Zero Punctuation: Hard Reset

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I absolutely agree that shooting robots is not nearly as fun as shooting something that bleeds. Robots don't satisfy inner bestial nature of humans, myself included.
This game is a strict no-buy for me, thankfully I have Serious Sam 3 pre-ordered. All these juicy, gooey Gnaars and beheaded soldiers, waiting to be popped like fruit cakes... Can't wait.



Hard Reset in 25 words or less:

Hey, he's just this guy, you know?

Douglas Adams?

Gag Halfrunt indeed. :)

I love those books.

but this video had more references towards Battlestar Galactica. Death to the toasters! So say we all!

My opinion about this game is a little ambivalent.

It's a frantic enough shooter, lacks some polish and some balancing, but then again: it's okay.

In the end a forgettable title, that could serve well in some multiplayer matches I think.

As for the Quake 2 comparison I think he's on to something. It's not as important a game as Quake 2 was (think of the engine, mods and multiplayer), but the story sure is comparable.

I really liked Bulletstorm and I don't know why everyone gave it such a bad wrap D: (Well, if I remember right, Yahtzee hated it cos he thought it was cover based for some utterly bizzare reason. Games have cover, yeah, but it wasn't Cover Based. An interesting thought considering his jokes about being manly...)

Also, I've got a big bag of crabs here!

Decapitation via toast, excellent.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Hard Reset

This week, Shooter Season 2011 continues as Zero Punctuation reviews Hard Reset.

Watch Video

:p we already know you don't like Warhammer 40K Space Marine, you said as much in extra punctuation a week or so ago, so a actual review would be redundant.

anyway, if it wasn't a FPS I'd try it, but, it is so i won't.


So, Rage next week?

I hope he gets the PC version. While running an ATi card. >:D

His rage will be delicious...

Klingon Opera...

I want to here this...


Sounds pretty much like the impression I got from watching those gameplay videos. I'm surprised that Yahtzee still basically gave out a recommendation, though. Did you play it through to the end? Does it perhaps pick up after the initial slowness?

Not really. The game is pretty much the same from start to finish, and ends very abruptly too. I wouldn't say it's at all different at the end, with the exception of more guns and some passives that barely change the gameplay.

But the main frustration came in the form of the levels being dotted with low passages and the utter lack of any crouch function.


I liked Space Marine because it was just so camp and ridiculous

You found Space Marine camp? That's genuinely interesting, could you explain in what way you found it effeminate please?

I may have used the wrong meaning of "camp". I meant over-the-top goofy with its violence and gore.

Well... it makes sense that humans relate to humans more than unfeeling refrigerators...

And robots don't bleed near as much...

I don't know, I've met some refrigerators with more personality than some humans I know!

i want a shotgun with boobs

"Audio-visual department at Harvey Norman's"
>new best yahtzee quote, move along.

That's one of the best things about Zero Punctuation - you never know what is coming next, in spite of top name games beign released, we'll get something independent that most of us have never heard of. Great!

Well, at least you admitted that you were nitpicking. I'm going to myself, as a curveball is something out of Baseball, not basketball, Yahtzee. Perhaps you should review one of the sports titles next year... or better yet, NHL '12, as that's a combination of violent games and sport, so you should feel right at home ;)

Personally shooter season 2011 is going alright for me, Gears of War 3 was damn awesome, I'm looking forward to Halo Anniversary, and I'll probably play MW3 if I can tear my brother away from the Xbox for three seconds. I just wish that I could make up my fracking mind if I should buy Rage and Space Marine already, I just cannot make a decision.

If Yahtzee wants to see some real variety in Shooter Season 2011, he should check out "The Gunstringer"... assuming he can get over his bias towards motion control games

...But most importantly, Yahtzee likes pissing off fanboys. And that he did.

It looks like its more than that.

OK, I like War40k, I guess that makes me a fanboy. Fire away. The point is that he could point out/focus on actual issues like the fact that it uses P2P which is a massive lagfest or that the story and character design were about as simple as they could be. I understand the need to bring fanboys down a notch, but I really don't understand his hate for war40k. He's been making fun of it since forever and the only argument he's been able to come up with is HURR DURR SPACE MARINES ARE TALL.

