona 4 or Chrono Trigger, but very little beats the basic feeling of beating hordes of men with a giant sword.

Funny as always. Nothing like seeing your "mad" side.

Thank god, for you.

And thank god, for next monday. <3

Next time someone bashes the DW series for being boring, button-mashing nonsense, I'm going to direct them to this video and laugh at them.

Yes, yes, it is mindless violence and mass-slaughter, but then that's what it had always set itself out to be from DW2 onward. It loosely follows a heavily-dramatised version of ancient Chinese history, so there's your story.

I really couldn't agree more with Jim on this one. I've loved the DW series ever since DW3; I had played DW2 previously, and while it was fun for a while it I found it to be nowhere near as engrossing nor satisfying as almost every subsequent game. DW3 blew DW2 away completely; various weapons, more characters, more (and better-designed) stages, equippable items that improve stats, mounts... and that holy grail of gaming, a 2-player mode. The fact that it looked infintiely better was just a bonus. DW4 changed things a bit and wasn't quite as addictive as DW3 (grinding for weapon experience was a HUGE chore for the crappier characters), but this was soon corrected with DW5, when for me, the obsession began all over again.

DW6 was a bit shit. They changed far too much in ways that were a step back (especially the characters), but from what I've seen of DW7 so far it looks like I'm going to be glued to the telly again soon. For a long time.

DW is a good series, with fun gameplay, but the problem is that Koei feels the need to treat it like activision treated Guitar Hero, "Let's release dozens of games with the exact same gameplay but never add anything new!">

Honestly, I don't mind Dynasty Warriors. I got a friend who really likes them and I've played a bit of one or two of them. Hell just this weekend I was at his house and we popped it in and killed a few hours killing mindless enemy drones. That being said, I find the game very repetitive and view it in much the same way I view Call of Duty now, its mindless fun with a couple of friends, but not something I would play by myself for any extended period of time.

i totally agree, it is the citizen Kane of gaming, Being largely shit and really dull, with stupid overtone of being more than it is.


I'm glad my former roomates and I aren't alone on this one, dynasty warriors is awesome, and it makes a great party game.

Now, its time for lunch, time to find me some dim sum. *picks up his spear and heads to china town*

playing alone = meh -.-*
playing co-op = W000t ^_^

well, i do believe jim has lost his fucking mind!

that said, i'm gonna rethink my opinion of the DW series. i played the shit out of Streets of Rage (1 and 2) back in the day and i loved it.
i guess the jump to 3D threw my perspective off a bit...

This show gets better and better! Can't wait for next monday...

wait a minute...

it's monday....


I had know clue your show was close to getting cancelled. Keep up the good fight Jim.
Also a full fledged Kirby episode would be epic

Glad there's going to be more Jim next week. I would have been bummed out if there'd hadn't.

Good episode.
There's a bunch of games I like that are just simple, brainless fun which a lot of other people won't touch too.

Jim Sterling:

I like how easily manipulated people are on here... tsk, tsk. I've enjoyed every DW game since it opened with it's 1v1 fighter and never knew that people disliked it seeing as it always sold out every time I went to buy the latest one. Which is 7. And I still haven't got a copy!!!

Speaking of Koei... I'd like to see a Destrega remake. Back in its heyday that it was the closest we ever got to playing an episode of Dragon Ball.

Well, I don't like DW.... and I certainly don't like CK... My God, Jim's right!

Don't get me wrong here, I'm glad you're coming back next week and all the weeks after that.
I've always liked what you had to say, I haven't always agreed with it but I've always been glad someone has said it. This week though, I'm left a little cold. Everything you said may be a fair endorsement of Dynasty Warriors but I don't think it's an apt comparison to Citizen Kane. I know why you did it, but this leads me to believe you haven't seen Citizen Kane, or at least that you've stopped giving a shit.

I love your show because it's both insightful and angry. This episode was neither.

Dynasty Warriors' beat'em up lineage becomes blatantly obvious when one considers the bunch of Three Kingdoms manga based arcade side scrolling beat'ems up that came in the early 90's.

Warriors of Fate is one of the American versions of the games. I don't remember if that's the one where the names of the characters were changed, but anyone who's familiar with Dynasty Warriors will easily pick out Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, and the other Shu warriors you can play as no matter what they're called.

Jim's title is as inaccurate as it is inflammatory, but the points he makes are actually all very valid and spot on. Games serve many purposes and some of those purposes are to be distracting, relaxing, and just fun.

