The Big Picture: Skin Game

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PeTA also directly funded domestic terrorists. Look up Rodney Coronado.

I hate PETA. I really do. Look, I'm all for animal rights (even if I can't give up eating meat), but this... THIS just makes me sick! PETA is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites who can't see that what they are doing is sick and wrong. It's like the saying goes, "Some people are alive only because it's illegal to shoot them." But while drawing attention to them is generally a bad thing, I highly support drawing attention to their misdeeds so then I can sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

So to PETA and all of their supporters (at least, the ones who willingly support them even knowing what they do) I say this: ...kindly go fuck off and leave my cat and dog out of this!

...You fucking hypocrites.

Probably the best thing Bob's ever done. Very nice work.

aegix drakan:
Ok, I knew MOST of all this stuff (thanks to Penn and Teller's Bullshit).

But really? They condone trapping pets to kill them off? They actually adopt healthy animals only to slaughter them?! They dump the bodies into other people's dumpsters?!

...Jeez, I thought I couldn't hate their guts much more than I already did.

Prepare to hate them even more

I have other sources on this if you wish.

Bob, I'm glad you took a stance on this issue and did an episode about it...but it seems like we've had a few heavy episodes these past few weeks ^^;;

Can we please have a more fun one next week?

The Great JT:
I say we euthanize PETA with the same implements they use.

I say we feed them to animals. It'll do the animals more good than any of their insane stunts.

Great episode

You know I've always observed peta with an apathetic disdain. Now, I just want that entire organization to be demolished and their administration to meet a violent end. I'm wholeheartedly disgusted by them at this point.

Seeing the title, I thought "This is not going to be interesting." Watched it anyway, and it turned out to be very interesting. Thumbs up, Bob.

Oh wow I knew they were sketchy, but they actually go around mass killing animals? geezus the irony is incredible.



Great episode about PeTA, Bob, though I disagree with many of your positions regarding animals. For starters, there should be no such thing as "crimes against animals."

Really? So you wouldn't consider it to be a bad thing if you starved a dog nearly to death, chained it up so that skin actually grew around the metal of the chain, and threw rocks at it for having the audacity to beg its owner for some food, until it inevitably died a long and painful death?

I'm unabashedly apathetic to the pain of my fellow man who is scattered all around the globe, I see no reason why I should feel any differently towards animals. If it helps you get some perspective, I do not believe that there is any such thing as "rights"; the concept of "rights" is a social construct that is fully contingent on the time and place that they exist in.


Great episode about PeTA, Bob, though I disagree with many of your positions regarding animals. For starters, there should be no such thing as "crimes against animals."

Yes, it's not like they can feel anything.

No, it's more to do with me not caring than with animals not having feelings.

Strangely enough, I can't really argue with that. Still, I think you're basically a sociopath.

Like most attention whores, I try not to give PETA the time of day unless there's a good joke to be made out of them. ie: their outrage over a tanuki suit that may not be real fur while ignoring almost 30 years of turtle abuse.

At best they're freaks that think we can undo milinnea of domestication of farm animals. At worst, they're promosexuals: assholes that exist on a diet of media attention that they don't care how they get, even if they hurt their own cause.

Wow. Just... wow.

I've mostly just ignored the crap out of PETA because, well, I love leather, meat, and fur. Sorry, that's just me.

However, I do believe that Animals should be treated as kindly as possible (up until their killing for my food/wardrobe needs) and do my best to support groups that advocate for better living conditions.

Anyway, now that I've said that...

I am completely amazed by this. The loudest, most annoying pro-animal group is actually in favor of killing my cat? That's just... wow.

Thank you, Movie Bob. Now, when PETA members annoy me, I'll just link your video and say "pet murderers!" ^^

Although you have been going a bit off-base recently, I do so enjoy getting news from you. And to be honest, just yesterday before watching this I saw an image online with those stats about PETA already.

In 2006, out of their impounded animals (which is in the several tens of thousands if I recall), a 94% death rate was there.
In 2008, a 96% death rate.

So yeah, PETA:
Probably Euthanizing The Animals

Oh my God!, this was an eye opener for me, I did not know PeTA worked that way!

Be nice if bob did one on greenpeace. Always felt like PETA and GREENPEACE operated the same way.

.. So, PETA was caught dumping dog/puppy.. pet corpses in people's trash cans?? Did.. I hear that right, spite replaying that part 3x because if that is true by any means of what you just said Bob, then-


Why would they take in perfectly healthy animals, to only end up killing them? Why is it that PETA is not only hypocritical, but they also can get away with the number of animals they killed? Glad you spoke out against them Bob, sometimes attention can be a bad thing as PETA seemed to desperately want. Along those lines, I worked at an Animal Shelter for 2 years.