I know that the war 40k universe is a pretty over the top and I'm not going to pretend its the best fantasy setting ever since that is personal opinion. It just seems like every third review or so has some anti-war40k jab that generally calls fans retarded fuckwits. There aren't that many games from the series, and I don't think he plays Dawn of War so I don't know where his ire comes from.

It's like some sort of mission.

Back to classic Yahtzee. Less dick jokes, more clever and bizarre analogies.

I agree that the levels and enemies did get rather repetitive and weren't that diverse at all. There were basically three different versions of the small guys, 2-3 (maybe, they seemed different) versions of the charging guys. Then, sometimes, guys that had mortars, guns, or the heavy artillery guys.

But, this game seemed to be more of a disappointment to me. The demo was fun, and the game was decent, but it got progressively more boring the more I played it. I was expecting something a lot better.

The best part was when Painkiller showed up with a gun that had tits and was on fire.
I've been waiting for that brick joke to fall for a long time, and it was good.
But he was wrong, shurikens and lightning was still more awesome.

I really don't get his complete lack of interest in space marine, and I read his article on 40k too. For one thing the game isn't a non-stop brown fest, their are no chest high walls and it has a very easy to enjoy story where you can also be laughing at the silly absurdness of it all, as I always have with 40k. Its not a game about macho idiots killing aliens. Its a game about arrogant posh people covered in rubbish bins fighting a living fungus that eventually have to deal with a guy who is like skeletor meets megatron.

Also the game is much more of a hack n slash with occasional jet pack sequences than a shooter.

Oh well I really liked Hard Reset too so ehhh whatever.




Actually, from what I understand, they're not ALL blue. Just a good number of them. But I never really got into 40K.

Yes, but the point is that they were blue in the game, not brown.

Further point is also that Yahtzee isn't immune to pre-fabricated opinion.

He hates game with built in cover/chest high wall - Space Marines didn't have that.

And the game fails due to that because for one you have to wait for your shields to regenarate, which gets annoying since if you run up to an enemy to stun then kill them for health you'll get killed for not having enough health. Especially the last wave.....


He hates regenerative health - Space Marines didn't have that.

You have shields though and the health system while at first very entertaining and fun later on through all the endless waves of samey guys in the same industrial hell environment (aside from the Desert part which was still boring as fuck) only serves to annoy.


He hates game with bland character design - Every single character in SM is immediatly recognizable for what it's supposed to be because of design and color choices.
He like to run & gun - Space Marines allows this approach, not only that, it favors a mix of close combat and shooting as the only way to stay alive.

Yes, but there tend to be few set pieces to break it up and they're mostly annoying, the jump pack though was satisfying and it's probably the best thing the game has came up with.


He hates brown shooter - Ultramarine are blue, ork are green, the chaos marine were purple, the daemons are red... Many stages had tons of colors and different hues going on.

No the stages look all the same.



I mean there's so much brown there, right?

That's the final level.....


The game is far from perfect of course (I think the 75 it has on meta-critic is pretty accurate. Add 10 points if you're a fan of the ip), and there's plenty of thing to find to hate about it I'm sure, and Yahtzee sure did hate it... but it feels it's mainly because he hates the IP, which he's allowed of course and Yahtzee has never been known for his objectivity... but still, it's rather odd to see a game get so much right from the Yahtzee's 'What make a good game check list' and still earn his vitriol.

No, I loved the demo and I worried a little that the final product would be repetitive, and that's what it was. I was excited at first when I heard we would get to pilot an Imperator titan but you don't, you just go to checkpoint 13457205874 and place the power device which just powers the cannon. Sure I guess it shows the vast size of the thing but it's not very interesting and is rather lame. I kept trying to like hoping eventually to get some satisfying set pieces but no the majority of the game is just gun down the guys with the big guns by jumping out of cover then jumping back or hope the close combat guys get in so you can kill them first, or better yet bottleneck them by standing behind cover. Running out in the open and going straight into close combat is suicide. The set pieces I remember were Valkyrie defense, that Ork ship which you fight with the Plasma cannon and the final boss, the final boss felt pretty fun but since the button signals were at the bottom I barely got a glimpse of the awesome action sequence going on before me and it felt rather lack luster, the last wave was so much more difficult than the actual boss and it felt like the boss should've had more than one stage, perhaps once he hits the ground you could've fought him on foot or something, then he finally gets into Daemon Prince form and you get a special thunder hammer to fight him and kill him.

