Pick Your Own Path: Silent Hill

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Pick Your Own Path: Silent Hill

Pick your path wisely as you travel through Silent Hill.

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Gruesome, but entertaining.

I couldn't getthe first rank ending, but I am fine with the third.

That was pretty fun, I was sad I didn't get 1st ranking, but I got 3rd, so I will be happy with that.

I think I will be doing this a few more times just to see what I missed.

very good atmosphere.

That was fun. Really dug it.
Got rank 2, because I'm headstrong!

It was cool at first but it really feels like whoever wrote it got bored with the concept at some points.

"Have you seen my baby? She's baby-sized and smells like poop."

I was into it at first, but that line killed any interest I had in it.

This was seriously amazing. I kept getting into it, determined to beat it. I died perhaps 5x within the story, yet however... my first result led me to get the 8th ending out of 8 endings. That was no go (I am to naive so that's why I fell for that one) so I retook it with no deaths, and ended up getting the 3rd ending out of 8 endings.

So brilliant and fun indeed, I loved it. The craziest part was that one of my deaths was because I dug in the church ending up being killed by an over sized worm like centipede. That was gruesome. However, I felt that 3rd probably suits me best since I too would sacrifice myself to look after children in Silent Hill. Fantastic job, I loved this challenge.

Damn you , Hose. lol
that was fun!

After Much clicking I finally managed to achieve all the endings.

BTW 1 of 8 sucked
and 3 of 8 was the best
or was it 4 of 8....

anyway that was fun and I enjoyed it. THank you

Excellent writing, I admit I would pick the obvious end-of-line choices just to see how you would describe them. I especially enjoyed the slightly smart-ass lines like "damaging your head, spine, and ability to live". And the random deaths made more (relative) sense in this one then in the Bioshock Pick your Path. Well done sir, well done.

I have to admit that reminded me of when I used to read goosebumps, but if I have to complain, it's that the best endings are the Alien and the gag endings, other than that it was good and rather interesting what the "real" best ending was.

Even though I already posted in this one, I must say I got curious about every possible event. Instead of just clicking 'Next' (cause to me that's cheating), I clicked on different events to see what would happen even though I sort of knew some were obviously going to get me killed.

I finally managed to find out about ending 1 out of 8 ... but, personally as I stated above I am far more satisfied with result 3 out of 8 endings. The 2nd one was awesome yet oddly funny which I wasn't satisfied fully with anyhow. The other endings... were just flat out gruesome or depressing. Well done once again, usually I am not that devoted to finding out things so your Silent Hill Adventure game sure made me get deeply into it. 20/10 stars to you!!

P.S: Reason I find the 3rd ending out of 8 endings the best is because
- It suits me as a caring person.
- Love kids, they're great to be around.
- Wouldn't be happy sleeping at nights knowing they have no one taking care of them in Silent Hill.
- Sounds like a good ending overall. Even better then the first ending out of 8 endings.

In spite of some rather distracting occurences of sloppy English ("a dark plume of smokes invades my lungs"? What does that even mean?), very enjoyable so far. I always liked the simplicity of text in conveying atmosphere.

okay gorammit i give up hahaha...

Stupid Pyramid Head getting me at every turn.

I'll have to have a decent crack at this another time.

Awesome CYOA thing, though I found the ranking of some of the endgins odd (being turned into a werewolf is BETTER than slowly getting over your loss and working in and....?!)

So am I right in assuming:

So am I right in assuming:

This is what happened actually (not jumping on your case but letting you know ^_^)-

Dammit, I was doing just fine until Pyramid Head showed up...as usual.

Went for the big skylight entrance at the boat place.

This was awesome, more of these, please?

Im glad i rescued him....

I ended up choosing th efunniest options and ended up getting 3rd.

Note to self:
If it's funny, it WILL kill you.

Can anyone actually get the lst ending legitimately? Its on page 99, but I have no idea how to get there. I actually spent quite a while writing out every possible choice I came across and crossed out the ones that don't work. Now I've crossed them all out, and that leaves me to believe that its not possible. Not cool.

I thought since throwing the old man to the ground worked so well, smacking the kid with the radio might as well. I was wrong. -__-

I was about to suggest a iPhone app for this since I have really enjoyed going through these things conveniently in the palm of my hand but then I realized that I still can through them simply through the internet :D

I love these, don't stop making'em Escapist!

