Battlefield 3 Review

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Out of curiosity, for a game like this, why didn't you do separate reviews for the single player and the multiplayer like for Blops? Seems like it was warranted here.

We did that in the past when editors felt they were better suited to only comment on one aspect of the gameplay. I enjoy both avenues of singleplayer and multiplayer so no such splitting was required.

Ah, okay. Great review! I feel like it was very accurate.


Do you have anyone who can look over this site and fix the problem with EA and these Battlefield 3 Hacks? I have four people in my clan using the hack and it's simply not fair the way these guys can see every single enemy on the screen. The last guy using it had 17,000 points and was ranked 50 already. I'm currently serving in the Marine Corp and Battlefield 3 is what I do to relax (believe it or not).... but these cheaters have made me so mad. What can I do? It doesn't seem like anything.

I called EA support FIVE TIMES (was on the phone for 90 mins total) and every person I talked to said the game had no hacks out for it. I even sent them to the website and showed them the videos and screens and they said they were fake... c'mon, are they serious?

I also tried to post asking for help on the EA Forums and every single time they delete my post. After spending $60 and EA made $5 Million in sales the FIRST WEEK I think a deserving LEGIT player like me deserves some sort of answer about a fix. Can you help?

Chris Johnson

Wow that sucks, take your story to the Battlefield 3 reddit my friend. They have a community manager from DICE on there who's pretty cool so if your story gets upvoted you could well get noticed.

I really feel this game is more enjoyable on the PC, I've played Xbox and PC so far, Xbox version belonging to my brother and overall, the PC version actually got me hooked on the game, while the Xbox version felt kinda meh. It's weird. I'm talking about the multiplayer here and general setup. Not the graphics, actually. Plus, I've grown really fond of Battlelog, which I can't even figure out why some people are complaining about.

Origin hasn't proved a bother either, I hardily even look at it, spending most of my time either playing or glaring at the battle log, eh. Now, I did however have some problems with getting my connection timed out in the middle of games, which I didn't have on the xbox. However, that solved itself when I forwarded ports, as I havn't ever since.

As for the campaign, It's.. okay, I guess. I didn't buy this game to play that myself though. I remember back in the days when I used to play Battlefield 2k, The futuristic one. That was awesome, what with titans and all. This game helped revive some of those fond memories, although could still do with the titans:D

To clarify, on the Origin part, I got an account just to play this game, was it worth it? Hell yes.

I am actually really enjoying Battlelog. There have been heaps of bugfixes to it that would normally be put in a patch we have to download. Instead they just update their own end over a half hour period. So much easier.

Being educated at uni in various methods of software development probably helps me to realise how ingenious this system is but I really think this is a new direction games will head into. Especially with the continued rise of cloud computing.

Ah, I`l buy it when it gets on a steam sale... Never you say? ok, I will never get it legaly then.

Is there still that graphics problem? Having to download a package to get HD graphics? I remember a thread about it a while ago, Does it affect the 360?

Anyway, i'll probably pick this up for chrimbo, getting MW3 then as well so i get to compare and see which one i like ;D

Is there still that graphics problem? Having to download a package to get HD graphics? I remember a thread about it a while ago, Does it affect the 360?

Anyway, i'll probably pick this up for chrimbo, getting MW3 then as well so i get to compare and see which one i like ;D

There is a texture pack for the 360 on the second disc. I'm fairly sure you don't have to download it.

I don't think it exactly a bad thing you don't feel anything for the characters. The vast majority of people playing this game (not to mention those who developed it) don't even think about what it's actually like to be in a combat situation, and treat the characters they are playing as as expendable. So that's what they become.

And actually, that's what I think is one of the strongest elements of this kind of modern warfare fps. In general you are playing an average, working class man who has essentially been paid by his government (and by extension the vast military-industrial complex) to die in order to further territorial and financial gain. What these games show, although I doubt anyone making or playing them gives it a second thought, is that the people pulling our strings don't care about our lives...even the slightest bit.

Don't throw "single soldier dies, national tragedy" news stories at me because they're just concocted to assuage the guilty conscience of those who want to think they care but actually don't.

The MOST disgusting optimized game I have EVER played.

Constant crashes, gliches, problems, crashes, did I mention crashes, Minimizing working games followed by crashes.

Horrendous effort

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