Zero Punctuation: Rage

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FF7 was a slow turn-based game where each battle took forever. That's why the game lasted so long.

It was a speed run ??? OMG how silly do I feel. Wish I would have noticed that written in massive print multiple times throughout the story. Just dont know how I missed it..... *sigh*

/sarcasm off

My original comments stand. I will file your advice in the round filing cabinet under my desk.

I feel so disapointed playing games like Rage. The potential was huge. There were places in the map I never even visited because I kept assuming "Oh, the game will make me go there eventually" only to find it never did.

wahh wahhh yahtzee is such a dumbass terribad reviewer, only reason hes worth listening to is because he hasnt been bought out yet, other than that he just plays the devils advocate and nostalgia factor in every game, i still demand an apology from my previous post of how stupid and full of crap this review is

So which is it? "IDD" or "Eye Dee"?

Hey! Quake III was not a load of old wank. One of the most skilled-based multiplayer first-person shooters to date, one of those "If you want to enjoy this game you will not enjoy any other game for quite a fucking while" games.

Finished the game this morning and thought it was really great. I didn't pay much attention to the story, but scavenging and shooting things was lots of fun. It had it's downsides though. For every quest were you went someplace new you got a follow up quest to go back. Sure, they made you go slightly different routes, but it still felt silly. Would've been better if they fleshed out the map a bit and added more places to discover.

Started playing Borderlands afterwards, after a two year old break, and in comparison it's by far the superior game. Comparing them might be dumb, but they have so much in common I guess it's hard to avoid. Rage does the vehicle controls better, as well as the impressive graphics(I don't have much love for cel-shading), but that's about it. So fucking hard to play Borderlands solo though.

Nontheless, on it's own Rage was still tons of fun and I look forward to playing it again.

S a mix of fallout and borderlands? good enough for me.
Also, dont want to swap discs - use a PC.

S a mix of fallout and borderlands? good enough for me.
Also, dont want to swap discs - use a PC.

There's other issues that make it less than Fallout+borderlands. Real pity as some of the mechanics are awesome.

Map recycling - Different mission, maybe different badies, same area you've already cleared out just repopulated when you take the mission. Each 'dungeon' has two runs, one manditory from the main plot, a second if you take an optional quest. It's so regular you can bank on it.

Textures - even with all the DVDs it comes with, the small textures look like balls. Outside looks great, amazing. Inside all the small objects look like HL (that's HL1 not 2). So compressed. Take advantage of the PC and give us a DL pack to upgrade the textures.

Invisable walls (map design shortcuts) - You know how in Fallout3 you can roam around to your hearts content, until you are obviously blocked by rubble, a cliff etc. In Rage it's invisable walls, EVERYWHERE, even indoors. You see an obvious jump over a table to avoid a trap, nope, invisable wall forcing you to time the trap. Can even get you killed in combat as the obvious escape route or dodging path you will find blocked without warning.

Bland outdoors in regards to adventure - See that trailer out in the ruins, must be someone living there with a cool story (like in fallout) right. Nope, empty or door locked, always. There's zero extra outdoor content if it's not involved in a mission from the town hubs. No cool local side quests, period.

Why did Rage have to suck :/

Since Bethesda's name is on the box, does that mean Rage is a spin-off of Fallout with the grandpa of FPS's telling wild stories?

I know this was quite a while ago, but... that train! What was that train at the end of the review from? I know it from somewhere and it's bothering me.

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