Small error:

Page 37:

Page 44:

Well,I've just wasted an hour trying to work out the way to get the 1st ending. For the life of me I cannot figure it out. Wish I could have found the clues the author said he included, but dunno if I'm just missing something.

If anyone does know the way to accomplish it, wanna PM me? Dying of curiosity here...

Yeah, I literally clicked on every single option throughout the story and still couldn't get the first ending.

Got 7th, 5th and 4th. First RPG i played because it was about silent hill and it didn't make me want to play another.

I think I have an idea how to get the first ending.

Gonna see what I find.

EDIT: Okay I found something.

I totally thought the little icon on the front page was Jin-Roh...

I got excited for nothing...

I think I have an idea how to get the first ending.

Gonna see what I find.

EDIT: Okay I found something.

If the

are the clue, then the fourth one is the one on I tried to , but got nothing. What now?

Alright, I found the link to the secret ending page, but it still doesn't make any sense. What are the four clues? They apparently have nothing to do with

, those seem to be hints for another, almost-secret ending...

I've found the four clues which tell you exactly how to get the 1st ending:

btw: Once you have seen the clues you wonder how you could possibly not have see them before. But the first time around I didn't notice them either. They were disguised pretty smartly by giving them a fitting context.

And about the 2nd ending:

Right then, Storytelling 101: pick a tone and stick with it. This story any emotional impact from the sheer virtue of having an equally emphasized opposite to any given mood it rise to impress on us. If you're a troper, you know this as Mood Whiplash.

This is a Silent Hill interactive game. And with very, very few exceptions, Silent Hill is about as inherently funny as a brain tumor. So if you're going to be trying to emphasize comedy in a story set in Silent Hill, you'd better be really good at comedy writing. And for the love of God, you'd better stick to your premise.

It's almost painful to read this. Any and all emotional impact this story has is almost instantly screwed up by a poor attempt at slapstick comedy. A grieving father struggling to unearth the shallow grave where his infant might be? And a quasi-demonic entity is trying to get you to pour the contents of a mysterious bottle onto the grave under the pretenses that it could bring him/her back? Alright, great.

But if you want to defy this doppleganger? You can't just throw the bottle away and break it, or even dump it out on a patch of ground outside the grave, so sir. You have to dump it over your head. A mysterious liquid...that you thought was something more than you were being told...and your way of getting rid of it was to dump it over your own head? Great work, Hoovler: now the protagonist is a retard, too.

It pops up in countless other places, most of them death scenes, but all in all, it's just horribly out of place. Some goes for the images you so "graciously" provided on every page. Nothing breaks the already non-existent narrative flow like providing what looks like elderly version of Gary Busey as the page image for a crazy old man.

But that's just the problem with the overall mood. It tries to be too many things, and it fails at all of them as a result. I'd say "Jack of all trades, master of none," but that would at least imply proficiency, and that the things weren't getting in the way of one another. The other issue? OP is a shit DM.

Most people who've played RPGs know what railroading is. This is one of the worst examples of railroading I've ever seen in recent memory, and made only worse by the author's inability to write a compelling story. Approaching the fire station and choosing your approach? Doesn't matter what option you pick: somehow, your clumsy ass is going to smash through a window. How did that even happen, you might ask? Look, a distraction! I mean, a monster!

The bit with the skeleton in the boat is even worse. I know you're trying to make it funny (it didn't work) with the death scene for the wrong choice, but the only way you can do it is by forcing words into our mouths and actions onto our limbs that we didn't agree to. You'd think that if players chose to call a spectre out on his murderous habits because someone had murdered him, they probably didn't intend for you to say that that meant blaming him for his own murder while deciding to stand up in a moving motorboat.

There's too many other instances to count. It's not enough for Hoovler to say "You tried something and it was unrealistic and didn't happen/you tried it and it didn't immediately work, try something else." Half the choices in this story involve addtional, much more specific and much more stupid choices that Hoovler decided to make on your behalf, and most of them result in you dying.

Even if they were amazingly-written, the comedy would fail because of the drama and gore it's transposed against, and the drama would fail because the hero is a suicidal schizophrenic and the author can't stop trying to be funny. From what I've seen in the thread, he actually thought out an interesting way to hide the absolute best possible ending, but when everything else is this terrible, I'm going to assume that he only hid it that well because he didn't grasp that it's supposed to be in-story choices that affect the ending, not meta ones.

You know how I got the best ending in this story? I closed the tab that had it up, and then moved on to better things.

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