Jimquisition: Dynasty Warriors Is The Citizen Kane Of Gaming

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Multiple game commentators commenting on the same games? the madness! the insanity! the sheer butthurtness of it all! bwahahaha!

But seriously...

You know what? I liked Dynasty Warriors. I liked the spinoff Samurai Warriors too. My problem is, the series suffers from "Madden-itis". Its new releases tend to offer very little, other than inconsequential technical upgrades and roster updates. Even Pokemon's essentially stagnant gameplay offers something new with every iteration, and I just don't get that from Koei. Double Dragon, Battletoads, Ninja Turtles, Contra... they all didn't vary much from the formula either, but at least offered new enemy types and challenging new boss fights in the sequels... something more to test the mettle than sheer zombie numbers and unforgiving timers.

If Dynasty Warriors 7 or that curious Dynasty Warriors Gundam thing changed up the formula or added gameplay modes that were actually different in some way, then I apologize, but I haven't seen anything in them or since to justify a new purchase. Nothing worth dropping $60 or more on, when I can get the same experience for free playing Dynasty Warriors 5 or Samurai Warriors 1 through again.

I only played a demo of Dinasty Warriors on the PS3 a few months ago and it bored me silly, so I guess I'm not the target audience for this thing :P.
BTW, congrats Jim. When I commented on the first video, I felt the show lacked identity. I'm still not crazy about the delivery but I've come to enjoy your topics. And I started visiting Destructoid because of this series, too!
Keep it up!

I have played one DW... I think it was the 7.... anyway I didn't play it long, but I didn't say it's bad... more like a meh game... anyway I think Zelda is the Citizen Kane

Next week? I want to see Jim every week for the next year.

I dont see how DW games are any more repetitive than most other games... and even so I dont see how it would be a problem. its all about long-term development, it helps for you to make long-term decisions about how to develop your characters

Jim Sterling:
Dynasty Warriors Is The Citizen Kane Of Gaming

Drunk with power, Jim Sterling abuses his position to start sneaking out some of his more ruinous opinions. In this episode, he divulges his love for Dynasty Warriors and somehow thinks he'll get away with it. Will he inspire others to confess their secret shame, or will he bring pitchforks and torches to his door?

Watch Video

never been into DW, mostly due to the costumes, BUT, i personally have nothing against them, in fact i have a 'DW' game in my collection just for the purpose of committing genocide

Drakenguard, nothing like murdering tons of doods on dragon back :D
Warhammer 40k: Space Mairine's single player works for this as well

Title is troll bait obviously. As for my opinion on Dynasty Warriors it had one good game in the series and that was any single one game, I myself can't find enough difference from game to game to ever buy the new games, when I can just put in a disc I already own and get the same experience. Also I hate the he did it first commenter too, this is the age of the internet everything has been covered in every way, from every view point before.

Hm. If he enjoyed DW, then he might also enjoy "Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders" and "Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes" for the original X-Box... If he can find it.

I've been considering getting into DW for a while now.

No idea where to start though...


Loved this weeks episode, the mock arrogance and powermadness was capped beautifully with this review of dynsaty warriors. Video game equivilent of a stressball, brilliant!

I thought I would NEVER see the day where someone with a actual rank in video gaming would find it in there livers to say something nice about the humble Dynasty warriors franchise. This video made my day. Maybe even the rest of the year.

Hm. If he enjoyed DW, then he might also enjoy "Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders" and "Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes" for the original X-Box... If he can find it.

Don't forget 99 Knights and 99 Knights part duex!

I swear Jimbo gets better and better!

Carry on, old chap! Carry on!

This video has finally convince me to join up to the escapist forums to say this.

Bloody good show, sir. As someone who also enjoys Dynasty Warriors and it's many many (many) spinoffs and sequels, I felt obligated to support this.

To anyone who enjoys said games, I recommend you check out Sengoku Basara . It's basically like...if Samurai Warriors is Warring States Era Japan on drugs, Sengoku Basara is Samurai Warriors on a lot more, better drugs.

And now to watch all of Jimquisition's videos. Hail Jim Sterling!
Nice chainsword, by the way.

I love this show.

As for Dynasty Warriors, I played a couple of them last gen. They were fun. I also enjoyed Ninety Nine Nights as well, though the sequel put me off for some reason. Still, nothing wrong with a bit of hackey slashy goodness. It's always good for a laugh.

This is the funniest episode I've seen in awhile. Thank god for Jim!

I've always hated people who blindly criticize.

AHH Finally something to agree with :D

shame i can only play the ps2 ones :(

You're on a PC, right? There's a Dynasty Warriors MMO, plays a lot like the console games, too.

My beef with Dynasty Warriors is just that it is repetitive. I think that's what people mean when they say that Dynasty Warriors is a button masher.

Contra is not repetitive. And neither is Super Mario Bros. But I can understand if you like it.

Though, Koei has done not a damn thing to win me over. And I've tried. Oh, how I've tried to get into their style of games. But almost every one of their titles are either sub par or just downright boring.

every mario title pre64 era: jump run jump run jump maybe throw. yeah..
every contra title: jump shoot run jump duck shoot shoot stab.. did i mention jump and shot....yeah i think were done here.
Dynasty warriors is repetitive yes bit in the sort of mind numbing stress relieving repetition. I'm not gonna lie, i was on the dynasty warrior hate bandwagon. but in truth i never really hated it, i just didn't care that much

Good one, Mr Sterling

Is it just me, or did he not explain the comparison to Citizen Kane?

