Escape to the Movies: Green Lantern: Extended Cut

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Uh... actually, Green Lantern wasn't a "bomb" at the global box office:

Box Office Mojo:

Production Budget: $200 Million
Domestic: $116,601,172 53.0%
+ Foreign: $103,250,000 47.0%
= Worldwide: $219,851,172

So, it's hard to call it a "complete" box office failure, as the numbers show that it made its production budget back, at least.

Also, we'll probably see the (now-looking inevitable) sequel do a lot more with the property. With the way it has been set up at the end of the film, along with the critical mistakes being pointed out, we can all hope the sequel will become the Wrath of Khan rebirth of the franchise that Warner Bros. really needs.

That doesn't consider distribution and advertisment costs. It's probably not an absolute failure, but it won't have made it's backers a lot of money.

Of the 219 million it made, 45% (on average) goes to the cinema's that screen it. That's, uh, give me a moment, 99 million-ish to the cinema's, and 120 million to the actual production company. Before taking into account advertising and other stuff.

Generally a film aims to make 2.5 times its budget to pay off all the various things. This one didn't.

So, the extended version of a bad film is bad

Any surprise?

So, it must've been a slow week if you just decided to re-bash the same movie instead of going to a new one. lol

Also, and forgive me for not knowing the whole comic book story behind the Green Lantern, but if the comics made the Green Lantern group something you have to be "chosen" into, it's not really fair to judge the movie for going along with that. I also don't think that it's because he's the "smart one" that made Hector not get into the group. Through the movie, he's never been that adept with personal interactions, and also never really got respected by others from what it seemed, so it seemed a natural move to me as I watched it for him to follow the reasoning of, "well, they've never liked me or taken the time to get to know me. Now that I have this power, let me show them their mistake for that."

Again, I haven't read the comic, so the whole "Chosen" thing might not be right, but if it is, that's the comic's fault, not the movie. Effects aside, I actually enjoyed this movie. I actually like most comic book, super hero movies...well, every one except almost any that begin with the letter "X". lol

The worse I hear the movie is the more I want to see it.

Eh. I didn't think the movie was that bad. In fact I actually kind of liked it.

I will admit though it wasn't as good as Captain America. Now THAT was a good movie.

The worse I hear the movie is the more I want to see it.

Don't fall for it. I thought the same as you. "Man, this movie is getting ripped apart. I've got to go see it, and laugh at it." I saw it; I didn't laugh. All I could think about was how that nine bucks I spent could have bought a poor, homeless man a sandwhich and a cup of coffee. Matter of fact, I should probably do that anyway just to purify my karma. Seeing this movie was an absolute sin. I'd rather watch Batman & Robin again. At least that had Arnold making ice puns.

Please tell me you didn't buy this awful movie Bob!

oh, no. X-Men 3 was GOOD in comparison. somehow redeemable still in comparison

Paranormal Activity 3 wasn't shown in advance? I know it was shown on some college campuses early lol

For me movie bob's reviews are very hit and miss. Sometimes hes spot on and opens my eyes to greater opportunities ... and other times .. like this .. the only thing he does is perpetuate a negetive "nerdy" stereotype.

So I guess you take it or leave it, I give this review a thumbs down for pointlessness but I keep watching anyway.

Damn I'm so glad I didn't see Green Lantern... Sometimes with movies I have to know what a reviewer thinks of a movie before going to see it...

But then again the kind of dumbfuck that I am probably shouldn't because I liked the fantastic four movies... Despite not liking the comic book series in particular because I thought it was a dumb concept and too run of the mill for band of fighters with unique abilities that I just couldn't see happening and the idea of Galactus was rather stupid aswell. I did however enjoy those movies.

However I have to agree his points on the X-men franchise were imo spot on all the way through... I died a little inside when watching the last stand and the plot to origins: wolverine just gave me a headache. So i needed to know what he thought of first class before I even touched it... Which I did and I'm glad I did... even though I hated the parts with Kevin Bacon's character... I was supposed to... He's the bad guy.

And by saying that you can easily figure out what I think of the Green Lantern concept... I seriously could not find myself to understand the idea of the comics let alone a live action movie trying to make sense of the aliens in green suits and rings that act like magic wands and intergalactic warfare with earth and this universe of unexplained stuff--

Please don't shun me if I'm talking a load of bull because I haven't read into the Green Lantern story enough to know/care what it's about.

ps..... wether you liked it or not, THOR (weakest of the marvel films) is a much much better piece of filmmaking than Green lantern, any 3rd class honours film student could watch both back to back and identify why. Anyone who disagrees, like some above are more likely whiney DC fanboys upset DC dont have the success in live action marvel does.

Get over it.

