Rayman Origins Review

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Glass Joe the Champ:

I played the demo, and was thoroughly interested, but the question remains: is it a 40+ platformer, if such things can exist.

Sober Thal:
Not worth $60. I would have bought it for $20, maybe $30. I was shocked this wasn't just an arcade download.

People should try the demo tho.

Errrrrg, I get it if people are strapped for cash right now, but I hate the idea that a 2D platformer isn't allowed to be a full game. Back in my day, we paid full price for 2D games like Earthworm Jim or Oddworld and we didn't complain. *shakes cane angrily*

Trust me, I own the game and just because it doesn't have fancy 3D graphics doesn't mean it's not worth a purchase. It has quite a bit of content and it's probably the best 2D platformer I've played this generation. Much better than stuff like New Super Mario Bros Wii or Donkey Kong Country Returns. (a possible exception is Braid and/or LIMBO, but that doesn't really count)

Also, Michel Ancel needs money, or we're never gonna get Beyond Good and Evil 2. :(

A bit of an update you can buy it for about 20 online on amazon uk etc or about 25 in Game/Gamestation. I bought it on a whim as I've not bought a game in a while and so far it is well worth it, I never liked 3D Rayman to be honest it's much like 3D sonic...

If you liked the first Rayman or platformers in general it's a worth while purchase at a good price.

This game is SO much fun, I can't WAIT for Rayman Legends!

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