The Big Picture: Night of the Lepus

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Night of the Lepus

Be vewwwy, vewwy quiet.

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Who would have guessed giant bunnies arent scary..

It was foretold in Ed, Edd n' Eddy that bunnies would take over the world! WHY DID WE NOT LISTEN TO JOHNNY 2x4?!

I'm sorry, what? That's just....

Alright, that's weird. Oh well.

Were they high on acid or something? That's my best guess

Awww the bunnies are so cute

Homer: No problem, I'll just draw bunnies on the electrical sockets to scare her away
Marge: She isn't afraid of bunnies...
Homer: She WILL be...

In all seriousness though, great review Bob. I know this movie is bad but...I have to see it. -runs off to check through Netflix-

So say this was meant to be taken seriously?

...How can you tell these things? How can you tell if something is meant to be taken seriously or if something is played straight and claims to be "ironic" about it?

elmer phud on shroms LOL XD
EDIT: sorry that's fudd whops

Wow I pity the people back then for not having access to spoilers contents like we do today. Watching films back then must of been like taking a leap of faith. Didn't anyone look up the word Lepus in the library or something?

wow i cant belive they thought that bunnys would be scary, now i must go and laugh untill my head falls off

I already wanted to see this film.

After seeing more footage from it, I really want to see this film.

Seriously, I don't think you can have a better premise that will make me laugh more than giant killer bunny rabbits.

I can't help but wonder if Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer ever saw this film. It would explain her phobia for rabbits =P


Let's be honest: half the people in that movie died because they couldn't stand the cuteness.

Well, I'm off to earn a PhD. in genetic engineering now. I assure you I have no desire to create giant hordes of rampaging cuteness.

We're gonna need a lot of holy hand grenades of Antioch.


I've.... actually seen this before on the sci-fi channel...

Why WASN'T this movie used for an episode of MST3K?

Watership Down was scarier than this movie.

But don't you see, that's the brilliance of it!!
"Aw, look at the cute giant bunny! Wait, what are you doing? AAAARGHH!!"
You know, this'd be great, but why bunnies? Puppies, cats, guinea pigs, they'd all work. But there's just no way bunnies aren't cute!

And yet the killer rabbit from monty python is supposed to be bad ass.

Reminds me of the Pandemic episodes of South Park.

Those people looked extremely startled.

been basically said already but this just looks like the bastard child of Watership down and an overused monty python joke...

I'm sorry it had to be done.

Late night TV is exactly where I saw this. Eating dinner after the night shift and even the info description was mocking it. In a state of disbelief I selected the channel and my dinner went cold.
It's like a train wreck, you just can't look away.

Try guessing what they used for the sound track when the "monsters" are galloping

"what Elmer Fudd sees on shrooms" that should have been the PR copy. It'd make one heck of an opening weekend. So is this like a cult classic now?

so giant killer bunnies, cute death awaits those prevent them from feeding.

btw bob, after scholocktober, could ye do an episode on the hub channel shows tf prime, g.i. joe renegades, and mlp:fim? petty please?

We'd better not risk another frontal assault - that [film about] rabbit's dynamite!

Dawwww... look at the bunnies rip people to shreds. ^.^

No, not our gardens! The horror, the soft, fuzzy, adorable horror!

I was at a con a couple weeks ago, taking pictures of a 2-foot tall remote control Dalek and thinking I'd found the cutest source of destruction ever.

I was so very, very wrong.

I've never known terror could be this cute, I now welcome the adorable apocalypse. Also have to wonder what kind of person associates giant bunnies with terror? I suspect they were never hugged as a child, or ever.

I remember seeing this on TV years ago when I was little. I laughed my ass off the whole time. You just can't make rabbits scary... you just can't. And to think, up until today, I thought the movie wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

Well at least now I can prove to people that this movie actually exists. I've been telling people about it for years, and nobody ever believed me. Take that everyone who thought I was making it up!

And now that I know the title of the movie, I can buy it and unleash it on unsuspecting friends and family!

Damn, my knowledge of various species actually spoiled this one for me, although I was curious to find out how the hell they're supposed to make hares [1] scary.

[1] note: hares NOT rabbits, rabbits belong to a completely different genus.

"Shown mostly on late night TV and most people who saw it thought they imagines it. Yep thats me.

2am sunday night (so really early monday morning) on UPN back in Fort Worth they showed really awful horror movies. this was like 2000-2002 saw killer klowns from outer space, that one horror movie that i think was based on a stephen king novel where all the car come alive and start killing everyone, tremors 1,2 & 3, and other stuff i never got the name of. I think they also did some old classic horror movies like nightmare on elm street, but some of those are so old that they don't really scare anyone these days.

seriously i watched nightmare on elm st. in the dark, at night, by myself, (usually when horror movies scare you (well me) the most) and i laughed for most of the movie. those kids were so dumb... yeah anyway saw it way back in the day, haven't put much thought to it other than a couple of times when i describe the movies they showed and i say "and i think there was one with giant bunnies..." O_o

You're right, filly Pinkie Pie IS adorable. And so are bunnies.

Why WASN'T this movie used for an episode of MST3K?

Wait, it wasn't?

Holy crap, I just checked, it wasn't. If you'd asked me yesterday I would have sworn up and down that I'd seen Night of the Lepus on one of those midnight MST3K reruns on Comedy Central way back when. Apparently that never happened.

Maybe I've been thinking of The Killer Shrews all this time.

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