Jimquisition: National Kirby Day

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National Kirby Day

Are you at work? Well tell your bosses that they have no right to keep you? Today is a national holiday and if you're not paying tribute to the pink one, you've got some explaining to do. National Kirby Day is a day to be observed by everybody, and the Jimquisition will find you if you're not celebrating.

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He was so bad at first but now this is one of my favorite shows.

Dare I say it, I find I may be looking forward to this more than ZP these days...

It isn't hard for a game character these days to be a gratuitously violent badass.

Being an adorable pink ball that still manages to be a gratuitously violent badass on the other hand, now that's a real challenge.

For one to love Kirby, one must understand Kirby, one must respect Kirby, one must fear Kirby.
Kirby be praised.

quite possibly one of the best Jimquisitions to date =) and that from someone who's never even played a kirby game.

So when does the game that has Kirby do battle with Freddy Kruger coming out?

Kind of glad I'm not the only one to realize just what kind of horrible monster Kirby is, though technically There Will Be Brawl also had this.

I am surprised that Jim didn't mention Kirby's occasional ability to turn himself into a neutron bomb, and bring about a horrific end to all life on the screen.

Or where he boils his enemies alive, before turning them into food.

Ok, that was quite funny.
Also, anyone who doesn't like Kirby is a BLASPHEMER!

Jim is definitely not the only person who noticed Kirby's violent tendencies. I'm surprised he didn't use any clips from "There will be Brawl" Damn hannibal kirby was frightening.


We're all dead thanks to Kirby...

EDIT: slow-ass connection let dem ninjas in...

Sob, Jim why must you be so conflicting? A man who loves Doom and the Aliens universe YET not once but TWICE screams out your obsession with Kirby. That game probably inspired by an little fat Asian preschooler girl.

I think a Doom day is in order. We can all wear little animated gifs as Avatars and appreciate how one of the earlier and simplistic games is superior to half of the FPS out there today ;)

Kirby as a nightmare lol. Like Mario is some Italian drug lord taking mushrooms in his colorful universe too. Well when you think about it... Nintendo is some sick syndicate indirectly damaging our values and sense of reality. Well I am sane at least, I stick to RPGs, Mount&Blade Deadspace, AvP etc, the subtle games.

That was pretty damn funny.

Kirby sounds pretty damn terrifying when you put it that way, maybe Kirby should've fought Freddy Kreuger in that one movie.

Ah, good old Kirby. I'm glad some people still appreciate the act of partaking in some child-like fun and innocence from time to time. I believe C.S. Lewis put it best:

"Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."

Then again, the Jason Vorhees comparisons made a bit too much sense. Perhaps Kirby's darker than most people thi-OH GOD IT'S IN MY ROOM HELP ME HELP MNL;VNOI[PQHBFQFONBIASBNA

I find it awesome that national kirby day is on the same day as my birthday.

Also, being in the middle of re-watching Dragon Ball z right now, it's creepy just how much Majin buu is like kirby.
Think about it, they're both fat, pink, childishly cute, always hungry for chocolate and candy etc, and always kill stuff that poses no threat to them.


Kirby... Fear him...


Hopefully. Because if I am wrong, and there is a God, and he is dark and evil, at least he's adorable to.

Never really gave a Kirby game that kinda thought about what was actually happening, kinda weird.

But yes I love kirby, and now my birthday's apparently a holiday as well. yay!

Jim if you had put little red shoes under your chin your head could have been kirby with that pink kirby beanie on.

That would have been epic.

You know, I haven't really played Kirby that much since around the time Nightmare in Dreamland came out. I need to rectify that sometime soon.

"I like Kirby. I like Kirby. I like Kirby. I like Kirby. I like Kirby. I like Kirby. I like Kirby. I like Kirby. Ooh, I like Kirby." -Jim Sterling
I would dare say you LOVE Kirby, my good sir. As for me, I just, well, LIKE Kirby. I wouldn't pay $50 for the new one (even though those big moves are awesome), but I guess I'll play some Kirby's Adventure.

You know, it's really annoying to type "Kirby". stupid keyboard setup

I didn't know the new kirby game came out. Gotta try it.

Ah, Jim, you expressed my opinions better I could have.

We're all glad to have Kirby back where he belongs, and we thank god for that. And for you.

My GOD! He's right! Kirby is a heartless killing machine who wont stop until the whole of the world rests within his fluffy pink body! And I'm completely fine with it.

Um, Viva Pinata is also quite "horrifying."

Incest, needless murder, selling animals off, trapping animals, hacking animals down with a shovel, drowning them, and planting weeds that make them sick while refusing to call a doctor.

I love the Kirby games too, but that last shot may have just scared me for life.

Lay off the acid, Jim!

i question what he was smoking before he made this and who knew jim actually has eyes under those glasses

I want what Jim's smoking.

I'm starting to think that maybe Jim can be a Kirby fan.

You know, I haven't really played Kirby that much since around the time Nightmare in Dreamland came out. I need to rectify that sometime soon.

Irnoic since your avatar has Kirby ALREADY STOLLEN SONIC'S EYESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:


OT: Who can't love the cute little lovecrafitian horror? :D

There's a reason my username is Alphakirby.
Because Kirby is fucking awesome.
Also,I'm surprised that Jim never mentioned the infamous 02 but mention it's predecessor 00.

The second half of that was immense.

Seriously, HA.

...Well, I would have Celebrated Kirby day...if you had let me know EARLIER, jim!

FYI, Kirby is one of my favorite game series. Nice and accessible for some mindless action, but also with a nice layer of challenge if you want to find all the hidden stuff (Kirby dreamland 2 is my favourite, and it can get rediculously hard to get all the rainbow drops in that game)

you're addressing this to someone who's had Kirby's Dreamland as their ringtone for 2 years ... I applaud this holiday!

Well, Jim Sterling, great man that he is, has solved a problem I had! I Was having technical difficulties with a game I was going to LP, and needed another game to fill time...well Jim comes out of nowhere with Kirby Day and tells me exactly what I'll be LPing next!

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror LP, go!


A Cthulhu game could easily be made by modding a Kirby game.

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