Jimquisition: National Kirby Day

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Don't even blink!, it will suck your soul!

Just another example why you should be careful what you let your children play. This are real deal.

Jim's Jason Voorhees/Kirby comparison totally sounds like something that could fit in this video:

Jim Sterling:
National Kirby Day

Are you at work? Well tell your bosses that they have no right to keep you? Today is a national holiday and if you're not paying tribute to the pink one, you've got some explaining to do. National Kirby Day is a day to be observed by everybody, and the Jimquisition will find you if you're not celebrating.

Watch Video

Jim, your video all but forced me to make this image. :)


Kirby Super Star can't possibly be the best platformer ever. because Kirby Super Star Ultra exists, and is all that and *MORE*.

I literally burst out laughing during this. Incredibly well done!

Just another example why you should be careful what you let your children play. This are real deal.

Jim's Jason Voorhees/Kirby comparison totally sounds like something that could fit in this video:

I know it has nothing to do with the actual thread but man... There is being crazy and there is being ignorant. That guy succeeds in being a crazy ignorant liar. I mean, sure, he spins a funny story... But am I the only person who thinks that if I had been stabbed I would want to go to hospital and not to a church for coffee?


OT: I lolled. But I have never played a Kirby game. Just aint my thing, I am a strategy gamer.

Uh, I'm going to the lone voice of dissent and say the second half of that vid was not for me. I respect the attemptted humour but for me it fell a bit flat.

I did like the point where he compared himself to kirby though. That was funny.

Kind of glad I'm not the only one to realize just what kind of horrible monster Kirby is, though technically There Will Be Brawl also had this.

I agree about that. He truly is a monsterous villain. I still like saying that Kirby is the destroyer of worlds, for he consumes eveything in his path.

Haha! Another great episode. But I think a lot of cute child-friendly games can be nightmarish if you look at them from a different perspective. Pokemon is an obvious one. Capturing wild animals against their will and forcing them to fight, constantly knocking each other out, criminal syndicates, etc. etc.

Jim is definitely not the only person who noticed Kirby's violent tendencies. I'm surprised he didn't use any clips from "There will be Brawl" Damn hannibal kirby was frightening.


Thank you posting this video, I tried to find it, but I couldn't.

I saw this video a few months ago, and I have to say, It's frightenly accurate about kirby.


I laughed, hard. Well done, Jim. Now that was bloody funny.
Never thought about Kirby like that, tho... But now it all makes perfect sense.

I never thought I'd enjoy the Jimquisition that much. It's more or less my favourite show on here now. Well done, Jim.

I still find these shows to be hit and miss, some of them are actually good and others are just attention seeking 3rd grade trolling. This Kirby episode was one of the good ones, he has a very strong point about how Kirby is just a fun game, it has no pretense of being anything more and that's its charm. Too many games now try to do the whole hyper realism thing or the GAEMZ ARE ART thing (some do it well but most fail) At the end of the day I play a game to have fun, that's top of the list always and Kirby is a damn good example of a game that's just good fun.


I always thought of Kirby as Hannibal Lecter, with the cannibalism and everything... with some Buffalo Bill in there for all the skin-wearing Kirby seems to enjoy. I really need to get the new one considering Kirby Superstar is still my favorite co-op game of all time.

Thats kinda funny you think that, considering that in "There will be brawl" Kirby is just that, Hannibal Lecter in pink ball form.

He was super effing creepy. Just as a live-action Kirby should! :D

Now Jim, do you think you should be eating sweets? (lol)

I've never really been a huge Nintendo fan and have never played Kirby in anything but Super smash bros games, but now kirby games start to seem appealing, still I've Ordered stronghold 3 and Arkham city so they are priority at the moment.

dreamland is a terrible place to live constantly under attack from eldritch horrors and your only chance to survive is a anti hero who will kill you if you're in his way.
Still prefer it over the world of Pokémon.

Just another example why you should be careful what you let your children play. This are real deal.

Jim's Jason Voorhees/Kirby comparison totally sounds like something that could fit in this video:

funny truly funny how fundamentalist are so stupid

and your video got my to find a similar video
which was also funny

how could they spew so much bullshit
i will toss in a few more
ok this last on is just a scam and is full of more bull then all of this videos combined
over all thank you with video it got me a good laugh this morning

well that's all i have to say my comment on regarding jim's video is on the first page



He's also cute and cuddly, and green, but...he eats his enemies, transforms them into fetuses with shells...AND THEN USES HIS OWN ABORTIONS AGAINST HIS FOES.

I repeat.


How fucked up is that?

Well, I know what to expect in my nightmares for the next two weeks, thanks for that, Jim.

Funny review, sad to the see "different kind of difficulty" bollocks resurface again though. The form of a game (or any kind of story) is structured so that the payoff comes from making progress and reaching/beating the end. If this has no challenge to it, then the payoff is devalued and doesn't offer any satisfaction. Giving yourself something arbitrary to do for its own sake cannot replace that; it's difficulty without context or payoff and it doesn't add weight back to the main story (main experience, whatever).

Good news for people concerned about easy difficulty. Beating the game once unlocks a New Game+ mode which halves your health and changes enemy and boss patterns. Here's a video of the first boss in New Game+.

That dance Jim did, scared my love for Kirby.

Kirby's victor dances are awesome though.

I am Commander MmmFiber, and this is my favorite show on the Escapist.

-shutters at the end- Duh huh huh huh...

I don't get it....I just don't. He knows that he's just saying "like this because I do". He knows we know this. Once or twice (CoD, Dynasty warriors) might just be ignored as trolling for fun. But 3 times? With 2 in close sucession? I just don't see what he stands to gain from it.

Well... I will never look at Kirby the same way again.

Just another example why you should be careful what you let your children play. This are real deal.

Jim's Jason Voorhees/Kirby comparison totally sounds like something that could fit in this video:

Excuse me while I lol :D

Seriously, that is the most stupid thing I have ever seen. MOST. *snorts*

Here are some real gems:

"Their [Pokemon's] names are names of demons"

And, because they're "oriental", that makes it "evil". Nice.



Also, "kids are deluding themselves"? These guys seem to be deluding themselves with phrases such as: "We're god's chosen ones, and only people who say what we do are going to heaven!" and "The power of god convinced people to think like we do! Because any other way would be wrong!"

NO! I missed "National Kirby Day!" damn it! Kirby is awesome, especially the music. I LOVE THE MUSIC! It has some of the most awesome boss themes ever too. Kirby needs more love damn it!

I want what Jim's smoking.

Are you sure?

It's very possible you'll die. Only Jim can withstand enough of that stuff to get really high.

No thank god for me?
Who are you? What have you done with Jim?

Also, why no International Kirby day?
Now I don't get to celebrate it :(

What? No, no, he's not Jason Vorhees, he's Hannibal Lector! Remember There Will Be Brawl? It all fit so well, the seemingly endearing cute pink blob, hiding the psychotic, cannibalistic, nightmare beneath!

Although, really, Jim, you should have let us know about the Holiday in advance. I can't participate now, thanks a lot. :/

jim should watch "There will be Brawl" kirby is evil in it.

Shouldnt Kirby day be on April 27th?

Aw man, I missed the holidays :(
Still, great episode, as always my favourite ones are when the gamer in you come out!

Hail Kirby, our terrifying and unstoppable new overlord!!

Jim, I have to say this and be deadly serious about it while I do.

You are a fucking glorious maniac, and I love you.
That possessed dance at the end had me in stitches!

Fuck it, I'm trading in Arkham City tomorrow and getting a Kirby game. I haven't even finished it yet....

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