Jimquisition: Dynasty Warriors Is The Citizen Kane Of Gaming

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DW was my first Ps2 game. Best game series ever. Except the first Ps3 release. Which was wank. Wank and 7 still costs 40 fucking quid here.

I like the concept of Dynasty warriors... but the little things turn me off.

I don't know, it's like the difference between Doom and another doom-clone, everything is there, it just doesn't do it right.

Everything he said about Dynasty Warriors can be said about Devil May Cry, and I prefer DMC over DW, but that's simply a matter of taste, I just prefer DMC's combat system over the DW one.

This is just my opinion, of course, I'm not saying I'm right, I'm just saying it's a matter of personal preference.

Kinda went too overboard there at the end Jim and lost me. And c'mon now, let's be serious, Dynasty Warriors isn't bad, but Citizen Kane? It's more like every summer Hollywood blockbuster. Cheap popcorn fun, but not worth taking at a serious angle. I'll still play one every handful of years, but personally I like mixing up other mindless fun games in the mean time for more variety.

Okay, I've slowly been liking the Jimquisition more and more over time, but this one DEFINITELY won me over. Sure it's over the top, like way, WAY over the top, but I am okay with that. Jim has won a special place in my heart.



The dictionary says it can go either way. And calm down, God forbid people from different regions of the world say words a bit different than you.

To me this just shows a total lack of knowledge about Citizen Kane. The movie was nearly 20 years ahead of it's time, the plot was a beautifully crafted personal drama, the acting changed peoples concepts on what good acting was, and the film was written/directed and stared, Orson Welles, and the film is also responsable for the death of Welles' career due to the opinion and machinations of one man(Namely the person it was designed to portray: William Randolph Hurst).

Dynasty Warriors by contrast wasn't ahead of it's time at all when it came out, in fact it was par for the course, it's horribly voice acted, was created by a massive design team who all had say in it's various parts, and it's release didn't kill anyone's career, rather it gave the team the right to just keep re-releasing the same crappy game for decades with only slight changes like "NOW THEY'RE GUNDAMS!!!"... Oh, and the plot of those games is generally shit and is a war drama (I think, if that) with characters as shallow as a kiddie pool.

I hate it when people do this; just because you heard a phrase on Family Guy or whatever doesn't mean you understand it and can use it. Words aren't just supposed to be thrown around at random to convey tone, they are supposed to be backed up with a solid understanding of subject matter and are to be weaved with that subject matter in mind. Let me show you what I mean:

Dynasty Warriors is the Power Rangers of gaming. It was really cool to 12-year-olds when it came out but didn't really do anything special aside from providing an assault of violence and bright flashing lights but for some reason it has a massive adult following mostly built on nostalgia and it just won't fucking end.

I like Dynasty Warriors - mostly because it has two-player and killing bunches of things with my fiance is fun... having to unlock the girls and finding one to play and choosing all the effeminate men in their stead when they aren't available not withstanding. Also, it's a handy way to keep the names of people straight if one should ever be faced with the prospect of having to read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms for class.

It's an okay action franchise that's earned a lot of (perfectly valid) contempt for basically being the Madden of action games.

There are like 4 levels of Irony, trolling and self parody going on here. Bravo Jim, you are at your best at you worst :P

Wow Jim, at the end there it seemed like you'd been suffering from "The Simpsons Did It" syndrome.

Was your world looking like nothing but yellow walls, dick jokes, and memes used to solidify your points?

Anyways I think your best point was about arbitrarily shrugging Dynasty Warriors just because being just as shallow as what people say the games are.

Though you then say one of the best things about the series is it's simplicity and lack of depth.

I got the point but i found that train of thought interesting anyways.

It's true though, Tetris is simple, but I'd consider it one of the most played and enjoyed games ever.

This is on the premise that my gamer mindset has some hypocrisy in it when in fact it covers my uncaring nature for the series just fine. So I'll be giving it a pass, still. :P This said, I blow off steam via composing music....or writing a novel, so I *really* have no incentive on picking up the game. lol

I really enjoyed the series on the ps2, i haven't got ps3 so i haven't really kept up with it, but during the time on the ps2 it was awesome i had really good mind numbing fun.

DW rocks my socks.

got every game since dynasty warriors 2, huge fan of the series.

may not be getting dynasty warriors 7 extreme legends though, i'm not interested in the same game but with 3 extra characters for the £40, although, when it goes down in price....

