No Right Answer: Best Anime Series Ever

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I never watch this series, not sure why I tuned in for 5 seconds. Just long enough to rediscover that these guys have no taste.

Ahem. Didn't really like this episode, which is weird cuz I enjoy this particular discussion. I guess it was just weird to mess with the formula.
But yeah, digimon is just soo much better. Especially the games.

That was crap, Kyle! Clearly a spittake!
And giving a point for buying two small bottles of non-alcoholic liquor... ? You must be a cheap date :P

Yuru Yuri is the best anime ever, of course.

Like many other people on this thread, I'm going to say that neither of the two anime deserve that title at all. However, if we have to stick to those two, I would have to say that Digimon beats Pokemon any day. The problem with Pokemon was that it was formulaic since the first season and it never changed or showed any depth. The main character's goal was to catch all of the Pokemon that existed and Ash still hasn't achieved that goal after 10+ seasons and 25+ movies. Digimon, on the other hand, had a varying story and at least tried to have some sort of depth to it. You could expect a new story with every season and there were some emotional and dark moments. Bear in mind that those "Dark Moments" were dark for a kids show, but the story wasn't solely a device to move onto the next new critter that the show wanted to sell to kids.

Oh man, I barely consider Pokemon and Digimon to be anime, they are definitely cartoons first and foremost.

After 43 seconds I stopped this video. What the hell are they thinking? Pokemon or Digimon? Are they insane? From the gazilions of anime that are produced they choose those two?
They should have done Full Metal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell.

Hell I even would have found it more believable if they put Naruto against DBZ...
Bad one guys! Bad one.

Oh. I thought things like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, and Elfen Lied would've been brought up.

I think I lost time.

Hey I love Pokemon but the first two seasons of Digimon Adventures trump every season of Pokemon.
Having said that Pokemon is more iconic.

But nether of them are the best Anime series ever. That award goes to Cowboy Bebop for action and FLCL for Comedy/drama

Hmm ... the only Anime series I've watched in their entirety are Evangleion, Valkyuria, Love Hina, and Samurai Champloo.

I have watched a lot of Chibi Maruko-chan and Sazae-San however. They were on every Sunday since ... like ... forever. Other anime change time slots depending on their popularity at the time; but Maruko and Sazae have always dominated the Sunday night prime time slots.

EDIT: But a debate about two anime most people (outside of Japan) have never heard of would probably be a bit pointless.

Yeah, that should have been a little more specific. While I agree with the result (DIGIMON RULEZZZ!!1!11!), Pokemon is one of the longest running anime of all time with a pretty big number of followers. Perhaps set it against...DBZ? Or Naruto? (Although I hate Naruto but whatever).

But I completely agree with the arguments, once again. I started out as a hardcore Pokemon fan and I got into Digimon simply because "it looked like Pokemon". After the first or second Pokemon seasons, I started realizing that it is simply endless. Trained catches new Pokemon, Team Rocket tries to steal them in a very lame way, trained beats gym leaders, trainer goes to Indigo Plateau or whatever they call it nowadays, Trainer loses, rinse and repeat. Not only that, but while us original Pokemon fans grew older, it felt as though I had to leave Pokemon behind not because I got tired of it, but because it couldn't keep up with me. it was all the same, it was too cuddly and it was never ending.

On the other hand, Digimon gives every single character a personality. The protagonists are truly human, they laugh, they cry, they're mean, etc. And above all? They deal with death. Many of the Digidestined (I'll admit they lose major points for having corny definitions like that) had relatives or even Digimon who died and this leaves them heavily scarred, you know, much like it might happen if they were real human beings. The most well known for doing that would be Koji from Season 2, who was originally the main antagonist of the season, and Jerry, who witnesses Leomon die for her after it took them ages to bond. Then a regretful Impmon tries to make amends to no avail. THIS is real. This I can relate to even if I am 80 years old. And the plot changes too! New characters, new stories, new Digimon, etc. Digimon makes me wanna go back and watch the series even if I know they're probably gonna reuse half the Digimon we already know.

As far as voices, I have yet to find an anime whose voices sound accurate. Ash needs to stop sounding like a tween about to lose her voice, the little kids in Digimon have to stop sounding like if someone's twisting their nipple and the rest of the characters have to stop getting that exaggerated, stereotypical voice. You know, "Oh, I'm a guuuuy. So therefore, I'll sound like oooooone" "And I'm a girl! Yeah! Desu desu kawaii ne!"

Pokemon gets points for being popular for this long regardless of its repetitive nature. But Digimon is just plain better at this point.

But yeah, we all know Ranma 1/2 is the best anime of all time, clearly.

Chris was in fine form today, but Gus...please don't bring that guy back. I appreciate about 30% of his enthusiasm. The rest just makes him seem like a monkey on amphetamines with a boner for anime. Nothing about that combination is good.

This. Oh, Maker, this!

for some reason... I feel trolled.. and I had to weigh in for a series..Higurasi/When they cry season/two and rei. Mind fu** are what keep me up at night

As long as we're just talking amine aimed at younger audiences, I very much agree. Pokemon was not bad but it was in no way as good as Digimon. Just my opinion

If you ever read the Pokemon Adventures manga, you'd grow to hate the horrible excuse that is the anime. It's so awful in comparison.

Best for me? One Piece. Pirates = Awesome. The crew make it more awesome, no character I don't love. Yes, even Usopp. (Especially once he becomes Sogeking)

The problem with this video is that there is a right answer to the best anime series ever.

