Escape to the Movies: The Muppets

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I'm glad to know it's good, though I didn't really doubt it. Basically because the muppets are vilt-wrapped awesome in a box. They almost HAVE to be funny. And awesome.

Have I mentioned that the muppets are awesome yet?

Well they are.

Awesome that is.


An easy reason for me to become obsessed with Gonzo and Fozzie again? Sure, I'll take it.

Man I have to wait until January for The Muppets to come to Australia. I'm going to take my nephew to see it and I can't wait to see it.

Wait WHAT?! There's a Muppet movie coming? WHO DO I GIVE MY MONEY TO?!
Please oh please oh please have Animal do a drum duel in that movie. For the love of God have him do a drum duel, or at least be given a few minutes of screentime.

After just having dealt with a ruptured aorta in a patient, after working on him for an hour straight (I'm a paramedic in a rural area where we sometimes have to wait for the chopper/airplane to pick up patients) this is possibly the best news I could have gotten.

From 'meh, hate this job' to 'squeeeeeMUPPETS!' in two seconds flat.
Nicely done, MovieBob. Very nicely done.

Thank you for the fat smile on my face.


"It's time to play the music..."

I think a Jim Henson tribute song seems appropriate...

Wait, Jason Segel wrote that? I didn't even know he was a writer.

I really didn't expect much from this movie, but I can't even remember the last movie I saw that was genuinely funny, so I might give this a go.

Why is everyone getting so antsy about SOPA? It's just like ACTA and every other name they've slapped on those bills that never passes.

If SOPA passes, I will eat a hat on a livesteam... that will no doubt be blocked because I didn't apply for the correct licenses to show a hat on the net.

I doubt anyone is dumb enough to allow that bill to pass, no matter how much lobbying goes on.

Anything the British can do about SOPA?
oh Brittania, Brittania rules the waves, Britons never never never shall be slaves...

Oh, Kermit and company, how I've missed your presence. Having grown up with the twisted mind of Jim Henson means I'm more than familiar with all this nonsense and I look forward to more.

In regards to the SOPA, wouldn't Fair Use kick in under most circumstances?

...Was that the first time that Bob has mentioned Skyward Sword?

Great to hear The Muppets is a success. I've sorely missed their feature film antics. Muppet Treasure Island still stands as one of the funniest films I've ever seen.

However, there is one objection I must make Bob- for all that they've been absent from the big screen for the past decade, I disagree that this movie has rescued the Muppets from pop culture oblivion. They may not have had any films out for a while, but thanks to the internet, they managed to re-invent themselves as an online video sensation. Check out how many of their online videos have gotten over the one million mark. Heck, just a couple of years ago, their cover of Bohemian Rhapsody was a serious contender for the coveted UK Xmas No 1 spot (it lost to Rage Against The Machine, but oh well). Indeed, the Muppets are one of the best examples of a show using the potential od the internet to reinvent themselves, and find themselves a whole new audience.

Besides, in what mad universe could Kermit the Frog ever be relegated to obscurity? Being green may have its problems, but anonimity isn't one of them.

Can I just say, THANK YOU for finally mentioning SOPA? When you did that Big Picture on PETA I was almost angry. "Why isn't he talking about SOPA?" I thought. "If he had a week to devote to a random PSA he shoulda been talking about that! Does his own job mean that little to him? Maybe he just hasn't heard about it yet? Jimquisition caught it. Man. The way they're ramming this thing through, if he waits until next week, it might be too late," and so on.

"According to TV Tropes"? Good to know you've found a reliably credible source there, Bobbo.

Personally, i've always found the muppets to be very creepy on the same level that circuses are creepy - it's like a glorification of the bizarre, the downright insane at times, and the surreal. I don't like it, i find it uncomfortable and jarring, and almost disturbing. I've always said circuses were like the embodiment of manic depression and i get the same feeling from the muppets, especially when it combines the real world with the surreal one and being totally self aware about it. Brr.

In regard to SOPA, i honestly think people shouldn't get their feathers so ruffled up about it. In a world where we have unlimited freedom of expression and an emphasis on the rights of the individual and the consumer, i can't possibly see such a hilariously cartoonish bill ever passing or being taken seriously. Sorry. Even if it does pass, having such a broad definition will work both ways - media companies such as the Escapist or IGN would contest the censorship, and in a court of law would simply state the broad definition of the act, and quite easily be able to circumvent it as a result. We already have very strict terms of agreement regarding tampering with hardware, and yet you get jokers like GeoHotz who get off pretty much scot free despite being in violation of some pretty clear ToS. If that's happening now, how on earth is something so flimsy supposed to hold up in court? Really, this act won't affect the average consumer. These companies aren't stupid - they know people with footage of their product on youtube or whatever is free advertising. This act isn't aimed at them. It's aimed at the people who blatantly abuse their product and people who condone this behaviour. Although to be frank, i just don't see it passing anyway. America tends to make a stink about these wacky bills that get put forward, but really, i just don't see it making any sort of impact. Everyone will just laugh it off and forget about it a year from now. That's not to say i'm in favour of SOPA, i just think we should have a bit of perspective about it.