We hardly ever had to put animals down thus a ton of animals get adopted within the following weeks (especially during the Holidays). They need homes, and if PETA fails to realize that I take perfectly good care of my cat then they serve no purpose.. in fact they're doing more harm then good so PETA should stop existing.

i never trusted peta and now i see the truth, im going to stick with ASPCA.

Well played Movie Bob, well played. Very good video.

Oh yeah, that IS the actual big picture.

PETA doesn't sound like an animal rights group if they're euthanizing sheltered animals. Considering their reason for killing domestic animals is because they shouldn't have been domestic, it kind of seems like PETA are the Nazis of the animal rights world. I mean what else could you call what they are doing other than animal genocide against domesticated animals?

You forgot to mention one more important aspect of PETA, Bob. That being that they are constantly using said money from attention to fund the legal defense of eco-terrorists. One of the better known cases where they jumped to the aid of a known arsonist he torched part of a Michigan University because of an animal testing lab. Oh, and without releasing the animals.

Yeah, letting all the animals inside BURN TO DEATH is pretty ethical, isn't it PETA? You fucking morons.

Applause, applause!

Glass Joe the Champ:
Thanks Bob for doing an episode on this. There's nothing that bugs me more than a radical group that undermines the people they supposedly agree with. As an vegan and animal rights activist, I feel like a Christian probably does with Westboro Baptist Church.

And thanks for mentioning ASPCA at the end. They're a much better group to donate to if anyone is interested.

except you could argue WBC is the more rigidly fundamentalist of christian sects.

I still allege that PETA need to apply its ethics to humans since they are animals; see how that works for them.

Father Time:

The Great JT:
I say we euthanize PETA with the same implements they use.

I say we feed them to animals. It'll do the animals more good than any of their insane stunts.

Don't do that, you'd give the poor critters a stomach ache considering how rotten PETA is.

On topic, I've always been one for animal rights, but under NO circumstances do I condone this crap PETA does. If I ever saw them within fifty feet of one the many cats I've owned over the years I'd go ballistic

I knew PETA were assmonkeys, but to compare the holocaust to battery farming? That's crossing a line. I'm not saying that battery farming isn't bad, but it is only chickens being raised for food. It is not the single minded murder of an entire race of people.

But what can you expect from a bunch of hypocrites? Especially when they say you shouldn't use medicines that have been tested on animals, but one of their top people uses pig derived insulin. It's those fun little facts that they don't like people talking about

Wow, Bob did hit right on the head. Gamers took to the internet en masse and complained about what they said. I forgot PETA even existed until that happened, then I forgot they existed again, 30 seconds later. And here is why: They didn't make a statement at all with that game.

It defies logic that anyone would pay attention to them at all when this is there version of being "activists".

Haha, internet got trolled. Good job, PETA.

I... Uh... Wow.

I heard the joke "PETA, the environmentalist that other environmentalists avoid at parties" but I thought that because they were just a bunch of attention whores. I had no idea they were actually corrupted, pet-murdering fascists.

This should be common knowledge by now. Kudos Bob, for making more people aware of this.

I knew PeTA were asshats but totally unaware they were sick twisted evil fucks! Cheers bob!

PETA as an organization has gone the same route as Green Peace and the Sierra Club, except that they started out being batshit insane, instead of having the crazies take over after all the sensible ones left or got forced out.

Could I have information on why Green Peace has gone bad please?

I'm not criticising you or anything, its just I used to be involved with Green Peace and would certainly like to know if I was inadvertently co-operating with an organisation with a sketchy past. Knowledge is, after all, power.

OT: Very enlightening. Before I thought they were just inappropriate and a bit of a nuisance, but now I am downright opposed to them. 90% kill rate for animals is NOT an animal rights group.

Bob, today you are justice

Oh, Bob. You're so awesome it actually kinda hurt.

It's sad that not more people know about this, thanks for doing your part Bob!

Thanks Bob. I have been informing people of these practices for years (including a girlfriend who was a member, had multiple animals as pets, and no idea they were actually against her). One more addition, PETA funds terrorist activities by animal rights extremists.

The whole organization is a blight on our country, and sadly average people fund them because they think "I like animals, and so does PETA. I will give them money." If everyone knew what PETA was all about the vast majority of people would not give them a dime.

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