The Big Picture: The War of the Gargantuas

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I remember seeing this movie when I was about 12 on one of the UHF stations(back when my TV I watched it on had a knob.) that played all the cheesy stuff from japan. (they had samurai sunday that showed some amusing over the top martial arts films.) Heh I'm surprised Bob didn't comment about that out of place singing part, words get stuck in my throat. (I was kind of hoping she'd got stuck in the monsters throat but sadly she survived.) It was a decent monster throwdown film otherwise. Interesting to hear the history behind it, as I had no idea was planned as a sequel to that frankenstein film from last week.

Maybe he'll do the Korean horror movie 'The Host' sometime. Good video Bob. Thanks to your Japanese related videos, I touched upon my childhood jewel. Ultraman!

Bob, with you I can shake off the responsibilities of my life and pretend for 5 mins a week that I became the terrible terrible nerd that I always wanted to be. Very awesome.

So would that count as a trilogy?
Universal Frankenstien -> Frankenstien Conquerors the world -> War of the gargantuans?

These have turned out to be more entertaining than I thought they'd be, also I'm getting an urge to play rampage again.

This is the point where bob says hes is related to beatrix potter and roland emmerich, because you know it's possible.

Night of the Lepus is the only Bunny Apocalypse movie I know... Although I loved the "Little Bunny- BIIIG Bunny" moment in Misfits of Science.

Beatrix Potter and Roland Emmerich? I need to see this.

Ahhhhh, so that's where the giant laser dish tanks in Destroy All Humans! 2 come from.

I remember watching this one as a kid, what glorious days those were. For some reason TNT or some such television station always seemed to have an all night monster movie marathon during the Christmas break, I would convince my parents to let me stay up all night to watch them. Then I'd get through about 1 and a half before I fell asleep. :) Great times!

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