No Right Answer: Lethal Weapon Vs. Die Hard

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Lethal Weapon Vs. Die Hard

You can never have too much of a good thing, unless that good thing is machismo. Body oder becomes intense, fists get thrown and no one ask for directions ... ever. So if there is only room for one action movie series on the shelf, which will it be? The boys take Die Hard vs Lethal Weapon to the gym, and see who benches the most.

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A great fan of Die Hard since I grew up with the movies, but Chris puts up a good argument.

And PMSL at the quote of the week.

I thought "Die Hard with a clown" was the adult movie.
And Chris, you won by pointing out that Lethal Weapon has become reality: I totally agree with you getting a point for each fact you said there.

How on earth did you manage to defeat the _Alan Rickman_ argument? He's frickin' Alan frickin' Rickman?

I take my hat off to you sir

Why did Chris get a point for "Gary Busey is officially to old for this shit"? That doesn't even mean anything!

Seriously, why does Chris ALWAYS win?

I side with Lethal Weapon...mostly because I've watched the movies tons of times...and never actually seen Die Hard. >.>

I have to vote Die Hard. Lethal Weapon, while a great film, is very much of its time. Die Hard, on the other hand, could just as easily be set today (swap out the Japanese corporate overlords for Chinese and away we go). Die Hard has a rare combination of a great, relatable-yet-badass hero, and a diabolically awesome villain.

Only reasoning you need with Gary Buesy is that he's, well, Gary Buesy.

Alan Rickman is much nicer than the overwhelming majority of his roles would make you think. He once followed my friend (who was working on a play he was in in London at the time) for 3 blocks trying to get her attention just to say good morning. His first words when she finally realized he was there were "That must be some bloody good music you're listening to."

Gary Busey still terrifies me, but I kind of want to work with him someday. Just to see if he's that nuts away from the media.

Going to have to disagree with the winner of this round.

Die Hard is vastly superior to Lethal weapon.

I really think Kyle should have just kept saying Bruce Willis' most famous line from that movie, over... and over... and over.....

Seriously his arguments did die hard no justice!

Lethal Weapon ain't got shit on this guy
That's all the argument you need

I'm with Die Hard.
Seriously, the original is probably my favorite action movie of all time... AND one of my all time favorite Christmas Movies too.
Bruce Willis as the hero and Alan Rickman as the villain. Really, what more could you ask for?

I haven't seen letal weapon but im going to say Die hard is better.

Also, die hard had Samuel L. Jackson

I couldn't have asked for a better intro.

Now that I thinkg about it, having Alan Rickman as a second dad would be awesome. Also, I didn't know he was Jafar.

I would have mentioned Bruce Willis shot himself in four and still got the bad guy. Toilet bomb for the win, low blow man, low blow.

The debate is stupid. I consider all debates of this kind silly to be honest. They have to both rank very very extremely high in my favourite action movie lists and so I see no reason to have a favourite.

I can't believe you guys even had this discussion. I don't know any guy who doesn't own and watch Die Hard on a regular basis. But Lethal Weapon? My mom is the only person I know who owns those movies, nobody else.

Bah, sucks that Die Hard didn't win.
Kyle, I like you, but you loose way too often :(

Didn't Lethal Weapon have Jet Li as a bad guy? That's a pretty terrifying concept right there... although loses points for the fact that Gibson and Glover manage to pull out a two on one win against him in the end.

Axe Cop makes makes a cameo. Awesome.

Die hard man. Always pick Die hard regardless if it's an option or not.

No matter who won, we all won. Both of these were great action movies. The sequels... the originals were great!

Best argument of all was that Lethal Weapon has become real.

The debate is stupid. I consider all debates of this kind silly to be honest. They have to both rank very very extremely high in my favourite action movie lists and so I see no reason to have a favourite.

You do realize half the point of these is to be funny. You're not actually supposed to take them seriously.

Personally, I think Die Hard deserves the title for one reason- the main character has to do so much, relying only on himself and doesn't ask for much in return. Pretty close match, sadly Chris got the extra point for saying the guy was to old. Not sure how that counted.

Well, in some of the other movies he- NO, no.. am sticking with what I said. Well done debate, I laughed pretty hard with the teeth argument.

Frozen Donkey Wheel2:
Why did Chris get a point for "Gary Busey is officially to old for this shit"? That doesn't even mean anything!

Seriously, why does Chris ALWAYS win?

Today he won so Dan wouldn't have to sacrifice himself to Gary Busey.

Die Hard. You can beat Sgt. Al Powell, AKA Carl Winslow from "Family Matters." The real actor's name is Reginald VelJohnson in case you were wondering. In Die Hard 1 & 2.

I love both movies but Die hard is the better movie and you have to give credit to a movie that changed the way the action hero works. Before this the standard was the scharzenegger/stallone type hero who could murder an army without getting a scratch. If you look at John Mcclane how he looks at the start at the movie and how he ends up. He's pimp shirt goes from white to greenish over the course of this movie.I watch this movie every Christmas.

Die Hard and Die hard 3 is actually one of the few movies where i cheer for the villian just because of the brilliance of their scheme, especially Die Hard 3.

I haven't actually seen Lethal Weapon so I can't comment on whether or not it should have won, although I love the hell out of Die Hard.

What I can comment on however is the following: the term is 'Actoire'. 'Bee meuvie actoire' if we're being technical.

Die Hard has alot more merit as iconic action films go than the Lethal Weapon series and you didn't really argue the fact that Die Hard has better villains, you just mentioned that Gary Busey is crazy. (Which is like saying water is wet.) Plus if you had to compare villain to villain through each movie. (1 to 1 2 to 2 3 to 3, etc.) Die Hard's villains are much more malicious and extreme in their goals.

One word: Yippee ki-yay, melon farmer!

Die Hard mixed the smooth beginning (take off your shoes! make fists with your toes!) with good humour and lots of action, most of it being violence against greedy and evil criminal folks. If that's not good, clean fun, I don't know what is.

Lethal Weapon had great scenes and onion-munching, shoulder-dislocating freak Mel Gibson was a big asset in its appeal... but Die Hard was just perfect - and still is!

Die hard ftw i say.

I love movies that throw you into a harsh situation which gets worse as time passes, just like RealLife[tm] does. Rest of the movie just shows how a guy tries to deal with it so nobody gets hurt and the bad guys dont win.

Not even gonna watch the video cos Die Hard is the best action movie ever made!

Foul play! Chris proposes the topic and then goes on to select Lethal Weapon knowing that Kyle would be happy to defend superior action flick... but he did some thinking beforehand, the sly bastard, coming up with devious arguments involving actors real life personalities. Well done mister Pranger, well done.

How did Lethal Weapon win?

The movies are awfully forgetable and stuck in the era in which they were made where as the Diehard films even the not so good ones are still memorable and great to watch.

It's always an 'oh awesome Die Hard is on' reaction to seeing it on tv. Lethal weapon is a 'meh, maybe if I have nothing else to watch'.

Definitely a dumb result. The kyle guy needs to try harder and points need to be given for good points not just after someone finishes a sentence.

When you listed "Gary Busey may actually try to kill you in real life, Mel Gibson really did go crazy, and Danny Glover is now officially too old for this Shit" I agreed 100% with Dan for giving you a point for each of those very valid points!

Also hell'a funny XD

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