Dark Souls Review

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Well, my complaint had less to do with the difficulty of the game than with the description of the game as being fair. In my view, calling the game fair is either inaccurate or redundant to the nature of games.

Describing Dark Souls as fair seems to be a way of saying that it can be beaten with trial and error or persistence, and that is true. But it is also true of almost every other game ever made. I've never seen Gears of War or any other game described as fair, even though that description means the same thing to that game. Fair in this sense, I think, is implied, and it exists in the same way in both games.

As to what you are getting at, yea, I think that the game is well balanced. Proper preparation can make the game a breeze. A little knowledge and some decent reaction speed make the game's challenges easy to overcome. To be honest, I'm only on my first NG+, but I have breezed through most of it. I think that it may be a bit too easy, especially when it comes to enemies that can be backstabbed.

My problem with Dark Souls is that it's an archaic slog of exploded mechanics. I can't remember the last time I did a grind, and here's freaking Dark Souls reminding me what it's like to kill the same mooks (not just the same mooks in different places, the same exact mooks) over and over again. It seems like many of the "hardcore" equate challenge, and difficulty with rote memorization. I love the atmosphere and the realistic combat of the game, I wish the bosses and boss-likes didn't have cheap attacks or spams (and yeah some of them do). I know more about the first thirty minutes of Demon Souls than I do the whole game. I could literally do it in my sleep. That's freakin' boring to me. The only reason I keep playing is so that I hope to find some new area to explore, but then I'm quickly relegated to grinding souls and humanity if I want to get anywhere. Maybe multiplayer adds more, but I can't support Live and I have to rate it on the single-player experience alone.

It straddles the line between good and mediocre. This isn't just me whining about how it's too hard, remember, I mainly take gripes with old mechanics that waste my freaking time. Playing Dark Souls is the closest someone will ever get to experiencing Hell. No, I don't mean it's bad, I mean the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. I often found myself in purgatorial loops, and that's a lot more dispiriting than any death Dark Souls provided (except for some truly worthy rage quit cheap-ass bosses).

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