Explain to this "whiney DC fanboy" how Thor is a "much much better piece of filmmaking," please.

I'm not arguing that GL was gold by any means, but Thor was no better in creating fleshed-out characters, explaining backstory, pacing, or a number of other things. In fact I found it to be a lot worse at a lot of things than GL. With CA obviously beating both of the former in all these respects.

why review the extended cut if you know you don't like the film? not that smart

Ok Bob we get it, Green Lantern was a bad movie. Now stop giving attention and move on.

Rented it last week. Just to see what they did. I have never seen such a badly written schizophrenic bunch of characters in all my days. The bad bits of Top gun + Howard the Duck + The Last Starfighter = this mess. Such a shame. Should have been good. But if you don't believe in the product, then this is what you get. Next time let DC have creative control Warner brothers. You'd think warner would have worked this out by now.

Eurgh this film was so bad, I don't see how a few scenes would have improved it, I know it can be classed as dumb action fun but the action wasn't even very good, over use of pretty poor cgi ruined that aspect

Now, I didn't think that this movie was all that bad, as long as you take the action scenes with the ring and cut out all of the scenes with Hal Jordan at parties, chatting with people.

I guess you'd lose like, 92% of the movie, but that 8% that remains would be pretty fun.

I dunno, comparing Transformers 1, X-Men 3 and Fantastic 4 to Batman and Robin is a whole new level of hyperbole. Batman and Robin is one of the worst movies ever conceived in my lifetime. Those other movies weren't masterpieces by any means, but I still found them to be watchable at least once. I only managed a proper viewing of B&R through Rifftrax commentary.

posted wrong, delete this plz, sorry for the mess. ><

I dunno, comparing Transformers 1, X-Men 3 and Fantastic 4 to Batman and Robin is a whole new level of hyperbole. Batman and Robin is one of the worst movies ever conceived in my lifetime. Those other movies weren't masterpieces by any means, but I still found them to be watchable at least once. I only managed a proper viewing of B&R through Rifftrax commentary.

Transformers 1 BAD, X-Men 3 YUCK ,Fantastic 4 so so(FF:Silver surfer was worse), Batman and Robin bad direction and half decent screenplay.

I'd say Green Lantern is better than them all.

Its long,drawn out, dragy and goes in circles at times I think it would have better if they broke it into 2 movies and used a faster style of screenplay it would have worked alot better. All in all it's not that bad you get some character development some nice action sequences its worlds better than the green hornet and even better than Superman returns IMO tho as a film Superman returns is better if that makes any sense.

Sober Thal:
I don't understand how people can think Green Lantern was so horrible, yet praise movies like Capatin America and Thor.

They were all equally ridiculous stupid dumb fun. Nothing great by any means, but nothing to make people (like Bob) sound so insulted.

I agree I enjoyed all 3 for different reasons, people don't get drawn in on the GL hate it honestly isn't a bad film give it a try without preconceptions and you may like it.

Typical problem with Bob's reviews. He brings in his own personal grudges when it's neither the time or the place for it. I get it, Bob, you relate to Hector Hammond. That doesn't mean you have to be bitter that the hero of a movie is a confident, good looking guy rather than a whiny ugly loser. Also, the hero's journey is not intended to be used the way you apparently think it is. I'd elaborate more, but this article/blog explains it far better than I could (just bear with the ALL CAPS, it's just the blogger's style):

Star Wars on the big screen? Yeah, I'll go see that again. There are a lot of movies that I wouldn't mind seeing brought back to the theatre for another go round.

The "attractive alpha male = good guy; unattractive beta male = bad guy" point is very valid and very relevant. Alas, Green Lantern is far from the only film where this has been done. Choosing visually stereotypical people to underline an otherwise weak plot point is way too common in films.

Even Pixar did it in The Incredibles. They made the annoying boss short, so that he would be perceived as even more annoying, when contrasted with the big good guy Bob "Mr. Incredible" Parr. And in "Wanted", where the annoying boss was fat, which of course made her even more annoying.

Well, duh. I dunno what my point exactly is. Maybe it would be refreshing to see a film where non-stereotypical people represent certain roles.

Green Lantern: Extended Cut

Is the extended version of Green Lantern better than the theatrical version?

Watch Video

Welp, unsurprising, but disappointing. I saw the original cut recently and thought "Well, I can see the outline of a decent movie here," but nothing made a goddamn bit of sense to me, not being a Green Lantern initiate, because shit just happened because shit's gotta happen, not because any motivations had been established.

Green Lantern could have benefited from a lot more non-action Green Lantern Corps scenes and more non-action focus on the bad guy so that anything they did would have made an ounce of sense. So it got exactly what it didn't need.

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