God I laughed out loud a few times watching this. Awesome stuff Jim =D

I have fond memories of playing Dynasty Warriors 2 on the ps2. I do think that there are way too many unnecessary sequels of the franchise (without enough innovation), but i might pick up the most recent DW for the ps3 to see what has changed since DW2. I agree with Jim on the whole Final Fight/streets of rage analogy.


Now that's out the way; I've always like the Dynasty Warrior series. In fact, were it not for the series, I probably never would have read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The only problem with the series is that I can't play the games for more then a few hours at a time before my hands start hurting.

In fact, I'm actually a big fan of Koei's habit of taking historical settings and making them absolutely ridiculous. One of my favourite periods of history and one I've read about in great detail is the Hundred Years War, so Bladestorm was a treat (although part of that treat was getting to grouse on about how everything is wrong).

I also love Dynasty Warriors.

I have fond memories of staying up until the wee hours with my friends just murdering everyone.

Ah, such fun.

I also love the Empire's spin-offs. Mainly because I just love going from a tiny province to a huge empire.

I think Dynasty warriors is good but I can't bring myself to buy another version of it because it takes about 3 games between each title for any semblance of change to occur, I can literally play the older titles and have the same experience as one of the newer ones.

Also, wow man on internet is troll, haven't seen/heard this before. Not to totally discredit Jim though I've liked some of his videos for example the ones about PC gaming and Pre owned sales "hurting the industry" most of the others just seem like inane ramblings I can get off a common 4chan post.

Know what's even better? Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

Yeah, I said it. That shit is AWESEOME. :-P


AHH Finally something to agree with :D

shame i can only play the ps2 ones :(

You're on a PC, right? There's a Dynasty Warriors MMO, plays a lot like the console games, too.

i thought it was only available to the asia market.
I may look into this.

i am sorry to say jim but you are wrong DW is not the citizen kane of gaming, it is a good series but not good enough to change gaming like citizen kane did for films


I didn't realise that people actually took Jim seriously...


OT: I quite liked his outburst at the end about how he won.

Yes Dynasty Warriors is therapeutic, but its still shallow shovelware.

Im definately one of the haters but its not because I dont like the game its because I hate what Koei have done with the series, released the same game year in year out with an everincreasing number of minor but often ridiculous changes.

you mean like what EA and activision do each year?

speaking of which, isnt it ironic that reviewers praise the hell out of madden and call of duty for those reasons yet bash DW for the same reason?

I hated Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and Golden Axe. Also modern ones like Castle Crashers. So I guess I'll just keep pretending that I've never even heard of this franchise.

Was it really going to be the last episode though? If so, that's hilarious. Take that, haters.

I, too, like Dynasty Warriors, moreso the Empires versions because that's everything Jim mentioned + conquering a nation with whomever I please as ruler. (Yes, even an edit officer) BOW TO ME, FICTIONAL CHINA!

Considering that the Kinetiscope was the first limited use of "cinema" in 1893

And "Galaxy Game" was the first Video Game in 1971

We are not even close to the same stage of development of Cinema.

Citizen Kane was not made till 1942 where it was mostly ignored till the 1950's and was only universally accepted as a great film by about 1963. So that is a whole 70 years before the Citizen Kane is both made and RECOGNISED.

However, Video games are in effect age adjusted in 1933. What did cinema have in 1933?

-king Kong: big extravaganza, people recognised unequivocally that cinema was capable of things that a theatrical production never could, but it's hardly high brow. It's action and adventure with rather cheesy plot and characterisation (COD?)
-European art-house films really pushed definitions but were not global financial successes (Suda 51 games?)
-only JUST introduced to concept of "Montage" with the The Battleship Potemkin, something really unique to film as an ARTISTIC medium. Yet it wasn't widely sued/accepted for many years later.

So really we are only "lagging behind" cinema if we don't make the said amazing game by 2020, and have it recognised by 2041.

I'd say Dynasty Warrior's is more the Stagecoach of gaming. It's a fun cheesy romp fighting apache and bandits.

It could be that Portal is the Citizen Kane of gaming... really we must wait 20 years to truly tell.

Again, the "Citizen Kane of" isn't becessarily your favourite game, it's just fucking Citizen Kane!

Looks like he let out some steam in this one. No facts just stating his opinion. Well Im happy to see he is staying.

This is a shocking coincidence. Just today I was thinking about how I should get back into DW7, since I never really completed much of it, and how I miss it.

Edit: Also,


This, an-....

I've always like the Dynasty Warrior series. In fact, were it not for the series, I probably never would have read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Hang on a second, are you me?

You're out of your fucking MIND, Jim!!

Everyone knows that Crash Bandicoot is the Citizen Kane of gaming, whereas Dynasty Warriors is merely Spartacus... GAWD! :P

Delighted that I'll be getting a large British man shrieking into my ear holes for even more Mondays to come!
Congratulations, you mad bastard! Turns out poking the hornet's nest that is gamer opinions with a red hot poker is a good tactic, after all.

Also, I may just play DW at some point... Just so I can get some cathartic rage release going on. Been one awful, awful day.

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