Dynasty Warriors never left much of an impact on me, though I can see now why other people can love the series. I look at the Spider-Man games in a similar fashion I suppose. Where Dynasty Warriors lets you blow off steam by killin' tons of dudes easily, Spider-Man just swings casually and lets you chill out.

It's always good to pick up a game that's just chill. In fact, I think I'm gonna go find the nearest copy of Dynasty Warriors and give that a go!

I really enjoyed the gundam versions. And I am glad Jim is sticking around.

Thank god...for Jim.

Jim Sterling:

Drunk with power, Jim Sterling abuses his position to start sneaking out some of his more ruinous opinions. In this episode, he divulges his love for Dynasty Warriors and somehow thinks he'll get away with it. Will he inspire others to confess their secret shame, or will he bring pitchforks and torches to his door?

Yeah? What you want? Calling my name out and stuff.

I love Dynasty Warriors. Button masher it may be, but among the rest of my mostly strategy-based library, it and Halo 3 are the ones I go to just to let off some steam. It's like how I would usually watch films like The Prestige or Spirited Away, but sometimes I just gotta have me some Kick-Ass. It is cathartic, and it just makes a nice way of making a change and just killing some stuff.

From the clips you've shown, the game looks boring and repetitive. Once you kill a mob of 100+ people, you turn around and oh, kill another mob of 100+ people.

The difference between button mashers (DW especially) and SMB is that SMB has varied platforming. Yes, you are running and jumping, but the obstacles put in front of you are varied enough that it eventually takes skill to beat the end levels.

Not hating on DW fans, but it just looks boring to me.

Extra Credits covered this before.

Seriously. Great stuff as always. I've never paid much attention to the series and I doubt I ever will, but I can't see it as much different gameplay-wise than Ninja Gaiden and I love that.

Hm.Myself - I absolutely love Fist of The North Star Ken's Rage, which is in many places similar to DW series. I like such stuff, but DW lacks gore and that puts me away. When I hack away I wanna see bouncing chunks of meat.

Being a fat guy is depressing, because our clothing options are so limited that you can pretty much tell where other fat guys shop at a glance because we all own the same wardrobe.

For example, I guess Jim paid a visit to the old Casual Male XL/Big & Tall store a while ago, because I have (and incidentally wore yesterday) the SAME "Flash" graphic t-shirt.

I won't be surprised if I also see him in the Green Lantern shirt, the Blue Superman shirt, the Grey Batman shirt, the white-gray transformers, or any of the "Big Dawg" t-shirts.

Sadly, I even think I own that exact same sport-coat.

Fluffy guys are the newest oppressed minority.

I too began my love of DW with DW3... a demo of DW3 actually. I then got DW3 in full, followed over the years by DW4, DW4XL, DW4E, DW5, DW5XL, DW5E, DW6, DW6E and DW7. (DW7XL is apparently coming soon). I've enjoyed every one of them. although, yes, DW6 & E were the weakest so far... but i loved 7.

Also, my primary loyalty is with Shu and Liu Bei... and my fave warrior is Zhou Yun, with Guan Yu coming close 2nd.

finally a positive video about the DW series. I've been a fan since the first hack and slash style game (DW2 if im right) and am looking forward to 7's Xtreme legends.

its a shame that some people cant handle simple-minded fun nowdays.

To me, the crux of this argument fall a bit flat because I DON'T consider Golden-Axe or it's ilk to be classics, then again they're a bit before my time but they still don't wow me with their simplicity in violent catharsis.

Plus I think the camp value you're so fond of has varying milage at best.

On the other hand, I don't hate Dynasty warriors or think it's a bad series, I just don't think much of it either way, it's not for me but that doesn't mean it can't be good at what it does.

By his description of it, I don't see how it can be called "The Citizen Kane of Gaming".
He makes it sound like an equivalent of a cheesy action blockbuster - which is not a bad thing, in my opinion.
I have a PSP but never got to play this game. Maybe I'll give it a chance sometime.

Yeah, except Citizen Kane earns its status by pioneering all the basic cinematography and narrative techniques that have been used since (well, up until the advent of CGI added new possibilities, but we're still exploring that). Dynasty Warriors doesn't really pioneer anything, it just builds on what's come before. Not that this is necessarily a bad game, but that's something I can't comment on as I've never played it, but based on what your describing, calling Dynasty Warriors the Citizen Kane of video games doesn't hold up.

If you want something with some real violent catharsis, play painkiller

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