The Secret World Preview

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It finally occurred to me why this game gave me such ridiculous deja-vu:

1. Interchangeable, buffet-style skill system
2. Three secretive factions vying for control through indirect conflict
3. Aesthetics-only clothing, with stats kept separate
4. Separate story missions / side missions / main missions
5. Phone-it-in quest completion
6. Puzzles requiring out-of-game research
7. Inclusion of in-game browser to facilitate that research

It's The Matrix Online. Underappreciated after the SOE takeover and removal of the Live Events Team, but it was an interesting and very different type of MMO. It had a lot going for it, and it seems that most of that is being borrowed by The Secret World. I wonder if any former employees from Monolith are working at FunCom...

Loop Stricken:

Mooboo Magoo:
Subscription fees AND microtransactions?
No thank you. The game looks awesome though.

I assumed WoW would be the only game to continue doing this.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is launching next month as a subscription game. Rift is subscription, as are Eve, Aion, & numerous others. Many more like Age of Conan & Global Agenda make the pretence of being free to play, but require additional payment to allow access to the full game or particular contents.

I've been following The Secret World's development for four or five years, & look forward to its April release; it promises to deliver some ground-breaking features, particularly the meta-game. EA's recent arrival as publisher meant that this game will receive good publicity prior to its launch, & that's certainly been the case so far.

Even for free, I couldn't get very far in Age of Conan. There is a problem with mixing linear story-based gameplay with an MMO. It is wierd knowing everybody there has experienced the same turn of events I have. Good MMOs, from the beginning, let the actions within the world be unique to the player. 

This looks quite good, I might actually get in on this.

Well, at least there's something to look forward to, if TOR turns out as flawed as the beta players are suggesting.

I was a LOT more excited about this game when I didn't know it was an MMO. But, if it's handled right, I can get just as excited.

Also, Susan, the first sentence of this preview was awesome, I was enraptured the moment I hit that first period.

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