Your thinking too much about it. The muppets I mean. Some people are creeped out by clowns but when was the last time a clown really did anything to anyone? Collage paintings mess with my head but they aren't bad for being collage paintings.

So glad they are still using the puppets and not some horrible CG recreation.

Wait... was that a Neil Patrick Harris cameo?

Fucking SOLD.

Crunchy English:
I wonder what will happen if America does pass some more stupid laws. I mean, as a Canadian, I'm not directly affected.

Even though non-Americans aren't able to influence congress we'll still be directly affected by this law if it passes. Much of the internet originates in the US and everything that doesn't will have a hard time trying to replace that large audience if they get banhammered in the US. Not to mention the fact that putting everyone like Moviebob out of work will probably be enough strain on the economy to cause another recession.

OT: I don't dislike the Muppets, just never found them very interesting. Although I'm all for kid's having entertainment that isn't brain-meltingly stupid.

There's this competition at our school where the class with the most 'points' gets to watch a film of their choice. My teacher is crazy about the Muppets and I'm sure he'll be both saddended to know that it's out too late and that it's a great film.

I'm a little confused to where us Australians will be if this Bill get's passed as it effects the world and not just America. All criticisms of America aside, I don't want to see this bill passed but I'm not sure a person from another countries opinion counts. If our opinion doe sent count of course ill have good reason to bag America for the rest of my life.

Even if the Bill doesn't directly affect us it will still have far reaching consequences that will if not instantly, will eventually inflict the same effects on the rest of us.

Can I get a HELL YEAH?! I squeed like a little girl when I saw the previews for this, and I'm thrilled to see that it's a good one. Also, Muppet Treasure Island is hands down the best version of Treasure Island. Just sayin'.

Just saw it. I am SO happy right now :)

Need to go see this. Immediately. Glad to hear it's good, and that Jason Segel holds up. I was really hoping he would, I'd hate to think less of him.

Just saw this movie:


There were some serious laughs here, both in the Toy Story short (really great gags) and in the movie itself. Also, it has Neil Patrick Harris, which instantly makes it impossible for this movie to be bad. I would recommend this to anyone, unless they hate man's 3rd greatest gift, laughter.

My Mom would have been happy to know that the muppets were back in the lime light. (We have sooo much muppet memorabilia) So I'm going to see it twice just for her.

I never really got into the Muppets at all (massive Farscape fan though) and it makes me wonder. How will this land with people who have some vague memories and no idea who half the cast are? Kermit and Miss Piggy and the old guys are basically the only characters I know.

Oh, and the cook, definitely the cook. I remember always being bored with that bear though.

IE. Can you still discover the awesomeness of the Muppets at all or is a childlike wonder/nostalgia for the past required to dig it now?

I have a bit of a hard time taking advice to go see a movie which deals with a property the reviewer is a massive fan of. Can I really connect with this movie the way he did? His brother being a muppet is more than a little bit freaky to me (heading into Sonic and the Princess territory there). I always saw them as being a completely different species, like if another intelligent species would develop alongside us. Not something we can procreate with.

On another note:
While the US gets that sopa bill the Netherlands got reprimanded by the European council because we still haven't put in the legislation that prohibits providers from blocking sites from their users based on content...

Oh my god! I'm gonna call my political representatives in Washington right now! Oh wait... i'm german.

treasure island is the best one i think. but xmas carol has always been an anual tradition, still have my vhs copy which like the same age as me.

would this new one be good for older generations or is it only for the new kids?

Oh my god! I'm gonna call my political representatives in Washington right now! Oh wait... i'm german.

i thought that too. "w8 a minute i dont have any political representatives in Washington, but maybe i can get david cameron on speed dail and have him patch me through" (from UK)

i would gladly help out with the SOPA thing, especially because if you yanks go for it, the UK won't be far behind, but because I'm British not American, I can't do anything politically on your side of the pond.

The Muppets are awesome.

This movie was a vanity project for Jason Segel, and like most vanity projects was not awesome.

That is all.

Okay, no, wait, SOPA sucks.

THAT is all.

The Muppets are awesome.

This movie was a vanity project for Jason Segel, and like most vanity projects was not awesome.

That is all.

Okay, no, wait, SOPA sucks.

THAT is all.

just one question about that SOPA thing. What will we who do not live in USA do? and how can one Country do something that effect the hole world? forgather the last Question this is USA, but the fist still stand.

If I see this, it will be for Statler and Waldorf. They are that awesome.

And SOPA will not pass. Too many big wigs get hurt by it.

The Muppets

This is what we call the Muppet Shooooooooow!

Watch Video

Very Awesome movie, love the Muppets, and I am not afraid to admit that I teared up at the end. I'm sure everyone who saw it knows what I'm talking about

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