It's called Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Just remembered a few more that were great.......Outlaw Star, Gatchaman, Hades Project: Zeorymer....All of them were great!!!

Only thing that surprises me is that they probably watched those anime. How old are you anyway? I think they must be boring for anyone older then 10 years.
And why would you ever want to talk about anime if those 2 series are probably the only pieces you have hard off? And why is this show still around? :D

Side not: I get the love behind Cowboy Bebop - it was one of the first anime I've watched. In my opinion the majority of the episodes is boring to me but you need to watch through them as the story and especially ending is just awesome. I do prefer Samurai Champloo (same team), it's probably my favorite, but when it comes to ending I think Cowboy Bebop strikes deeper.

What crap.

No Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, not even a MENTION of the Ghibli movies.

'Best Anime Ever' does not = Pokemon v Digimon. You should've picked a more accurate (flame-retardant) title.

What crap.

I like alien 9.... this is a long comment

Madoka Magica or Fate/Zero


Daystar Clarion:
They're both terrible and I stopped watching them when I was old enough to recognise that they were terrible.

Ghost in the Shell on the other hand...

I love me some Major.

Digimon is not terrible. Pokemon (show) is the definition of terrible. Digimon kicks some major ass.

I enjoyed it some as a kid, but I went back to watch it recently and it is pretty bad. A third of every episode is the same old clips of Digimon transforming. And they always transform right when they are about to be defeated and they are always able to transform because of the "power of love" in their Digi-destined. Yeah. And one of them is just called Birdramon.

Poor Chris, could his eye have been rolling back in his head any further // When will it be Chris's turn to win?!?


Hey Deathnote, Imma let you finish, but Higurashi is the best anime of all time!

But seriously these are two VERY good animes.

Just remembered a few more that were great.......Outlaw Star, Gatchaman, Hades Project: Zeorymer....All of them were great!!!

My roommate and I still watch outlaw star when we get the time. Agreed that's a great anime. Gos well with Yu yu hakusho.

The second of no right answer.

I stopped watching Pokemon years ago and I couldn't watch the first episode of Digimon without slapping my face into the table.

And, um, I felt like this week, the banter was kind of weak, like you couldn't justify either series at all.

Code Geass will always be my favourite. Good length, everything links, its very clever, good characters, great battle scenes and most importantly.....C2.

I'm sorry you had a typo. I think you meant Kallen. :)

OT: I can't name on that's the BEST.

Outlaw Star
Cowboy Bebop
Gundam 00
Gundam 8th MS Team
Code Geass

I liked them all

Jesus christ guys you picked the bottom end anime... I r severely disappoint.

>A lot of you have mentioned that anime subjects don't get a fair chance due to Dan's hatred for the genre.
How can you not see it coming.

True otaku know that there is no such thing as a best anime. You need to watch all of them first., therefore, truly defining the best anime is impossible.

Gainax does make some of the best, however.

Cowboy Bebop, Monster, and Baccano (etc.) are all fantastic.

Everyone knows the best anime is Clannad Afterstory.


>making no sense at all

pyrrhic victory:
True otaku know that there is no such thing as a best anime. You need to watch all of them first., therefore, truly defining the best anime is impossible.

Gainax does make some of the best, however.

Cowboy Bebop, Monster, and Baccano (etc.) are all fantastic.

Everyone knows the best anime is Clannad Afterstory.


>making no sense at all

You do realize otaku doesn't mean anime fan right.


You do realize otaku doesn't mean anime fan right.

> Implying that informal slang phrases can have only one "correct" meaning, even in the face of several people using it for something else.

Ghost in the shell vs Cowboy bebop for first place.

Samurai Champloo vs Gurren lagann for second.

wow o.0

misleading title is misleading no?

but yes, the correct answer was reached

Pokemon is just the games in animated form, nothing wrong with that, but Digimon was allowed to go places and do more interesting things. so as always my stance on this subject IS!!

not to mention some Digimon are just straight up badasses

Pokemon has the better games
Digimon has the better show

So, I'm confused... is this "best Anime?" Or is this "the better of these two?" Cause if this is "Best Anime Ever," they reached all the way passed some choice picks to get barrel sludge if they pulled out Pokemon and Digimon.

The best anime ever? That's kinda subjective, isn't it?

I think that's why the show is called "No Right Answer." :)

Brandon Cecil:
for some reason... I feel trolled.. and I had to weigh in for a series..Higurasi/When they cry season/two and rei. Mind fu** are what keep me up at night

You have just inspired my next anime to watch. :) I'm in the mood for a mind boning.

The best animes are made by Gainax.
edit: someone compared the samurai champloo thing to Gurren Lagann, fck just when I thought FMA is gonna be the last thing keeping me from Assassins Creed Revelations, Arkham city and Driver San Francisco.

I decided: lets vote with avatars. We must not omit Elfen Lied and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt(I dont separate cartoons and anime).

(Note to self: finally make the logo with Laughaughing Man/Kamina glasses/Transmetropolitan/Geass eyes/Avatar arrow/Ezio hood/MLP FIM smile).

pffftt you guys are lame! CLEARLY the best anime of all time is.......(drumroll)

actually thats kind of hard. there is the obvious FullMetal Alchemist - Brotherhood (superior in all ways)....but then Code Geass is quite ballin as well. i just got done with Soul Eater. i really dig that. now im watching Deadman Wonderland and its really cool too.

but if we are talking oldschool kids anime.... TEKNOMAN! better that that fairy pokemon crap. digimon was only slightly better

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