I'm not denying mods can improve a game (DLC is often an official mod, but as it's rarely counted into a game's review we can ignore it just the same), but if a game sucks without mods then it sucks, and counting mods into the review stops it being an accurate portrayal of what that game is.

A game that "sucks" is often a personal view on a game. For example, the Escapist and I'm sure lots of people here could state "Witcher 2" was awesome (never played it, or had the chance with the first one), but Yahtzee here found them both boring. "What's one man's garbage is another man's treasure", in a nut-shell.

My point is that while reviews tend to give a biased view on a game, they don't serve well with giving details on any possible mods that might make the game interesting, or may criticize the game over features that another person/group likes (Witcher 2). Yahtzee did a review on Minecraft months ago, yet now it has had a few patches and mods released to make it completely different from the game when Yahtzee reviewed it. Plus, based upon what others are saying in this thread, the developers did release a patch for "Hard Reset" that allows you to flip between the two guns.

Funniest one in recent memory. Giving serious consideration to the artsy serial killer for my new avatar.

Yup, guess it just goes to show you: Indies got all the awesome ideas but always strapped for cash to get them out the door, while Big Industry got all the money of the world coming out their collective sweaty arse but is too retarded to do much other than pump out more shit.

Gaming Industry, everybody! -sigh-

Heh... the gun in one frame had tits and was on fire. Callback!

The demo told me that they didn't call it Hard Reset for nothing. I'll skip it. Shame, I did like the modifiable guns. Electric mortar highly recommended early.

the game is fun. i played it already twice. but i do agree that the loading times are really long that you are forced to watch the damn cutscene and that the slow menu is a little pain in the ass. and yes, the story really just ends and is unclear what was going on there. but hell, the game as such is really fun, just shooting things up is enjoyable.
after all you can discover secrets and you have tones of enemies coming towards you.
i also dint had any probs switching between the weapons. it was pretty easy for me at least and the upgrading works fine too. once you finish the game, you can play the entire game with the same upgrades which makes the game even more enjoyable.

This one was so predictable. I knew the second I saw the title this would be seeped in Painkiller referencing and complaining about the plot and environment. That said, I still enjoyed it, even if it is the first ZP that failed to make me laugh once.

I guess I can't laugh when he deliberately chooses bad games to critique just for complaining's sake. I mean really, he hasn't even played E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy and that's one game that would make for a much better review, especially since it's the only non-shit Indie shooter that has come out in 3 years.

Oh well, looking forward to Rage next week.

I was so glad he threw in the tits-and-was-on-fire bit! Of course, it could only be more awesome if it fired shurikens and lightning.

This might be the weakest review you've ever done, Yahtzee. If you jump the shark, so help me, I will find you and yell nasty things at you for depriving me of further entertainment.

They shouldve pulled a "samurai jack": Robots got oil tubes to all their parts, so if you shoot/cut off an arm, make it spray oil all over the place! Child friendly gore ftw! Also, add some tangled wire drenched in oil decorate the wall after you take out a robot :D

Looks like a fun game. I'll probably buy it if I have time when I get my new comp.

Cool Review Yahtzee!

Also even though I play RTS's I don't care much, Mostly I huddle in heavily fortified entrenchments and wait for the enemy to run out of resources so that my army can storm into their defenceless base, usually my casualty number is very low, hence were my enemies are always sacrificing thousands of troops in order to beat me.

In conclusion, yahtzee flamed me but I ate some oranges and it was k.

"The time for real men!" literally made my day! :D
Shooter Season 2011 can s**k my a**! Why? Because I don't own a console and I'm waiting for some real shooters *looks angry at Valve*.
Besides that, nice review.


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