Feed Dump: Dinosaurs

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Hey, was it just me, or did paul sound a LOT like a covenant Grunt being blow'd up by a grenade, when he was being pounced by the hoodysarus?


This was certainly the funniest Feed Dump I've seen yet.
It's no lie that the moment I heard "bees" that I already started having a laughing fit.

BTW, this isn't a complaint, but I find it interesting that Jer is in alot of videos even though he announced his temporary departure

It was addressed in the LRR podcast, apparently he's simply still around a lot. They say they see him just as much as they usually do.

Nice one guys, I want to see that bee movie! And I agree, it was too good not to use again!

Reports of his departure are wildly exaggerated!

Other than the factual-ness of the underwater dinosaurs bit (which aren't actually dinosaurs, they're marine reptiles!), one of the best episodes yet!

how are the hatistics gonna handle a thingonpaulshead?

the WORLD is Paul's head...as long as it's things on his head

Paul can make anything a hat simply by placing it on his head. Yes.

Sorry to break it to you guys , but this one is probably one of your weakest episodes of Feed Dump.


it needed some Kathleen.

Japanese Wasps?


(Pauses video and googles "Japanese Wasps")

Seriously, do not open if you are either Apiphobic or Melissophobic.

They've finally run out of hats!

Paul has the best "being mauled by a dinosaur" scream ever

"allergic to anthrax"? what the... :P *lol* still funny but not my favorite episode

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