Critical Miss: Tet Rising

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Is it really fair to blame the character for the player's asshatery? :D

Brilliant. Freakin' brilliant. Had this journalist laughing all morning.

Onyx Oblivion:
Sandbox mode was a godsend and really let me just go loose and have fun. The story mode wasn't bad, either, seeing as I never beat DR2. Frank's Caruso-esque lines were so full of cheese I couldn't help but smile.

Those aren't Frank's lines, though. That garbage was Chuck's thing (and yet another reason why I couldn't stand Chuck), but they didn't better change the dialog to make it fit Frank. They just changed Chuck's puns around and made Frank say them. It's actually pretty piss poor writing on the part of the developers. Am I playing as Frank West, or Chuck Greene wearing a Frank skin? Because in every one of those pun scenes, it feels like the latter which is a disgrace. Off the Record was supposed to be Frank's game, not Chuck's game.

Why are you blaming the character? it's the player that makes the decision whether he wears that crazy stuff or not!

Just like Yahtzee's Prototype review when HE drove an APC over civilians to get to his destination and blames it on Alex Mercer, saying that somehow it was his fault...

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