Trailers: Mario Kart 7 - Pre-order Trailer

Mario Kart 7 - Pre-order Trailer

Mario Kart enters the second decade of the 21st century with a bang.

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Now I regret the pre-order for this game less than ever. Only thing I don't like is that they're bringing back coins... that was NOT needed. I love the idea of driving under water, could mean some decent alternative strategies of it's done right. All I know is that I will most likely love this.

Im a nintendo fan. Ive had a nintendo system since the N64. I think its time for nintendo to move on from the retreads. They ran mario party into the ground and now I feel they are doing the same to mario kart.

The swimming/flying looks more like soaring/driving under water. Diddy Kong racing did it right back on the n64 with different paths based on your type of vehicle. This preview doesnt look nearly as deep and varied as diddy kong was.

Nintendo I love but you need to do something *new*. Pikmin was a good start...and it then just died after the gamecube..

Oh, Nintendo. I use to love playing everything you brought me, but I no longer feel that joy. This new Mario Kart looks far less exciting than previous titles. I will be forever hopeful that you, someday, figure out what the hell you're doing...

Oh look, more Mariokart 64. -_0. Well at least i should be greatful they didn't actually re-release an N64 title and sell it to people 10 years late for full pri- Oh year right.


-underwater driving
-metal mario
-skyguy! (I loved playing as him in MKDS its a shame he wasn't unlockable)
-raccoon tail
-fire balls!

Aslong as the controls are tight like MKDS and not loose like MKWii I'll be a happy camper.

Luigi's Mansion level? Well, it's a start.


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