THANK GOD SOME ONE FINALLY SAID IT! i mean shit i've been saying dynasty warriors was great for years, but do people listen?... well, yah if you tie them down first and work them over with the flog a little, but thats a whole other story!

but really i am a pretty big fan of the DW series (having owned damned near everything from 2 to 5-extreme legends/empires) my only real complaint about the franchise is that game play modes and strategies that are available in empires and legends arnt around in the main game! i mean it would be awesome to make my little Chinese death machine and beat up cannon characters before switching to the last guy i pummeled's campaign WITHOUT having to switch disks first! ... oh, and they got rid of the bodyguards that are basicly characters in their own rights in favor of just doing that with horses... that sucked

I didn't just play Dynasty Warriors. I played Dynasty Warriors Gundam, and liked it. Didn't understand much of it, but I enjoyed playing it.

There, I said it.

I love dynasty warriors and also samurai warriors. Xaihou Dun and Tadakatsu Honda were the best from each series.

Never heard of it before now. Guess I might give it a try.

JIM HAS GONE MAD WITH POWER! And the results are glorious. Long live the Jimquisition.

It's a pity that most of you will never know the sweet embrace of the 3DS version, since they added some really good changes to it.

To me this just shows a total lack of knowledge about Citizen Kane.


It was really cool to 12-year-olds when it came out but didn't really do anything special aside from providing an assault of violence and bright flashing lights but for some reason it has a massive adult following mostly built on nostalgia and it just won't fucking end.

I think it's time to introduce you to a post from the first page of this topic:

I think it's time for you to learn a new word.


You're welcome.

As always, thank God for Jim Sterling. He is the highlight of my otherwise miserable Mondays.

Sometimes, another poster just happens to come along and do your work for you. Happy times :).

Though to me, Dynasty Warriors owes more to Dr Strangelove than Citizen Kane. Not to discredit Jim's views on the matter, but I just see the influences of that film as being more apparent.

You're MAD Jim! MAD I SAY!

It's true, DW is an awesome 5$ bargain bin game and it usually take about a week from launch to get there.

Like Saints Row The Third, jim has now gone completely off the deep end. Well, don't let me stop you, jim. Dive down that rabbit hole until you reach the center of the earth.

How can DW be the Citizen Kane of gaming and "the video game equivalent of a stress ball"? I don't remember Citizen Kane being very cathartic; maybe Jim means to compare it to something like Die Hard? To use that two hour ponderous slog as an analogy of a fast-paced hackathon, whether the outcome is a positive or negative review, seems a bit far fetched.

That was the joke. He had gone crazy from people saying the Extra credits had said everything he has said before so he said something ridiculous that they couldn't possibly say came from extra credits.

OT: Great episode, and you going crazy was as funny as it was disturbing.

You know, there's always some truth behind what he has to say, no matter how ridiculous it may be, and I think that for this its that sometimes all a game needs to be really good is to provide a good outlet for catharsis. And yes, some people do get it all out in different ways, but not everybody. Some people exercise, some people write. Me, I stomp around in an 80-ton Mech and blow shit up. And really, what use is a game that can't provide you with a positive feeling?

Dynasty Warriors is epic, I'm pretty sure I've played all the main series ones since number 1, Zang Wei for the win.

It seems that he's self contradicting when he calls it the "Citizen Kane" of gaming. The reason he loves it so much is because it's a mindless good time, and there's nothing wrong with that, but it's not what made Citizen Kane great. Citizen Kane is considered to be the greatest movie of all time because of very technical aspects, things that can (and have been) analyzed in a classroom to the most minute detail and explaining WHY it is exceptional. It seems according to Jim, DW is better compared to a really fun Summer flick that is just fun to watch, but might not be exceptional from an intellectual standpoint.

I like Dynasty Warriors, the only problem I have with the series is that the sequels don't seem to improve on it very much.

But yeah when I first played Dynasty Warriors it was fun so I bought Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires and had a lot of fun.

So do the newest ones have significant improvement over that?

Samurai Warriors included?


Ive always liked DW like he said...killin dudes is fun...why MOAR games need bots...

I havent tried any of the newer ones...seems wasteful of $60 and Rapestop doesnt like to go down on some things to a "reasonable" level

YES! Thank God for this man.
As stagnating as the series has been, it always manages to entertain me and I always keep coming back to it.

Anyone who jumped to refute Jim's assertion that Dynasty Warriors is the Citizen Kane of gaming must first ask themselves a question: why do I hold Citizen Kane in such high regard? Is it truley a masterpiece of cinema? Or just another film among the many produced during that era?

For those who've never seen the film themselves, you have no right to talk about it with such reverance simply because so many film buffs hold it in high regard. For those that have seen it, fair enough.

I love how some people are taking the comparison to Citizen Kane completely 100% literally. These people clearly don't know Jim.

Thanks for showing Dynasty Warriors some love, Jim! I've always really enjoyed the series as a part of a well-balanced gaming breakfast.

As a matter of fact, I'ma play some Orochi Warriors right now.

I suddenly have an urge to play some Dynasty Warriors. I've played through most of them and I don't think I've ever noticed the comparison to the old school button smashers like Final Fight. Shame...

Good eye.

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